Summary: Alphabetical list of all recipes
Category: Searching
  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.
Abbreviation PluralsAutomatically format text like CCDs as a plural abbreviation, instead of as a wikiword. ( )Markup
ABCHoverIndexdisplays a pagelist as an alphabetic hover menu, sorted by title (2008-04-20 stable)Searching Menus PageList PHP55 PHP72 +1
Abc music notationDisplay music scores from abc notation (2006-04-03 )Markup +1
AbcSongadd and edit abc music using existing PmWiki scripts and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor (2020-01-20 stable)Markup, Editing, CMS, PHP72, Javascript
AbcTunebookadd and edit abc music using Fox and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor (2016-01-08 stable)Markup Editing CMS Fox PHP55
AccessibilityAccessibility Enhancements (1.0 Active)Markup
Accordionlightweight Accordion javascript requiring no framework (2017-06-16 stable)Links Layout TOC CMS PHP55 PHP72 +1
Acme( )
AcmeCMS( )
AcmeTables( )
ActionLogMaintain a page log of wiki actions (2006-08-03 Stable)Administration Security +3
ActionMenuDrop-down menu to page actions (Edit, History, Attach...) instead of links. (20170618 Beta)Forms, Markup, Menus, PHP55, PHP72
AddDeleteLineCreate a list where entries can easily be inserted and deleted (1.10 unmaintained and not without bugs (use AddDeleteLine2))
AddDeleteLine3An easy way to add information to a page and delete it again. (3 2017.06.07 Probably works)Blog, Editing, Forms, Templates
AddFootnoteInsert markup to create a footnote (2017-11-06 Beta)Editing GUI Layout Links Markup PHP55 PHP72 +2
AddImageTypeAdd new image type extension ( )Images PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
AddingAuthLevelsAdding an auth level and page attribute (2011-12-23 )Security Fox
AddLinkBookmarkletHow to use PmWiki to bookmark pages (2018-01-13: addlink2.0.3.phpΔ )Links
AddLinkTagsBookmarkletAdding links, selected text and tags from another page to a wiki page (2017-10-27 Maintained)Links -1
AddNewlineMake wiki text end with a newline character, so the last line won't be marked as changed if text is added at the bottom (2006-01-29 )Editing, Administration, PHP55, PHP72
AddPageFormHow to add new pages without creating a link first ( )Forms, Links
AddSignatureInsert markup for a stylized signature (20150802 Beta)Editing GUI Links Markup PHP55 +2
AddThisWidgetEmbed the 'AddThis' widget to enable easy sharing of webpages on facebook, delicious, twitter, and other social networking sites. (2009-08-11b )Includes, Blog, SocialNetworking, SocialBookmarking, PHP55 +3 -1
AddToggleAdd a toggle link (20150723 Beta)Editing GUI Links Layout PHP55 +1
AddToWatchlistAdd or remove a page from your watchlist trail with a single click (20180221 beta)WikipediaSuite, Links, Editing, Security, PHP55, PHP72 +1
AddUrlSchemesHow to get PmWiki to recognize additional URL schemes such as irc:, nntp:, etc. ( )Administration, PHP72 +1
AditAffliate advertising management system (1.0 Stable)Markup -1
AdminByShellA collection of ways to assist sysadmin of pmwiki using shell tools ( )SystemTools Searching
AdminHintsHints & suggestions for wiki administrators ( Documentation)Administration
AdministrationRecipes for Wiki Administration and Administrators ( )
AdvancedTableDirectivesAdd Table capabilities - nested tables, zebra tables, new directives. (3.2 Working) Markup Tables +1
AesCryptProvide client-side AES encryption support (0.1 )Security
AesCrypt-1Provide client-side AES encryption support (2021-10-26 )Security
AiAi is another mysql data query using an original and efficient system of envelop and masks (4 functional, but experimental for security reasons maybe)System tools, Data, CMS, Forms
AjaxEditSupportAdds a wikipage/attachment/category AJAX browser to Edit pages (20110223 WIP)Editing Ajax +2 -1
AllGroupHeaderHow to create a page that appears as a header (or footer) for all pages in all groups (1 Stable)Layout +2
AllRecentChangesLog each and every page edit to Site.AllEdits or per-author edits to Site.AllRecentChangesPerAuthor. (2006-11-18 Quo)
AlternateNamingSchemeUse other naming schemes for PmWiki pages ( )Administration Links PageNaming
AmazonWidgetsThis recipe provides markup to display widgets (for Amazon Associates) in a pmwiki environment. (0.1 alpha)Uploads
AMmathjaxAdd markup to embed math using ASCII MATH by MathJax. (20190619 Stable)Markup Math PHP72 +1
AmpDetectDetect AMP crawler bots so you can serve AMP pages, also to enable or disable recipes (20181128 Mantained)Administration
AnyWikiDrawJava based drawing tool to replace PmWikiDraw eventually (0.15 In development)Editing, Images
Ape: Automagical PmWiki EmbedEmbed videos, maps, documents, and more in wiki pages (20240605 Stable)Links, Integration, Images, Maps, Media, Video, Flash, Includes, Google, HTML5, PHP55, PHP72, PmSyntax, Audio +6
AppletUse Java Applets in PmWiki pages (2014-08-25 Stable)Functional extensions PHP55 +1
ASCIIMathDisplay MathML rendered ascii formula into PmWiki 2.x pages (20190209 Stable)Markup Math PHP55 PHP72
AtLinksAlternative linking scheme with @ prefix (@Page) (5 Feb. 2005 Stable)Links, Editing
AttachDeleteAn enhancement to the current upload feature to allow the deletion of uploaded files. (0.08 21 Nov 2015 )Uploads +1
AttacheA bundle of attachment joy (0 incomplete)Uploads
Attache-ImageSizerResize and manipulate uploaded images (2017-09-05 beta)Images Uploads Administration PHP72
AttachIconsAdd icon images to Attach file links according to file extension ( )Images, Uploads
AttachIcons2Add icon images to Attach file links according to file extension ( )Images, Uploads
AttachImageSizeGenerate width and height attributes for attached images (20210213 )Images, PHP55, PHP72, PHP80
AttachLinksGet Attach: links to display by default without the "Attach:" prefix (n/a )Uploads PHP72 +2
AttachListList of all Cookbook group uploaded files ( )
AttachlistEnhancedHow to list missing or orphaned attachments. (0.4.4 2005-11-11 Inactive possibly broken, see AttachlistEnhanced-Talk page)Uploads
AttachListEnhancedredirects to AttachlistEnhanced ( )
AttachlistExtended-DraftA replacement version of the attachlist directive with additional functionality. (0.1 alpha)Uploads
AttachListSortSort an attachlist (1.5 Working)Uploads PHP72 +1
AttachmanAttachman[ager] shows attaches as a rich sortable table, works also via AJAX (20200522 2020 released, beta)Uploads,Ajax
AttachSizeGet file sizes of attached files (0.1 Alpha)Uploads
AttachtableActions to rename, delete & restore deleted attachments, as well as an attachlist replacement to use those actions, show file types and list attachment references. (2023-02-21 beta)Uploads PHP55 PHP72 PHP74 PHP82 Core Candidate +9
Audio5HTML5 Audio Support for PmWiki (2022-10-30 Stable)Audio, Media, Markup, HTML5, PHP74, PHP80, PHP82 +2
AuditImagesView the images that have been uploaded to your wiki. (1.1 Stable)Images, Security, Uploads
Auth-SMFIntegrate SMF Simple Machines Forum with PmWiki and use SMF user management for Pmwiki authentication (2008-06-27 new)Administration Forum Security
AuthCASCentral Authentication Service(CAS) based authentication ( 2012-08-28 )Administration, Security, Authentication +3
AuthDNSPassword-less authentication based on the visitor's IP address or (dynamic) hostname (20110603 Beta)Administration, Security, Authentication, PHP55, PHP72 +2 -1
Author ContributionAutomatically Produce an "Author Contributions" page for each author. (2007-09-16 Stable)Editing +5
AuthPhpBB2Use phpBB2 user authentication for PmWiki page edit protection and author name (1.0 (05 March 2007) Stable)Administration, Security, Forum
AuthPhpbb2SsoSingle Sign On for PmWiki and phpBB2 (080401 Stable)Administration, Security, Forum +1
AuthPhpBB3Use phpBB3 user authentication for PmWiki ( )Administration, Security, Forum
AuthPhpBBUsersAndGroupsUse phpBB3 user authentication and groups for PmWiki ( )Administration, Security, Forum
AuthProfileLike AuthUser, but designed to store login information in profile pages (8/25/2012 Beta)Administration, Security
AuthPunBBUse PunBB/FluxBB user authentication for PmWiki (2010-OCT-18 Draft)Administration, Security, Forum
AuthUserPmWiki built-in user authentication system using user names and passwords (pmwiki-2.3.34 Stable)Security +5
AuthUserBbPressAbility to Authenticate against a MySQL BBPress user database. (0.1 First Release)Security
AuthUserCMSLikeRestricts access to PageActions by role (1.0 )CMS Ben Wilson Maintained
AuthUserCookiePersistent login for AuthUser (0.1 )Security
Account Management PageEnables user authentication via database, whether from another application, or standalone (2.0.1 beta)Security
AuthUserDbase-talk( )
AuthUserDbase-talk-phpbb3( )
AuthUserFederatedOpenID and OAuth authentication extension for AuthUser (2018-02-08 In active use)Administration, Security +1
AuthUserOpenIdImplement single sign-on and Identity mechanism based on OpenID protocol. ( )Security
AuthUserProfiles( )
AuthUserSamlSAML authentication extension for AuthUser (2022-11-08 In active use)Administration, Security
AuthUserSignupAllow users to sign up themselves (with email verification) for authuser accounts (2010-04-14 Deprecated (UserAdmin is better))Administration and Security +5
AuthUserVBulletinAllows PmWiki to use vBulletin for a user login/password base, and to borrow PmWiki groups from vBulletin. (0.1.2 beta)Security
AuthUserViaMicrosoftLDAPConfigure AuthUser with Microsoft AD LDAP ( )Administration
AutoCreatePagesAutomatically create pages based on the name of the current page. (2008-08-24 Alpha)Administration
AutoGroupPagesHow to create a number of pages for a new group automatically (2006-08-05 stable)Editing, Administration, PHP72 +1
AutoLinkautomatically displays any specified word, phrase or name as a link, throughout the entire site (2010-02-15 )Links +1 -1
AutomaticChangeSummaryAutomatic change summaries (2024-05-07 )Editing, Administration, WikipediaSuite, PHP72 Core candidate +1
AutomaticLinksHow to automatically create Crosslinks for use in, e.g., a glossary (2006-02-24 )Links
AutomaticPageRefreshHow to create pages that refresh automatically. (20171121 stable)Layout, PHP72
AutoPlayUnobtrusive embedding of video players from simple links (20140408 Superseded by Ape)Media, Video, Flash, Links, Includes, PHP55, PHP72
AutoRestoreAutomatically restore pages after a set time interval (20201114 Stable)Administration, PHP72 +4
AutoSaveAutosave pages in the background while editing (20171104 beta)Editing, GUI +2
AutoTelA recipe to automatically detect and markup telephone numbers (2022-12-22 Alpha)Links, Markup, Media, Mobile +1
AutoThumberAutomatically resize uploaded images using ImageMagick (2008-04-05 beta)Images, Uploads, Administration, PHP72 +1
Autothumber( )
AutoTOCUnobtrusive Automatic Table of Contents links (20170717 stable)Menus, TOC, Links, Layout, WikipediaSuite, PHP55, PHP72 +8
AuxSelectDropdown widget that persists its selected value between pages (1.1.0 Stable)
B3 blogEasy to install and use wiki blogging system (20230131 Experimental)Blog, Editing, RSS, WikiTrails, PHP55, PHP72, PHP81 +4
BackgroundImagesHow to add background images to divisions, tables & cells (1 Stable)Images
BacklinksList pages with links to a target (n/a Documentation)Links Searching PageList PHP72 WikipediaSuite +3
BackupHTMLZipExport your wiki to static HTML then optionally compress/zip it (20170717 Experimental)Administration, System tools, Security, PHP55, PHP72
BackupPagesAutomatically back up the wiki.d directory to a .zip file ( )Administration
BackupWithRsyncHow to backup a PmWiki installation with the program `rsync`. (0.1 abandoned)SystemTools, Administration
BadBehaviorProtect PmWiki with Bad Behavior 2.2.x (2.2 )Security, Spam
BarCodeEasily create barcodes inside wiki pages (2007-07-22 works)Images
BBcodePage redirects to Bbcode. ( )
BbcodeBBcode for PmWiki (080326 Release candidate)Markup
BibleGatewayProvide search, reference replacement, and verse-of-the-day capabilities using (2021-08-21 functional)Religious
BibtexRefIntegrate bibtex bibliography into PmWiki site, display, manipulate and easily cite references ( 2004/12/23 )Layout Publishing
BlockCrawlerRedirect web crawlers to different pages ( missing script)Robots, Administration, PHP72
BlockGroupCreationHow can I only permit writing to existing groups? (201803019 Mantained)Administration SystemTools PHP72
Blockquote-Cite-QuoteMarkup for Blockquote, Cite and Quote HTML tags (2017-06-16 new)Markup PHP55 PHP72
BlogList of recipes in Blog category ( )
BlogCalendarsmall calendar for blogs showing highlighted links to date-named blog pages (2017-06-16 stable)Blog CMS Links PIM Calendar PHP55 PHP72 +3
BlogeA bundle of blogging (2009-08-28 beta)Blog +3
Bloge-FeedsBlog-like Atom & RSS feeds (2009-08-11 beta)Blog, RSS +3
Bloge-LinkbackAutomatically send and receive Pingbacks and Trackbacks (2009-08-12 beta)Blog, Links
Bloge-PingNotify search engines when a page is modified (2009-08-11 beta)Blog, Editing
Bloge-ShortUrlGet short URLs on your own site (2009-08-28 beta)Administration, Blog, CMS, Links
Bloge-TagsUse page keywords and categories as tags (2009-10-13 beta)Blog, Links, Categories, PHP72 +2
Bloge-UrlApproveApprove links one at a time (2009-08-10 beta)Blog, Links
Blogger( )
Blogger-DeveloperDocs( )
BlogItProvides a complete blogging system, using in-built PmWiki features -- additional features are supported through existing cookbooks. (1.9.5 (1-Apr-2016) Active)Blog, PHP55 +31
BlogIt-DeveloperDocs( )
BlogItRSSBlogItRSS - Easily create RSS feeds for your blog. (1.00 Stable)Blog, RSS
BlogParserA simple parser for RSS feeds from content blocks based on kind-of-blog (6-15-2007 Works)Blog RSS
BlogSimpleExperimental blog bundle using pagelists (2006-12-12 Stable)CMS Blog
BlogSimple2Simple blog bundle, revision of BlogSimple (2007-05-02 Stable)CMS Blog
BlogWithPageListHow to build a blog system with pagelists (26 October 2005 )Blog, PageList, MarkupOnly
BoldListsrecipe and tips to make bold numbers and letters in ordered lists (2009-02-03 stable)Lists
BookmarkletMake bookmarklet links, make browser toolbar buttons (1.4 working) Links BookMarklet
BootstrapIconsBootstrapIcons extension for PmWiki (2024-05-16 Beta)Images Markup Extensions PHP83
BreakPageBreaks pages into sections with inserted markers and displays one section at a time (2004-10-20(breakpage.php, 2006-10-28(breakpage2.php), 2005-08-18(break_page.php) Stable)CMS
BreakPageListdisplay a pagelist in smaller slices and display navigation links (2023-03-14 stable)Searching PageList CMS PHP55 PHP72 PHP81
BulkReplaceChange the content of many pages at a time ( just a rough draft)Editing Administration System Tools
BundleA (proposed) community-supported bundle of commonly used cookbook recipes (0 proposal)Administration Bundles CMS System tools
Bundle4BlogHow to use PmWiki as a blogging engine. ( )Bundles, Blog
ButonLinkHow To Link Another Page Using a Gui button (2008-7-5 )Links
CachedNumberOfArticlesCount pages in wiki (2021-10-25 Stable)Includes
CaddyHow to set up Caddy for a working PmWiki installation, including a working CleanURLs configuration ( )SystemTools Administration
CalculateAvailabilityThe recipe adds markup for calculating availability (1.0 Production)
CalloutPresent something within an iconic bubble or style. (2010-01-02 alpha)Markup Editing Images PHP55 +4
CalloutCustomizationHow to create custom callouts using the Callout recipe (2010-01-02 alpha)CSS Styles PHP55 +1
CaptchaUse captchas to prevent automated systems from modifying pages (20230227 Stable)Security Spam Captcha PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 PHP82 Core candidate
CaptchasUses captchas to protect certain actions from spambots (0.0001 pre-alpha, discussion)Security Spam
CardsMarkupMarkup suitable for displaying playing card games (e.g., contract bridge) ( 20191121 Stable)Markup PHP72
Carouselsimple Image Carousel, from one-line Markup: auto-populated from contents of a directory (2022-05-06 Active)Images, Media, Layout, Markup
CascadeVarPopulates PageTextVariables by looking through a sequence of pages (2007-02-18 )
CaseCorrectionMakes PmWiki intelligently case-insensitive (20170618 beta)Administration, Links, CMS, SystemTools, PHP72 +4
CategoriesCookbook categories (n/a Not working)Categories
ChangeSummary(obsolete )GUI
ChangeTimeFormatChange the format or timezone of dates and times ( Stable)Layout
ChartDirectorAdd a bar chart to a page using modifiable data in page markup ( )Markup, Images
ChecklistsEphemeral to-do lists (20220611 Beta)GTD, PIM, Markup, ToDo, PHP81, PmSyntax
ChessMarkupDisplay chessboards in arbitrary positions (20220103 Stable)Markup, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP80, PmSyntax
ChoiceColorChangerProvide a way of setting persistent skin color and theme choices when using the Choice skin. (2011-06-12 Active)Skins +1
Chord ProDisplay ChordPro-formatted song sheets in a wiki page (2022-01-22 Stable)Editing, Layout, Markup, PHP55, PHP72 +1
ChordPro Chord SheetsChordPro chord sheet documentation and examples ( )
ChordPro Text FormatChordPro Basics and text format ( )
ChordPro-MarkupChordPro markup supported by this recipe ( )
ClassTagsMarkup for Edit-Mode to give a block of content a named class, for use with CSS, JS, or to add content-folding, and lots more! (2020.09.26 Stable) Layout, Links, CSS, Markup
CleanUpPurge deleted pages and attachments from the server directories (20220507 Beta)Administration, SystemTools, Uploads, PHP55, PHP72, PHP81 +6
CleanUrlsEnable URLs that are shorter (without .php) and/or look like paths to wiki pages. (2007-04-11 )Administration, PHP72
CleanUrls-archiveHow to make clean urls (Old version) ( )Administration
CleanUrls-OldVersion( )
ClipBoard( )
ClipboardInclude content on another page (v0.50 )Images
ClusterGroup-clustering recipe. (2017-06-21 beta)links, Hierarchy, PageNaming, PHP55, PHP72
Content Management SystemsList of all recipes in the CMS category ( )
CMSBundleSome scripts that add features useful for a CMS-type installation. (2016-09-04 Beta)CMS Bundles
CMSBundleAddLinkAn AddLink Bookmarklet recipe: (:AddLink:) (2017-01-30 Beta)CMS, PageDirectives, PHP55
CMSLikeMake PmWiki behave as a CMS by showing only the actions the current user is allowed to perform (0.32 )Administration, CMS
CMSModeMake your wiki look and act like a normal website for non-author visitors. (2016-09-28 Beta)CMS Security
CodeHighlightSyntax highlighting for programming languages (2024-03-02 Beta)Extensions Layout Markup PHP83
CodeMirrorAn enhanced page editor for PmWiki (2021-04-08 Stable)Editing Layout PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 +4 -2
ColorNotesDisplay yellow (or other color) "sticky" notes. (20200330 Unsupported) +1
ColumnsCreate columns out of lists without using table markup (1.1 - 2006-06-06 )
Comment4Commentadds the possibility to comment on comments to commentboxstyled (2010-06-02 )Forms CMS Blog, Comments
CommentBoxAdds a simple form to post comments (2.0.19 (released 2007-10-31) Stable)Forms CMS Blog, Comments
CommentBoxPlusSimple styled form to post comments, plus comment counter (2023-09-26 Stable)Forms CMS Blog, Comments PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +7
CommentDbComment recipe - with pagination and RSS feed ( 1.0beta - 26 January 2006 )CMS, Blog, Administration, Comments
CommentPageLinkHow to create a comment page ( )CMS, Administration, Comments
CommentsComment addon - comments in separate files (14 April 2005 )Administration, Comments
Comments-UseCases( )
CommentsSplitA simple way to have publically-editable comments section at the bottom of your pages ( )Comments
CompactPageListHow to make a compact pagelist ( )WikiStyleTips, Searching
CompareDatabaseRecipesComparison of Database Recipes for PmWiki ( draft)Data, Forms, CMS, SystemTools
CompareFormsRecipesComparison of various form recipes ( )Forms
CompareVersionsDetermine if two versions of the same file are the same or how they differ ( )Administration
ComplexRecipesGuidelines for people who want to share complex cookbook recipes with other PmWiki user ( )
CompressedPageStoreSave wiki pages/files in compressed (gzip) format (2007-05-23 )Administration, CustomPageStore update me
CompressedUploadsModify scripts/upload.php to work with bzip2 archives ( )SystemTools, Administration
ConditionalExtensionsA Conditional Markup extension for PmWiki 2.x (20150217 Stable)Markup
ConditionalMarkupSamplesList of default and custom conditional markup definitions (2006-03-02 Stable)Markup Core candidate
config.phpconfig.php tips and tricks (0.0 )Administration
ConfirmEditNotSavedAsk users to confirm if they are leaving the edit page without saving (All )Editing
ContentAPI to create external pages dependent upon text in a wiki page. (1.8 2008-11-26 Bug fixes, referencing content from other pages)MarkupWriting [
ContentTypeHow to change PmWiki's default charset or Content-type ( )Layout, International
ControllingWebRobotsHow to control web robots or bots trying to scan files (1.0 stable)Security PHP72 +1
ConvertHTMLConvert an HTML page to PmWiki markup (20210207 beta)Administration, Markup, Wiki conversion, PHP55, PHP73, PHP80 +4
ConvertHtmlRedirects to Cookbook.ConvertHTML ( )
ConvertPhpWikiConvert PhpWiki pages to PmWiki (2010-06-20 Experimental)WikiConversion
Converttable( )
ConvertTableConvert table action (1.2 Working)Markup Tables
ConvertTABLEHow to convert HTML pages with tables full of data into advanced tables (17 September 2005 )Editing, Administration, Tables
ConvertTikiWikiConvert TikiWiki pages into PmWiki format (2007-03-30 Experimental)WikiConversion
ConvertUseModConvert UseMod pages to PmWiki ( Experimental)WikiConversion
CookbookList of cookbook recipe categories ( )
Cookbook-ByCategory( )
Cookbook BasicsExplains what the cookbook and its recipes are. (2012-11-10 )Administration PmWiki Developer
CookbookLicensesA go-to for cookbook authors and wiki authors about how recipes and Cookbook entries are licensed. (0.1 beta) PmWiki Developer
CookbookPageListList of all cookbook pages ( )
CookbookVMware( )Uncategorized
CopyingInternationalURLsSome hints and tricks to copy URLs with international (UTF-8) characters (new )Links International UTF8?
Copy Paste CalendarAdds a calendar to your wiki pages without installing any additional scripts (2016-12-24 )Calendar, PageList, PageVariables, PIM, MarkupOnly +1
CountGlyphsA replacement for some of PmWiki's typographical wiki markup (20170801 Stable)Markup, PHP55, PHP72
CreateColumnsquickly divides up a list of items into separate columns within a table (2010-12-16 )Markup Tables
CreativeCommonsLicenseDisplayDisplay a compliant Creative Commons License description from a wiki page (2012-09-19 Stable)Markup
CreditsBlockCreate a "last edited by" block that includes everybody who had a hand in developing a page (0.3 - 3 January 2005 )Administration
CreoleEnable Creole markup ( (2007-02-15 Stable)Markup WikiConversion
CryptPlusAdditional password hashing algorithms for AuthUser and HtpasswdForm (2012-12-27 Initial release ("works for me"))Security
CSSList of CSS-related recipes ( )CSS
CssCompressCss Compressor for recipes and skins (20110425 maintained)Skins, Css, Compression, HighPerformance.
CSSInWikiPagesApply CSS styles via wiki pages (2021-11-10 Stable)Layout CSS PHP55 PHP72
CSSPopupsHow to make popups with CSS (2006-08-30 )Links Layout +2
CSSToolTipsToGomarkup for tooltip functionality (2023-05-31.v.0.5 New)Markup CSS +1
CSVActionAdds a ?action=csv capability to pmwiki to output tables as a CSV (20140720 stable)Administration, Publishing, Tables +1
CSVIncludeInclude a CSV file as a table in your wiki page (2020-06-24 )Includes, Administration, Tables
CSVTemplateAllow representing the same CSV data in different locations using templates. (2023-11-01 stable)CMS, Forms, Tables
CurlyQuotesDisplay Curly Double/Single Quotes and M/N Dashes ( )Markup
CurrentVisitorsDisplay the number of current visitors (1.23 )Layout +3
CustomAttrFormHow to customise the prompt on the attributes page (?action=attr) (2009-07-24 )Layout Passwords
CustomAuthFormHow to customise the authentication form (login form) (2006-08-20 )Layout Passwords
CustomBulletsEnable custom bullets to distinguish document types (1.0 )Images, Uploads
CustomPagelistSortOrderFunctionsCustom functions for creating custom page sort orders with pagelists (2007-03-06 )Searching PageList +1
CustomRecentChangesHow to create RecentChanges pages for selected groups (2006-08-20 )Searching
$CustomSyntaxDesign notes of PmSyntax and custom markup rules (pmwiki-2.3.34 Beta)Markup, MarkupWriting, PmWikiDeveloper, PmWikiInternals +1
DailymotionMarkup for embedding DailyMotion videos (20210415 Stable)Video Media Markup PHP55 PHP72
DarkColorSchemeHow to use the core dark/night theme or add one to your skin (2024-02-29 experimental)Skins, Layout, CSS, LightAndDarkThemes
Dash-PagenamesURLs and page names with dashes for word spacing, UTF-8 friendly (2023-02-17 new)PageNaming Links UTF8 International
DatabaseStandardWorking towards a standard for database integration to PmWiki (0.1 beta) +1
DataPlatesAutomatically generate templates for displaying, editing, and searching database queries. (0.3 beta)Forms,Data
DataQueryRetrieve records and query results from any database supported by ADOdb (such as MySQL) and portray them as wiki pages, allowing them to be processed by other wiki functions such as pagelists, includes, page text variables, and ZAP. (0.6 beta beta)CMS, Forms, Data, SystemTools, CustomPageStore
DataSectionsCreate formated lists of PTVs stored between anchor blocks on another page. (2007-12-03 alpha)Includes,Layout
DatepickerAdds a datepicker button (use it with a date input field) (2015.02.05 / 1.04 beta )Forms, Fox, Calendar +1
Dcala calendar recipe (2008-12-30 alpha)Calendar, Blog, PIM, International
Dcal-talk( )
DDMURedirects to DragDropMultiUpload. ( )
DeactivateParagraphTagPrevent the automatic insertion of a <p> tag by the markup engine (20220423 Beta)Markup, Layout
DebuggingForCookbookAuthorsShare tips and tricks with other authors about PmWiki specific debugging (n/a perpetual)PmWiki developer
DebugMessagesCapture recipe debug messages for display by the messages directive (2024-01-14 In use)Markup PmWiki Developer
DecimalOutlineListsAndHeadingsDecimal Outline Lists and Headings (1.0 Stable)CSS
DefaultTableAttributesHow to change the default attributes for tables created using PmWiki.Tables (2004-11-30 )Markup, Editing
DeleteAction( )
DeletePageUse a "delete" action and a separate password for deleting pages (20220507 )Administration, GUI, Security, PHP81
DeliciousInsert a user's links or tags into PmWiki (2009-10-14 Stable)Includes, SocialBookmarking
DeliciousPlaytaggerEmbed mp3's with the playtagger (2012-04-04 stable)Media, Audio
Delta Bytes in Recent ChangesDisplay the number of bytes (characters) added or deleted to a page in RecentChanges. (24 February 2007 )Editing, Administration, WikipediaSuite, PHP55, PHP72 +1
DeObMailUnobtrusive e-mail link (de)obfuscator (20120717, pmwiki-2.3.34 Beta)Security Links Spam PHP55 PHP72 +7
DesCryptProvide client-side DES and 3DES encryption support (0.1 )Security
DetectBrowserdetect what browser your visitor is using (2009-12-29 )MarkupExpressions Markup
DetectMobilePHP API to determine whether the browser is a mobile device. (31-Dec-2008 (2.0.1) Active)Mobile, PDA, Cookbook +4
DetectMobileFreeFunction to determine whether the current browser is a mobile device. (23-Apr-2012 (0.0.1) Active)Mobile, PDA, Cookbook
DiceDice roller for PmWiki (2011-06-29 stable)Markup
DictIndexEnable page listings using a "dictionary index" format via fmt=dictindex (20210426 Working)FPL, Searching, WikipediaSuite, PageList
DiffDelayIn page histories, display vertical spacing proportional to the time between the edits. (2022-01-03 Preview)Layout, Editing, Security, PHP81
DirectoryAndFilePermissionsExplains which directories and files need to be readable, writable, and servable by the webserver. (2014-06-18 Developing)Security, Administration
DirListLocal/LAN directory listings and downloads. (20200318 beta)System tools, Includes, Links, Uploads PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
DiscussionTabProvide a skin with a "discussion" tab and "article" tab, etc. ( )
DisplayHtmlMarkup to display the html resulting of pmwiki syntax. (20150720 Stable)Markup PHP55 PmWikiDeveloper
DisplayWRLThis recipe enables to display WRL files with the flux plugin (1.0 )Uncategorized
DivisionsExplainedExplanation of (:div:) and >>..<< markup for creating page sections (divisions) (2007-04-17 Needs attention)Layout
DNSauthAuthentication by (dynamic) DNS or IP address (2010-01-07 superseded by AuthDNS)Security
Doc2PmwikiConvert Word documents to PmWiki pages (0.1 working)OfficeIntegration
DomTTUse divs as tooltips (20180420 Stable)Markup PHP72 +1
Do the Right ThingLink shortcuts to custom searches for your browser (20230622 beta)Links, PIM, Cloud, PHP55, PHP72 +3
DotsInLinksHow to enable dots in wiki links (20131004 Experimental)Administration, Links, PHP55, PHP72
DownloadManagerHow can I know how many times a file was downloaded from my wiki? (0.6 - 07.18.2008 )Uploads, Cookbook, CMS, Modules
DQReportEnhance the functionality that DataQuery offers to build a complete database frontend (2008-11-03 Functional)Forms, Data, SystemTools
DragDropMultiUploadAllow authors to upload files by simply dropping them into the wiki page (20231226 Beta)Uploads, Editing, Ajax, HTML5, UnverseJS, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74 +15
DreamWidthUserLinkDisplaying styled dreamwidth user and community links (2012-09-19 Stable)Markup
DropcapsMake the first letter of a text big. (20172402 )Layout
DynamicPageActionsDynamic PageActions (1.1 )Content Management System Add-Ons
DynamicTrailsDynamic WikiTrails with pagelist (1 experimental)Links, CMS, WikiTrails, PageList, PHP72
DynamicWikiTrailsDefine dynamic URL trails (2.2 - 24 March 2007) )Administration, WikiTrails
DynTrailMenuCreate a dynamic (expanding) menu based on a trail page (2014-10-29 stable)WikiTrails, Menus
EasyGalleryCreates an easy image gallery ( )Images
EasyGallery-Plan( )
EasyHttpRequestsQuickly and easily retrieve variables from a URL (HTTP Requests) (1.0 Insecure)Markup
Edit-Restricted ProfileAuthors can only edit their own pages in the Profiles group. (2007-07-24 )Administration
EditAttributesEdit a page's title, description and other attributes using separate EditForm fields (2022-03-15 beta)Editing, GUI +6
EditCryptAllow server-side encryption/decryption of pages while editing (2008-05-04 Alpha (still missing history suppression))Security
EditDataPagesBring the wiki's View and Edit commands to ZAP data pages (1.0 in active use)Forms, Data
EditForm Custom FieldsAdd "Title", "Creation Date", etc. custom input fields to the edit form of PmWiki. This enables mentioning the title of a page in a separate input field rather than in the (:title ...:) markup. Also enables changing the value of a page's 'ctime'. Can be customized to include more fields. (1.01 Working)Editing Forms
EditFormSamplesProvide administrators and authors with examples and instructions for replacing or customizing their site's Site.EditForm. (pmwiki-2.1.10 and up )Layout, Skins, Editing, AdvancedAuthoring
EditFunctionHelperA function to easily place, remove or substitute functions on EditFunctions array (20180320 Mantainedd)SystemTools PHP72
EditFunctionInjection( )
EditHelpEasier editing with automatic detection and insertion of some wiki markups (2.2.119 Experimental)Editing, PHP55, PHP72
EditHighlight( )
EditingEditing enhancements ( )
EditMoreProvides desirable Site.EditForm additions for title, keywords, description, tags (categories), and notes (so far!). (1.2 Functional)Editing, GUI, CMS, DocumentationToDo
EditMXAllow Markup Expressions to be used in the editing of a page (20230823 Alpha)Markup MarkupExpressions PHP82 +1
EditOnDblClickEnable edit on double-clicking a page ( )Editing
EditPosFixMemorize both the last scroll position and cursor position when editing. (20160728 )Editing
EditTemplatesSpecify a wiki page or pages to use as a template when a new page is created. (N/a Stable) Administration, Editing, PHP72 +7
EditTemplatesMenuAllow authors a choice among several pre-filled templates for new pages (20090328 Stable)Editing, Menus, Forms, CMS, PHP55, PHP72 +1
EditThisPageLinkshort markup for a link to 'edit this page' (2071121 )Markup Editing PHP72
EditTitleProvide a separate edit field for the page title. (1.1 (09 Nov 2005) Works for me)Editing, GUI, DocumentationToDo, PHP55 +1
EditToolbarA shiny new set of icons, replacing and extending those on the standard edit toolbar. (2009-05-27 Active)GUI Edit, Buttons, Editing, Layout, Forms, PHP72 +6
EmacsPmWikiModeAllow the use of Emacs for editing wiki pages in a PmWiki (1.4 pre2 )Editing
EMailFormProvide a web form that sends email to fixed email addresses (2007-11-10 stable)FormTools
EmbeddedGalleryHow to embed the Menalto Gallery (0.2 (27 February 2005) )Images, Integration
EmbedFacebookUse Facebook API to embed Facebook content into PmWiki (2024-04-25 Production)Markup PHP8
EmbedMoreUseful Trick for adding anything you can do with a web-page to your wiki-pages (Forms, SQL-lookup, Multi-Media, IP-camera... whatever you can think of) (N/A )CMS, SystemTools, Data, Database, Media, PHP, Javascript, Scripting
Embed OpenStreetMapEasy, lightweight and unobtrusive embedding of simple maps in wiki pages (20131130 Superseded by Ape)Links, Integration, Maps, PHP55, PHP72 +2
EmbedTweeta recipe to embed live tweets from using Twitter's oembed API facility (2012/07/04 stable)Twitter, Markup, SocialNetworking +1
EnableHTMLHow to include HTML markup in wiki pages ( )Forms, Markup +2
EnableTabsEnable Tabs in the main edit text area (20200506 Beta)Editing PHP74
EncodePostBase64 encode/decode fields in posted forms as a workaround for mod_security (20230504 experimental)Editing Security Ajax
EnhancedWebFeedsEnhances native PM Wiki Feed support. (0.1a beta)Blog RSS +1
EProtectEmail obfuscation via ROT13 (7 April 2005 )Security, Administration, Spam, PHP55, PHP72, PHP82 +2 -1
EPUBCreationAssembles wiki page collections into an EPUB e-book file (2.2.45 of Publish PDF (released for beta testing 2014-08-08) EPUB output is ready for beta testing)Publishing, EPUB, PHP55 +2
EscapedMarkupAllow a selection of markup rules to be performed for otherwise escaped text (2012-09-25 Functional)Markup
EtherpadInclusionThis recipe describes a way how to include data stored in collaborative documents in Etherpad-Lite via IncludeXML into PmWiki. (2011-12-28 experimental)Editing, Publishing
EXSimple "edit section" for wiki pages (20230429 experimental)Editing, WikipediaSuite, PHP80
ExcelPasteCopy and paste spreadsheet tables (e.g., from Excel) into pages ( Stable)Editing, Tables
ExcerptsShows fragment of page around given word(s). (20171110 beta)Searching Includes PHP72
ExpandingMenuA sidebar menu that supports nested lists where the nested items are displayed only if the user is in that group ( )Menus, Layout, Markup, PHP72
ExpandingMenu2Provides markup to create an (automatically) expanding menu (2007-08-04 )Menus, Layout +1
ExpandingMenusHow to create a sidebar menu which expands to show sublevel (group) items using conditional markup only ( Stable)Layout, Menus, Administration, MarkupOnly, PHP72
ExpireDiffHow to remove a page's history (20180109 Stable)Administration, PHP72 +2
ExportDOCExport PmWiki pages to word ".doc" . (2007-04-20 Beta)OfficeIntegration WikiConversion
ExportHTMLExport PmWiki pages as "static" HTML pages (2007-01-12 )SystemTools, Administration, PHP72 +1
ExportHTMLWikiCreate a wiki using static HTML pages as front end for visitors (2023-10-06 stable) SystemTools, Administration CMS PHP55 PHP72 PHP81
ExtensionDesignHow to create extensions compatible with ExtensionHub (2024-04-10 Experimental)Extensions PmWiki Developer System Tools
ExtensionHubConfiguration panel for extensions (2024-05-31 Experimental)Administration System Tools Extensions CMS PHP83 +1
ExtensionsRecipes compatible with ExtensionHub, see ExtensionDesign. ( )
ExternalLinksConfigure external links to open in a new window, have a "tooltip title", or use other CSS classes (n/a Stable)Links +1
ExternalLinks2Add an icon to external links and make them automatically open in a new window ( )links -1
ExternalLinksFaviconsDisplay favicons before links to external websites (20201203 Beta)Links Images CSS PHP74
ExternAuthUse authentication mechanisms external to PmWiki ( 0.1, 3 June 2006 )Administration, Security
ExtractTextRedirects to TextExtract ( )
Extra Words In Title Tag RecipeThis is a really simple recipe for adding extra words to the title tag in the head. (1.0.20090707 Functional, tested on 2.2.0-beta67)CMS, Administration, PHP72
EZDatemake displaying the date, time, and PHP timestamp inside the wiki easy (1.5 Working)Markup PHP72
EZLocaleDatemake displaying the date and/or time with a non-English language inside the wiki easy (1.4 Working)Markup
EZLocaleTimeRedirects to EZDate ( )
EZTimeRedirects to EZDate ( )
EZTimeStampRedirects to EZDate ( )
FacebookLikeButtonFacebook like-button social plugin recipe (2010-07-12 1.0 -> in production)Uncategorized +4
FacebookLinkInto"Like" your wiki pages into Facebook. ( )Social Media SocialNetworking
FailedLoginFunctionProtect your wiki from brute-force login attempts (pmwiki-2.3.34 )Security
FancyLaTeXLogoHow to make a fancy LaTeX logo (as it appears in typeset documents) (2012-09-19 Stable)Markup
FAQToggleListAdding toggle buttons to a definition list (2006-10-28 stable)Layout
FarmApacheConfigurationAn attempt to secure a Pmwiki Farm with apache configuration (2.2 (should work with 2.1) )Security WikiFarms
FarmSecuritySome things to know about PmWiki.WikiFarm security. (3 Stable)Security WikiFarms
FarmSecurity-OldVersion( )
Farm Setup By ExampleAn alternative introduction to creating a WikiFarm (0.06 Maintained)WikiFarms, Security +2
FarmSideBarShare a sidebar among several fields in a farm ( )WikiFarms, Administration
FastBacklinks( )
FastCacheCaches complete wiki pages for very fast retrieval (2020-10-17 beta)Administration, CMS, PHP72 +1
FastSearchhow to improve the speed of searches and categories on large sites with slow machines (1.3 - 2006-8-18 )Searching, Administration, CustomPageStore
FauxTrailEnable page listings to have a "trail-like" format via fmt=fauxtrail (0.01 beta)FPL Searching PageList WikiTrails +1
FaviconAdd a Favicon to your website (Any Mature)Layout +3
FCKEditorHow to implement FCKEdit in PmWiki (1.1 unsupported and buggy -- read all notes below, and be prepared to experiment and test; this may or may not work for you.)Editing
FeedLinksAdd HTML-header links to enable autodiscovery of RSS/Atom feeds. (0.3 (2018-02-10) Active)RSS, CMS, PHP55, PHP72 +3
FeralFormattedEntry(:ffe:)...(:ffeend:) directive to output text via a template. (2007-04-18 Initial, apparently working.)Markup
FeralSimpleCalendarA small simple calendar suitable for a rightbar, or header/footer or anywhere you wish. (2007-03-15 New derivative code base but solid;)blog,pim,calendar
FileAttachListAdds a Ajax list of quickly attachable files to the edit page (2020-08-12 Stable)Editing, Files, Uploads, Ajax
FileListTabulated filelist markup as alternative to (:attachlist:), for a simple, easy readable look. (2017-06-20 stable)Uploads PHP55 PHP72
FilesNotifyNotifications of files that change in a directory tree on the server. (2007-01-21 beta)
FillTemplateCombines a template page with a data page to present PmWiki content (1.0rc - initial release RC) Layout
FilmScriptEnable film script markup ( )Editing, CSS
FilterableSearch box for long lists and tables (2024-04-14 Beta)Extensions Markup Searching
FindInPageInstant search in the current page, with highlighting. (20160219 Experimental)Searching, Layout, PHP55, PHP72
FixmeMarkupImplement "FIXME" markup in PmWiki. (2020-03-19 Stable)Markup
FixShortSessionsHow to fix short sessions so you aren't prompted frequently for a password ( )Administration, Security, Passwords
FixURLEncode special characters in link addresses (20150722 Beta)Editing, Links, PHP55, PHP72 +3
FlashEmbedding Flash movies; plus recipes for embedding Flash from specific sites like YouTube, Vimeo, GoogleVideo, Flickr,, and more... (2006-10-28 (flash.php & swf.php), 2016-05-06 (swf-sites.php), 2011-02-21 (, 2010-12-21 (swf-sites-Flickr.php) )Media Flash Images Video Audio Delete Me +4
FlashMediaPlayerEmbed flash media players in your pages (2009-02-11 Beta)Media Flash Video Audio PHP72 +2
FlexTbl( )
FlickrHow to integrate Flickr into a PmWiki page ( )Integration, Administration, Images
FlickrAlbumDisplay images dynamically from Flickr (2007-03-05 Stable)Images
FlickrGalleryCreate thumbnail galleries linked to flickr. (2015-01-01 Beta)Images
FlipboxFlippable checkboxes and checklists (20190908 Beta)GTD, PIM, Editing, Markup, Ajax, ToDo, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP82 +7
FlowplayerFlowplayer recipe (2015-08-12 Beta)Media, Markup
FLVPlayerEmbedding of Flash video (.flv) files into wiki pages the easy way. (2011-02-20 initial release)Media Flash Video
FontAwesomeInclude and use Font Awesome Icons (20210119 beta)CSS Includes Markup Images PHP72 PHP74 +4
FontSizerAdd buttons for instant font (text) resizing, preferrences are stored (2006-10-28 stable)Layout Skins
Footer-standardUsed by Skins:Lens skin ( )
FootnotesSimple footnote markup (2022-07-17 Stable)Markup PHP55 HTML5 PHP72 PHP80 WikipediaSuite +7
FootnotesExtendedA footnote recipe with extended referencing possibilities (2023-11-04 stable, maintained)Markup +1
FormattingSimpleTables( )
FormattingTablesFormatting and styling for tables (2004-12-13 )Layout, CSS, Tables +2
FormExtensionsadds fieldset, legend, and label tags to PmWiki forms (1.0 in active use at,
FormsForm creating, configuring and processing ( )
FormsPlusForm extensions adding new HTML5 input types (2017-06-16a new updated)Forms HTML5 PHP55 PHP72
FormulaLightweight rendering of mathematical formulas in wiki pages (20220104 Beta)Markup Math Google PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 PmSyntax +1
FormValidationHow to validate forms within wiki pages ( )Forms
FortuneInsert a fortune cookie into a wiki page (2007-09-17 Stable)Includes
ForumProvide a simple forum ( )Administration
ForumX( )
FoxForm processor to add, replace, copy, delete content plus upload files and send email notifications using templates and Input markup (2024-04-06 stable)Forms CMS Blog Editing PIM Fox PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +14
Fox-FilterExamples( )
FoxAuthUserCommentBoxPosting comments for logged in users only, using Fox (2011-12-23 )Fox Security CMS Forms
FoxBlogHow to build a blog with Fox (2006-04-03a not working with current Fox)CMS Blog Fox
FoxCalculatorA simple calculator using a Fox form and calc markup expression (2008-02-13 new)Fox
FoxCatUsing forms and fox to structure category and cross-group linking ( )Fox Categories Forms
FoxCommentBoxAdding a comment form using Fox (2006-04-03a )Forms CMS, Comments Fox
FoxContactsCreate personal or business Contacts pages and lists with Fox (2017-05-20 stable)PIM CMS Fox PHP55
FoxCountDynamically display the number of words or characters entered or remaining in an input or a textarea input element. (2023-11-01 stable)Forms
FoxCSVDisplay csv tables automatically or via templates; filtering, sorting, editing csv data. (2024-04-20 beta)Fox Forms Tables
FoxDeleteadd delete links for deleting lines or sections with Fox (2019-11-11 stable)Forms Fox PHP55 PHP72
FoxEditadd edit links for editing page sections and PTVs with Fox (2017-06-16 stable)Forms Markup Fox Editing CMS PHP55 PHP72
FoxEntryMaskPagesuse Fox forms as entry masks to store page data instead of wiki mark-up editing (2010-02-05 stable)Forms Fox
FoxForumHow to build a simple forum with Fox (2015-06-11 experimental)Forum CMS Fox, PHP55 CustomPageStore (for template pages)
FoxHoneyPotAdds honeypot trap for bots to Fox forms (2024-04-15 New)Fox Security Forms Markup
FoxNotifyadd email notifications and mailing capability to Fox forms (2023-09-30 stable)Forms Fox PHP55 PHP81
FoxPageManagementcreating new pages, new groups and copying pages with Fox forms ( )Forms Fox
FoxPTVConvertDisplay and convert hidden PTVs on multiple pages (2015-09-28 new)Administration Fox Forms PageVariables
FoxSectionMake it possible to click on a button to duplicate a form section or to display a section depending on the value of a select input. (2023-11-01 stable)Forms, Fox
FoxShoutboxAlternativeAn alternative Shoutbox (v0.2 Tested)Forms Fox
FoxSimpleTodoListAn example of how to use Fox to setup a simple 'todo list'. (2007-04-03a Functional)CMS PIM Fox +1
FoxTextReplacereplace text strings on multiple pages (2008-12-08 experimental)Fox Administration Editing
FoxValidationExamplesexamples for using Fox input validation (2008-03-06 new)Uncategorized
FoxVotingexamples of using Fox for voting, polling and making choices ( )CMS PIM Voting Fox
FplByDaysfmt=bydays for pagelists; A custom format for YYYYMMDDHHMM format page names. (2007-03-23 Functional; I am happy with it.)Searching, FPL PageList
FPLTemplateAlternative FPLTemplate() function with hooks for developers for more flexible pagelist output (2009-03-15 experimental)Searching PageList
FractionsPlusAdds simple markup to write fractions. (2021-11-12 Maintained)Markup Math
FreeMindEmbed mind maps in PmWiki pages (20120412a experimental)Mind mapping, Uploads, Links, Media, PIM, PHP55, PHP72
FriendlyAuthorLinksDisplays author page titles as link text for all automatic author links. (2017-12-28 Needs review)Links Markup
FunctionsBrief description of some of PmWiki's internal functions available to cookbook recipe authors and custom markup developers ( )MarkupWriting PmWiki Developer
FuseEditMerge the latest successive minor edits in page histories (20220118 Beta)Editing, Security
GalleriaConvert lists of images into a panel of clickable thumbnails, or a scrollable carousel of clickable thumbnails, without requiring a page reload. (2020-03-03 )Images, Gallery, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74 +6
GcalPKHGA partly transformation of the gcal calendar of the dokuwiki for the PmWiki (0.1 upload very shortly ... in status nascendi ;-) )Calendar
GeneratePDFGenerate PDF versions of pages (?action=pdf) (2006-09-07 Stable)PDF
GeoboxCreate links to various map sites from provided gps coordinates. (2021-10-26 )Links
GeoTaggingGeotagging support within PmWiki using GeoRSS and KML compliant output options (1.2 (03 Nov 2009) Release)RSS, Integration
GetGeocodeCreate a small form on a page to enter an address and get a geocode for google maps (February 10, 2008 Basic, functional )Uncategorized
GetRidOfMainHow to get rid of "Main" group, i.e. all pages in "Main" are accessible and accessed directly in the wiki root (1.0 )Administration Links
GettingThingsDoneUsing the GTD system with PmWiki (N/A alpha)PIM
GistEmbedEmbed Gists in a wikipage. (2021-12-11 Maintained)Includes Programming Integration PHP55 PHP72
GistsMarkup to allow easy embedding of syntax-highlighted github gists (2013.09.03 active)Includes Programming GitHub Layout
GlobalOperationsHow to apply an operation to every page of a wiki ( )Administration
GlossaryPlusGlossary Plus (2015-01-01 Beta)FunctionalExtensions, Links
Glossyhue( )
GMapEasy Google Maps integration (20141204 Abandoned (broken by Google))Integration, Images, Includes, Google, PHP55
GoalMeterCreate thermometers or columns showing goals and current values (2009-01-29 stable)Images
GoogleAdsenseHow to add Google AdSense data to your wiki (0.1 pre-alpha)Includes, Google +1
GoogleAnalyticsAdd Google Analytics tracking code to wiki pages (2007-03-21 Stable)Administration, Google, PHP72
GoogleBlogPingGoogle Blog Search Ping - Support for Google's weblog search ping service ($Rev: 50 $ )CMS Blog Google
GoogleCalendarEmbeds a Google Calendar in a PmWiki page (2016-02-11 Stable)Includes, Google +1
GoogleChartInclude Charts generated by Google Chart API (2017-12-31 alpha)Images, Includes, Google
GoogleCSEAdds markup for a Google Custom Search Engine (2007-02-24 Stable)Searching Includes Google
Google Map API for PmWikiAdds Google Map API to PmWiki pages. (2.2.0-Pre9 Beta (out-of-date - no longer works))Integration, Google +2 -1
GoogleMapAPI-Discuss( )
GoogleMapAPIv3This is a trimmed down and modified Google Maps API based on Ben Wilson's original GoogleMapAPI. (1.0 beta) Integration, Images, Includes, Google
GoogleMapsHow to add an interactive Google map into PmWiki ( )Integration, Images, Includes, Google
GoogleMapsInterfaceInterface to the Google Maps web application (Alpha 1.0.2 Development)Google
GooglePlusOneA recipe to enable the use of Google Plus One widgets in your PmWiki pages (1.0 RC)Links Menus SystemTools +2
GoogleSearchAdd a searchbox for site and websearch using google (2006-11-27 )Searching, Google
Google XML Sitemap CreatorCreate an XML sitemap in the root of the website which is suitable for submission to Google (and other) search engines. (20231026 Active)Administration, Editing, System Tools, PHP55, PHP72, PHP82
GoogleSitemapsHow to submit a complete list of web pages to google ( )RSS, Integration, Robots, Google
GoogleViewerEmbed PDF, PPT, DOC, and TIFF files in a wiki page using Google Viewer (2010-05-16 )PDF Media Images Google OfficeIntegration +4
GoogleVoiceEmbed the Google Voice Widget on a webpage (2010-08-26 )Google Mobile Markup
GoogleWaveInclude Google Waves into PmWiki 2.x pages (2010-08-02 obsolete)Includes, Google -1
GoogleWebFontsSupport for Google Web Fonts in a secure way and for all users (20180329 Mantained)Fonts Fun PHP72 URL shortenerProvides PHP variable and Page Variable that contains the shortened URL for the current page. (1.0 Works)Links PageVariables
GpxStatA recipe to display statistics about a GPX file (2024-05-05 Beta)Maps Markup Includes +1
GraphVizSitemapProvide a GraphViz format for sitemap (2009-05-08 alpha)Administration, Menus, Publishing
GreenGlassA multi-layered semi-transparent skin (1.0 )
GrepUse regular expressions to control what to include from a page (20171103 beta)Includes, Markup, PHP55, PHP72, PHP83 +2
GrepRCSearch the RecentChanges entries similarly to a pagelist (2010-02-05 Beta)Administration Editing
GridWorks - General utility css grid markup for wiki pagesGridWorks - general utility css grid markup for wiki pages (1.3.1-20230205 Active/Stable)CSS Layout PHP55 PHP72 PHP74 RWD
GroupHomePageChangeHow to rename the group's starting page, i.e., be different than the default "HomePage". (N/A )Administration, PHP72 +1
GroupTitleDefine a title for an entire WikiGroup (20220219 Stable)PageNaming Core Candidate
GroupTitlesCreate group titles for groups, analagous to page titles with the (:title:) directive (2008-5-21 stable)Markup
GTD Task List ManagerAn experimental JavaScript GTD task/todo list manager (20150405 experimental)GTD PIM PHP55 +1 -1
GuestbookProvide a simple guestbook. ( )
GuiButtonsadd guibuttons to any textarea edit box (2017-06-21 stable)Editing, Layout, Forms, PHP54, PHP72 +3
GuiEditAdd graphical editing buttons, as in's site (n/a Stable)Editing Layout +2
GuiEditDateButtonjavascript calendar to insert a date (2.0 November 2, 2006 Stable)Editing, Layout, Calendar
GuiEdit ResizeAllows resizing of the Edit text box, for convenience. (2009-09-11 Initial release.)Editing, Layout +1
GUIEditSnippetsEasily define text blocks/snippets and insert them in the wiki page with a button (20230403 Experimental)Editing
HaloScanAnother commenting recipe, leveraging the power of the HaloScan service. (0.1 first release ... but operational!)Comments Blog
HandleICalAdd-on for wikicalendars to export/import events to/from ical-files (2009-10-04 Beta)Calendar, PIM
HandleMSWordConverts page to MS Word format. (0.5 Beta)Uncategorized
HandleSourceInSkinRedirect action=source to display the unformatted markup within your skin (2009-03-01 stable)Layout
HandleUnknownMarkupsHow to suppress unknown markup, instead of having it display ( )Administration
HandyTableOfContentsHandy Client-side Table of Contents (2023-03-20 stable)TOC, Markup, PHP5, PHP72 +3
HeadlineImageDisplay the title attribute of an image directly on the image without editing the image. (20170225 )Images, Layout
HgProduce Hierarchical groups like effects on your site (2007-03-07 Stable)Markup | Links | Hierarchy | PageNaming
HgUrlsRewrites hyphens "-" to slashes "/" in URLs. (2008-05-04 Beta)Hierarchy | PageNaming
HideDiffHide specific edits from page histories (20220120 Experimental)Security, Spam, WikipediaSuite
HideSearchBarhide the search bar at the top of a skin with (:nosearch:) (2009-10-15 )Skins PageDirectives Markup +1
HierarchicalGroupsInformation about Hierarchical Groups (N/A N/A)Hierarchy, PageNaming
Highlight Text (HTML5 <mark> tag)Use HTML5 <mark> tag to highlight text. (2016-09-01 Beta)Markup, HTML5, PHP55, PHP72
HighslideA recipe that enables you to use the Highslide JS application in your wiki. (4.0.8 (Oct 30 2008) Initial release)PHP55
HlinksCreate hierarchical pages (2020-04-27 beta)Markup | Links | Hierarchy | PageNaming
HomePage( )
HorizontalMenuHorizontal drop-down style menus ( Somewhat outdated)Menus
HorizontalVerticalMenuGenerate multilevel horizontal and vertical menus (2015-10-18 Stable)Menus
HowToMakeATabbedSkinHow to make a tabbed skin (n/a )Layout, Administration
HrefPageDirectiveHow to get the href address to a particular wiki link ( )Links
Html5AVCtrlEnable youtube-like keyboard and mouse control of HTML5 video and audio. (20160804 )Video Audio HTML5 Media
HTML5Extensionsresources to use new HTML5 elements ( new)Markup HTML5 PHP55
HtmlCompressCompresses PmWiki's html output. (20110417 mantained)Compression, HighPerformance.
HtmlUrlsAdd ".html" to the end of page urls (2006-09-03 Core)PageNaming
HtpasswdFormForm based management of users and passwords using .htpasswd/.htgroup files (2020-01-14 Stable)Administration Security PHP55 PHP72 +3
HttpVariablesAccess http variables in the page, such as Get variables, Post data, and Cookies. (20221024-2 Feature Complete)PageVariables PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 +4 -1
HyphenopolyUse the excellent Hyphenopoly package to hyphenate text on a wiki. (2020-08-21 Maintained)Layout Publishing
i19Translator-oriented edit form, easing the internationalization (i18n) of a wiki (20110907 Experimental)International, Editing, UnverseJS, Ajax, PHP55, PHP72
ICalendarEventsPmWiki implementation of iCalendar event RFC/standards ( pre-alpha)
ICalExportExport wikicalender entries as ical file (1.31 stable) Calendar, PIM, PHP82, PHP83 +1
IFrameLoginDemo kit for passing messages between pmwiki and an embedded iframe (see includeSite), with a simple working login demonstration. (2019.12.5 Beta, Active)SystemTools, Layout, Administration, Security, Passwords, Javascript
ImageMapDirective to create image maps and image toolbars (2022-06-23 Stable)Images PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +2
Imagemapsan image based summary of the visitors to your site (1.0 alpha)Uncategorized +1 -1
ImagesPicture generation, smileys, thumbnails, galleries, uploading, manipulating, and displaying of images ( )
ImagesAutoResizingCreates a small image on the page, with a link to a larger image (2.2 (July 2016) Stable)Images +1
ImageSetsCreate galleries that are not tied to a single wiki page (0.2 )Images
ImageThumbLink( )
ImgFocusClick to view an image with a dimmed and blurred background. Support scroll to zoom. (20160728 )Images +1
ImgPopUpExtension to image uploading (1.2.9 (2009-06-21) stable)Images
ImportTabTableimport and convert tab table to simple table markup quickly. (2010-04-14 stable)Tables Editing Markup PHP55 PHP72
ImportTextImport text files as PmWiki pages (20231117 Under development)System tools, WikiConversion, PHP72, PHP82 +1
InactivityTimeoutAutomatically logout inactive users (2007-07-27 )Security
InCategoryCustom conditional markup to determine if a page is in a category (20220606 Experimental)Links, Markup, PHP81 +1
IncludeAbleHow to include the current revision of a pmwiki page in another php page ( )Includes
IncludeFieldPageExtends the (:include:) directive functionality apply to pages from other fields of a wiki farm (1.0.0 - 22 November 2005 )Includes, WikiFarms
IncludeFileHow to include an external file (from the same file system) (0.2 (2007-12-07) Stable, Maintained)Includes
Includes / InsertionsList of recipes in Includes category, including other pages, files, maps etc. ( )
IncludeSectionInclude a section from the first available among a list of pages (20220516 )Includes, Markup, PHP55, PHP72, PHP80 +1
IncludeSiteInclude an entire page in a wiki page (2019-03-28 )Includes +2
IncludeUploadInclude an uploaded (attached) text or HTML file into a PmWiki page (20190126 beta)Includes, PHP55, PHP72
IncludeUrlInclude html pages into PmWiki 2.x pages (20230214 stable)Includes PHP55 PHP72 PHP74 PHP82 +2
IncludeWikiPageHow to syndicate wiki pages from other PmWiki 2.0 sites on your site (20051218 )
IncludeWithEditEnable editing of included text (2005-02-07 last tested on PmWiki Version 2.2.0.beta45)Editing, Includes
IncludeXMLInclude processed XML into PmWiki 2.2 pages (20070621 Deprecated)Includes
IndentedPageListSort and indent pagelist items using page text variable ( tested)PageList
IndexByRatingList of recipes ordered by user ratings (excluding the unrated ones) ( )
IndexByRatings( )
IndexByUsers( )
InfoBoxHow to create Bubblehelp infoboxes, as seen in (2.4.1-20230210 Stable, Active)Administration Layout PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
InlineDiffShows the difference between 2 versions by highlighting the changes in markup on word level. (2010-02-03 stable)Administration, Editing +5
InlineRSSAllows insertion of an RSS feed's contents into a PmWiki page. (2016-05-09 DRAFT)Includes, RSS
InPageSearch( )
Input( )
InputDefaultDemonstrates various ways to set the default values for form controls ( in-core)Forms, MarkupOnly, PHP72
InputDrawInputDraw, a Flash-based drawing tool (2009-05-07 beta testing)Editing, Images
InputFormsAndJavaScriptSome ideas of combining Javascript with PmWiki Input forms ( )Forms
InputSelectRedirects to PmWiki.Forms ( )
InputStarInput control shaped like a group of 5 stars. (2024-04-06a Beta)Extensions Markup Forms
InstallOnIISHow to install PmWiki on IIS v6 or v7 (2.2 living document) +2
InstallOnIIS10Install PmWiki on Windows 10 and IIS 10 (2023-01-18 Living document)Administration Install System tools
InstallOnIIS7dot5plusInstall PmWiki on IIS 7.5, 8, 8.5, 10, or newer (2014-07-20 Living document)Administration Install System tools +1
InstaWikiA Bash shell script that installs a working wiki in seconds (2016-09-30 Beta)CC0
InternationalInternationalizations, documentation in other languages ( )
InternationalPTVsAllow international characters in the names of PageTextVariables (20191121 experimental)International, PageVariables, Markup, PHP55 +1
IntuitiveSpacingRedirects to LiteralWhiteSpace. ( )
IpForAuthenticationBring trusted IP's to authenticated level without password. Very useful for intranet wiki also visible to web (0.1 simply working)Security
ISO8859MakePageNamePatternsHow to convert ISO 8859 character input for page names to unaccented ASCII equivalents (2023-02-16 )Administration Links International PageNaming PHP72
ISO8859PageNameConversionPatterns( )
ITunesControllerControl iTunes via Web Interface ( )Media Audio
JavaEasily generates links to the Javadoc API. (20110525 beta)Links
JavaScriptEmbed (static) JavaScript into wiki pages (2006-07-17 Stable)Markup PmWiki Developer
Javascript( )
JavaScript-EditableHow to include JavaScript markup in wiki pages (20190619 )Markup +1
JavaScriptHelpersCollection of simple JavaScript tools for wikis ( Planning)Editing, Forms, Layout, Security, PHP55, CoreCandidate
JITSIssue Tracking System (20070515 tested with)Forms Data CMS Application ZAP ToDo
Jits( )
JITS-Talk-TutorialJITS Tutorial (20070404 closed)
JJSApprovePageControls a page attribute "jjsApprovePageRev" (1.2 )
JjsCMSSave wiki pages as html (1.4beta3 )CMS
JJSEditRevKeeps track of page text changes in page attribute "jjsEditRev" (1.0 )
JJSIteratorlet the browser iterate over a set of wiki pages (1.0 )Administration, PHP72
JournalA lightweight calendar with navigation and daily journal entries (1.0 Working but not widely tested)Blog
JquerychatProvide a quite simple recipe to add a robust gmail/facebook style chat, with a sql table (0.1 alpha)Uncategorized
Jscm (JsCookMenu based dropdown menu)Jscm (JsCookMenu based dropdown menu) (2.4.1-20230212 Active/Stable)Menus PageList PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
JsCompressjavascript Compressor for recipes and skins (20110416 maintained)Skins,javascript,Compression,HighPerformance.
JsMathAdd markup to display and embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages using TeX. (20160803 Obsolete - use MathJax)Markup Math PHP72 +3
JtickerjQuery based Newsticker (2011-03-24 Alpha)WikiTrails, RSS
JumpBoxA pull down menu that can be used for navigation (2018-06-07 )Forms | Markup | Menus | PHP55 | PHP72
JustHypClient-side multilingual text hyphenation and margin filling (full justify). (0.1.0 (14-Nov-2012) Active, alpha)Layout International Publishing
JustHypTable( )
LastFMEmbed widgets (2007-05-12 Stable)Includes
LatexMarkupEnables the usage of a subset of LaTeX syntax as an alternative markup (except Math). (0.1 (initial pre-alpha test release) working (but with very limited features))Editing Markup Changes
LaTeXMathJaxMathJax support for PmWiki (20170325 stable)Math
LaTeXMathMLTranslating LaTeX math notation dynamically to Presentation MathML (2007-10-04 Stable)Markup Math
LayoutLayout enhancements ( )
LazyLoadingInstruct browsers to only load pictures when they would be visible on the screen (20220323 Beta)Images, Uploads, Gallery, PHP80 +1
LazyWebLinksCause markup text beginning with "www." to be automatically converted into a link to an external site (20171011 )Links, Editing, PHP72
LibChartCreating charts in PmWiki (0.1 Alpha?)Markup, Markup changes
LicensesMarkup to display licensing info on pages (20180415 Stable)Markup PHP72 +1
Limit Diffs per pagePaginate the "diff" output (when viewing a page history, limit the number of displayed revisions at once) (20100217 Stable/Beta)Administration, Editing, PHP55, PHP72 +1
LimitNewPagesInWikiGroupsHow to limit the creation of new pages in your wiki group (2007-02-27 )Administration
LimitWikiGroupsHow to limit the names or number of groups in your wiki ( )Administration
LinguisticGlossesAdds markup for entering glossed text (2012-12-08 Beta)Markup
LinkCSSToolTiplink markup with css popup tooltip text including styling, variables, includes, menus (2020-07-26 stable)Links Markup Menus PHP55 PHP72 +1
LinkCssToolTip( )
LinkedResourceExtrasLinked resource helper functions and scripts for recipe writers (20070215 Beta)Uploads PmWiki Developer +1
LinkGenerator( )
LinkIconsAdd icons to your links according to their extensions. (20170226 )Links, Layout +3
LinkPageCreateFmtTooltipHow to add a tooltip for a link to a non-existent page ( )Links
LinkPageExistsFmtTooltipHow to add tooltips to links (2007-01-15 Stable)Links +1
LinksLinks and page handling ( )
LinksTreeMenuA Simple Dynamic Hierarchical Tree Menu for PmWiki Groups and Pages (1.00 June 11, 2006 Stable)Menus, Layout
LinkTelActive telephone links in wiki pages (20170618 beta)Links, Markup, Media, Mobile, PHP55, PHP72
LinuxTexEnable TeX markup ( )Markup, Publishing, Math
ListCategoriesuse categories as tags (2021-09-19 stable)Links CMS Blog PIM PHP72 +2
ListOfBundlesList of commonly and successfully bundled recipes ( )Bundles
ListOfBundles-CandidatesA discussion of pre-bundled wikis ( )Bundles
ListOfCategories( )
ListResumeResume numbered lists interrupted by other markup (20180312 Experimental)Layout Markup PHP72 +1
LiteBoxUtilizing the Moo.fx javascript library and the Litebox code to create an image gallery effect (none Beginning / Planning / Idea stage)
LiteralWhiteSpacePreserve white spaces, tabs and extra lines (2024-04-25 beta)Markup Editing +3
Live Edit 2Edit blocks of wiki-text in pop-up windows right from the wiki page. Editable blocks can be automatically detected/created on existing wiki pages using a Javascript-based GUI-like tool. An authenticated user with edit permission can edit the contents inside the blocks right from the page's view in a 'pop-up' editing environment. One can now choose from different themes/skins for the LiveEdit environment, as well as create custom themes/skins. Very useful for better organizing and maintaining contents of a wiki page, especially if the page is large. (2.2 (Release date: Dec 16, 2011) Working great! Latest improvements in auto-detect tool are in beta test.)Editing Forms Layout CMS
LocalCSSFlexible CSS compilation from a wiki page (20150830, pmwiki-2.3.34 beta)Layout, CSS, PHP55, PHP72 +4
LocalTimesDisplay RecentChanges and History timestamps in the local timezone of each visitor. (20201220 (recipe), pmwiki-2.3.34 (core) Beta)International Layout Security Ajax WikipediaSuite PHP55 PHP72 Core Candidate +4
LogbookA simple AJAXified calendar for side bars turning your wiki into a bliki = blog + wiki (0.5 working (and in progress))PIM Calendar Ajax
LoginGuard( )
Login LogoutHow to log out after logging in (1.0 Q&A)Security, Administration, MarkupOnly, PHP72 +4
LuaExecuteLets Lua scripts dynamically generate parts of your wiki page (1.0.2, 2017-12-13 Beta)Markup Math
MacOSXTips for PmWiki configuration on a MacOS X server ( )Administration
MagicMenusUse Wiki-pages for navigation, auto-create Menus from those pages ignoring decoration. RESPONSIVE DESIGN! (2022-12-29 Active)Menus, Layout, Skins
MailForm( )
Mailform2Set up a mail form so that visitors can send comments or suggestions to a limited list of recipients (0.9 - 26 June 2005 )Forms
Mailform3A single wiki page mail form with feedback (05 Aug 2007 Stable)Forms
Mailform4Mailform4 alias Mailform2┬▓ - A contact form module with extensible form fields (2021-04-16 Stable)Forms PHP55 PHP72 +2
MailListFormForm for subscription to an email list (2008-08-28 working)Forms +1
MailmanAuthUse an external mailing list for PmWiki authentication (2008-09-02 beta)Administration, Security, SystemTools
MainGroupChangeHow to change the Main (startup) group ( )Administration
MaintenanceTasks to keep the Cookbook current and useful ( )
MajorChangesHow to create MajorChanges pages and Site.AllMajorChanges (2009-08-19 )Searching +1
MakeColumnsCreate columns on a page without using tables. (2.0 )
MakeManyColumnsHow to make columns on a page using CSS (n/a )Layout, CSS
MakingPasswordRequestsExplicitHow can we tell which password is requested? (1.0 )Security Layout
ManageCSSUse your pub/css/ directory to collect and manage multiple css files automatically (2021-12-01 Active)CSS, CMS
MapAdaptInclude Maps as html or Java pages into PmWiki 2.x Pages (2010_07_13 Stable)Includes
MapWikiMap+Wiki Mashup; or how to make customized Google Maps using a wiki backend. (1.0 beta)Includes Insertions Maps
MarkdownA replacement for some of PmWiki's typographical wiki markup (0.2 Beta)Markup
MarkdownMarkupExtensionUse Markdown markup with PmWiki (2021-11-12 stable)Markup PHP72 -1
MarkdownOutputPresents a wiki page in Markdown format instead of HTML (2023-10-10 beta)Markup, Layout, SystemTools, WikiConversion
MarkForDeleteMark pages for delete and allow review. (0.4.1 stable)
MarkletsAn easy-to-use, categorical, bookmark management system. (0.9.2 Beta)
MarkThingsDoneMark Things Done! - A Comprehensive Productivity System (20100330 Active)GTD PIM Calendar Reference To Do +2
MarkupMarkup additions ( )
MarkupDirectiveFunctionsSimply configured custom directives (pmwiki-2.3.34 Experimental)MarkupWriting +1
MarkupExpressions( )
MarkupExpressionSamplescustom markup expression samples (2007-12-08 )Markup MarkupExpressions
MarkupExpressionsExtensionsAdds math, threads, captcha, group counter, random number, attr reader, CSV formatter, server variables, source reader, etc. (2007-04-19 Stable)Markup | Page Variables | Markup Expressions
MarkupExprPlusExtends {(...)} expression markups (2023-02-24 Stable)Markup, Page Variables Markup Expressions PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 +8
MarkupExtensionsAdds a range of character, start of line, and link markup extensions (2.1.1 (2014-02-13, compatible with php 5.5, requires php 5.3 or above) Stable)Markup PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +4
MarkupOnlyRecipes that rely solely upon standard PmWiki features; server access (in most cases) not needed ( )
MarkupOnlyBarChartsAdds editable bar charts to your wiki using only core PmWiki features (2014-02-27 )MarkupOnly Images
MarkupRulesetDebuggingDebugging Markup Ruleset (2024-02-26 stable)MarkupWriting PHP55 PHP72 PHP83 PmWiki Developer
MarkupToUnstyledConverts PmWiki markup into unstyled text (2009-03-01 working)Markup PHP72
MarkupTricksMarkup tricks ( )MarkupOnly
MarkupWritingFunctions and Recipes used in Markup Writing ( )
MasteringPmWikiPagesConsolidating documentation on making & breaking PmWiki pages for recipe authors. (2014-02-07 documentation)PmWiki Developer
MathJaxAdd markup to embed math using TeX syntax. (2019-03-28 Stable)Markup Math +2 -1
MathtexAdd markup to display and embed several lines of mathematical formulas in wiki pages (2008-10-11 testing)Markup Math
MaxiAn image viewer with inline zoom, suitable for large drawings or panoramas (20210702 Experimental)Images, Uploads, Gallery, PHP55, PHP72, PHP80 +2
Maxi2Inline picture zoom for modern browsers and touch-screen devices (20240111 Experimental)Images, Uploads, Gallery, PHP55, PHP72, PHP80 +3
Multi Media ToolsMulti media related recipes ( )
MediaCategoriesAssembles all Categories in a page, alphabetizes, and appends to bottom of page--in the style similar to MediaWiki. (2.2.5 (2018-01-08) Stable as of 2.1.5)ChickenRecipies | Frog Recipes
MediaCSSMarkup( )
Meetup API Event ListAdds Meetup API to PmWiki pages (2014-02-21 )Integration, Includes, PHP55 +1
MemberMgmtAdvanced member management (using ZAP and AuthUser). Allows self registration, logins, groups, site customization, and more! (Latest ZAP version. Beta (relies on latest Beta version of PmWiki))CMS Security Administration
Menus / NavigationMenu and navigation tools ( )
MergeWikiLibDirsMove from standard PageStore to another PageStore (2010-02-07 theoretical/untested)Uncategorized UpdateMe
MermaidJsdiagrams and visualizations for PmWiki (2021-12-06 Beta)Markup Images PHP55 PHP72 PHP80
MessageAfterPostingProvide a message to users after posting and /or prompt them to notify relevant people ( )Layout Functional Extensions Editing
MessagesReplacementA drop in replacement for the PmWiki (:messages:) directive (2024-05-31 beta)PmWiki Developer Markup
Microdata InjectionGenerate extra <meta> tags useful for Facebook, Twitter, Google... ( working - evolving)Publishing
MimeTeXAdd markup to display and embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages (2007-02-16 Stable)Markup Math +2
MindjetMapEmbedding a Mindjet MindManager Map (2007-05-13 (v.0.1) first release)Media Images MindMapping
MiniSimple, lightweight, un-bloated gallery with thumbnail generator (20221008 )Images, Uploads, Gallery, UnverseJS, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP80, PHP82 +27
MiniEditAn easy to use visual editor for Mini galleries (20170820 experimental)Images, Uploads, Gallery, Ajax, UnverseJS, PHP55, PHP72 +2
Mini with FancyboxFancybox jQuery slideshow for the Mini gallery (20181115 experimental)Images, Uploads, Gallery, PHP55, PHP72 +1
Mini with GalleriaGalleria carousel/slideshow for the Mini gallery (20150909 beta)Images, Uploads, Gallery, PHP55, PHP72 +1
Mini with LightboxLightbox slideshow for the Mini gallery (20181115 beta)Images, Uploads, Gallery, PHP55, PHP72
MiscMXImplement miscellaneous PHP functions by means of Markup Expressions (2008-09-20 Beta)Markup Expressions +1
MobileUsersAccommodating visitors who use mobile devices (1.0 Stable)Mobile PDA +1
ModesConceptA place to remember thoughts/ideas related to using different modes ( )Administration, Layout
Module GuidelinesGuidelines for creating, distributing, and maintaining a recipe for the Cookbook. (2007-04-14 )Administration, CustomPageStore, PmWiki Developer
MoreCustomPageVariablesAdditional custom page variables for use in pages, forms, includes and conditional markup. (n/a )PageVariables +2
MostLeastPopularA recipe that keeps a wiki page with information about the most/Least popular pages in a wiki (201803019 Mantained)Administration PHP72
MoveCopyDelGroupMove/copy/delete wiki groups (20230420 In active use)Administration, FileManagement , Delete, SystemTools
MovePageMove and copy wiki pages (20240428 production)Administration, Editing, Page naming, System tools, PHP72, PHP83, Core candidate +8
MtoPMwikiconverts MediaWiki to PMWiki (2008-09-06 Beta release)WikiConversion
MultiColumnAllow text to flow into multiple columns (2010-12-16B alpha)Uncategorized
MultiLanguageDisplay content in different languages on a page by user's choice (20230409 )CMS, International, Layout, PHP72
Multilanguage( )
Multilanguage-archive( )
MultiLanguagePagesShow language specific pages according to user choice (1.0 new)International CMS Layout +1
MultiLanguageViewsshow language specific content and titles according to user choice (2019-11-12 stable)International CMS Layout PHP55 PHP72 +3
MultilinkHow to create multilinks ( )Links, Editing
MultiUploadUpload multiple files at once by packing them in a zip archive & extracting them on the server (2007-11-27 beta)Uploads
Music NotationDisplay music scores from various ascii notations (abc, abctab, asciitab, tab) (1.3 2008-03-07 Stable)Markup
MyDBLoginUser Level Login with email verification using MySQL Database (2019-11-08 Deprecated - Use new Version: MyDBLogin-PMW)Administration, Security, Passwords, MYSQL
MyDBLogin-PMWIntegrated User-Level Access-Control & Login with email verification/management using MySQL Database (2021-03-17 Maintained)Login, Administration, Security, Passwords, MYSQL
MyPmWikiQuery a MySQL database server and display the results in a wiki page (2019-01-26 )Integration, Data, PHP55, PHP72
NestedIfProvide nested if / nested conditionals (2008-04-24B Deprecated (now in core))Conditional Markup
NestedMarkupsAllows nested (:markup ...:) ... (:markupend:) (2017-10-25 Beta)Markup PHP72
NetstreamsCMSA CMS (Content Management System) extension for pmwiki features different page-types (article, blog, comment issues), separation of content and layout, basic workflow capabilities, content-type based authentication and wysiwyg editing. (009bX Experimental)CMS Administration Blog Comments
NetstreamsMenuA desktop-application like menu for authors and admins (009bX beta)CMS Administration Menu Skins
NewGroupBoxInput box to create new wiki groups from predefined template pages (2017-06-17 stable)Forms CMS PHP55 PHP72 +2
NewGroupWarningDisplay a warning when a user is creating a page in a non-existing wiki group. (2008-01-29 )Editing, Links, Administration, MarkupOnly, PHP55, PHP72 +1
NewPageBoxHow to provide a form or box to allow users to create new pages (deprecated in favour of NewPageBoxPlus) (4 January 2006 Deprecated)CMS, Forms, Editing, Administration
NewPageBoxPlusAdds customisable box plus button form for page creation (2023-02-14 Stable)Forms CMS PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +7
NewsListInsert a list of recently changed/updated wikipages in a short form. (29.11.05: Initial release )Blog, CMS +1
NewsMasterHow to handle newsletters and other mailings (2008-05-22 very nicely working (although the admin side is still in test))CMS
NoPreformattedTextRemoves the default preformatted text rules (2007-01-09 )Layout
NoteItNoteIt is a simple Windows application to create notes for PmWiki (25 Octobre 2009 Prototype)Interface Editing Windows
NotifyOnUploadGenerates notifications also on upload events (0.1 quick hack)Uploads
NotSavedWarningWarn authors when they move away from a page without saving it; optionally request an edit summary or an author name (20170712 beta)Editing, PHP55, PHP72 +3
NumberedHeadersDisplay numbered headers, indented paragraphs and table of contents (0.7 Stable)TOC
NumberedSectionsAdd section numbers on a page (1.2 stable)TOC +1
NZTopoUse to display an excerpt from a New Zealand topographic map in a PmWiki website (2022-02-22 Production)Markup Images Includes PHP74 Maps +1
ObsoleteObsolete, superceded, and deprecated recipes ( )
OdbcPmWikiQuery a odbc-SQL database server (MS-SQL) and display the results in a wiki page (2009-10-01 )Integration, Data
OnAction( )
OneGroupForAllConfine all users to one group, named other than Main (9 June 2005 )Administration
OnEventactivate recipes based on group(s), name(s), cookie(s), session var(s), mark(s) in the needle page, action(s), download var(s), post var(s), get var(s) and does it all from config.php in a easy multi event match per call ? (20180313 mantained)Administration SystemTools PHP72
OnGroup( )
OnlineStatusDisplay online status for AOL, Yahoo! instant messaging, Skype, or Meebo Me! (2007-02-04 Stable)Includes
Only1Session( )
OnlyOneLoginOnly allow 1 login at the same time for a username (1.4 working)Security
OnMark( )
OnPage( )
OpenCalaisCall OpenCalais API with the content of the current page (0.1 non-functionnal )Uncategorized
OpenLayersAPIAdds OpenLayers API to PmWiki pages (for embedding OpenStreetMaps) (0.4 alpha)Integration, Maps, Media, Includes, PHP55 +1
OpenPassSet a global password which is openly displayed to reduce spam (2009-05-01B Alpha)Spam Security Passwords +3
OpenSearchAdd OpenSearch autodiscovery & suggestions to PmWiki (2009-02-20 beta)Searching
OpenUrlsAutomatically create URL Path for use with EnablePathInfo. (1.0 )Administration Ben Wilson Maintained
Optimizations( )
OptionMenuGet page listings as an option menu selector (2010-02-18 Stable)Searching Menus PageList +2
OtherBookmarkletsSome JavaScript bookmarklets ( )Browsing +1
OutputCompressionUse zlib output compression to make pages load faster (8 May 2005 )Administration, SystemTools, PHP72
OverrideCSSHow to override previously defined styles without modifying the skin (2006-01-29 )Layout, CSS
PageActionChange the page actions on a page-by-page basis (2010-09-02 new)Administration Links
PageAction-IconPackUsing SVG icons to replace text links in the Page Action menu (20170504 1.0)Skins, Layout, MarkupOnly +1
PageActions( )
PageAtticHow to store backup files of deleted pages in a separate directory (2011-10-26 )Administration, CustomPageStore +2
PageConfigAllow basic administrative configuration from a page (2008-06-01 Alpha)Administration +1
PageCreatoradds page creator (original author) to be stored as a page attribute (2008-02-24 )Administration Security
PageDiffSizeAdd an accurate count of characters added & removed to each edit summary (2010-06-17 beta)Administration, Editing, PHP55, PHP72
PageFeedCreates RSS feeds from page histories (2010-03-14 Beta)RSS
PageGenerationTimeDisplay page generation time (2004-05-05 )Administration +2
PageHistView Historical Revisions of Pages (2009-04-18B experimental)Uncategorized
PageHistorySourceDisable markup in page history (1.1 Working)Links
PagelistRedirects to Cookbook.PageList ( )
PageListList of recipes in PageList category, including other pages, files, maps etc. ( )
Pagelist Auth List ShortDisplay, in brief format, the permissions settings for pages that have permissions set. (1.0 Mature)PageList, MarkupOnly +1
PagelistByCategoryList pages by Category (Production Production)PageList MarkupOnly +1
PagelistCalendarUse PageTextVariables and ftime markup expression to create a calendar where each event has its own page. ( Works)Searching, PIM, PageVariables, MarkupOnly, PageList, Calendar
PageListExtensionsMany Pagelist Enhancements (1.1 )WikiTrails PageList
PageListMultiTargetsEnable multiple pages and wildcards in PageList (20151222 Experimental)PageList, Links, PHP55, PHP72 +2
PagelistNotesNotes on page lists ( )Searching, PageList
PageListPlusExtend pagelist with various capabilities (2009-03-17 HIGHLY experimental)Uncategorized -1
Pagelist Random ImageSelect an image randomly from all pages with images and display (0.1 Production)Images PageList +1
Pagelist Recent ChangesA recent changes page created using Page lists (1.0 Mature)PageList, MarkupOnly +1
Pagelist Site MapCreate a sitemap using the page list directive (0.1 Production)Menus, PageList, MarkupOnly +1
Pagelist Template SamplesCustom templates for pagelists formats ( )Searching PageList MarkupOnly
PageListWikiTrailEnable a WikiTrails markup to use a (:pagelist ... :) directive (November 2005 )Administration, WikiTrails, PageList, PHP55
PageNamingList of page naming, URL modifying and hierarchical group recipes ( )
PagePathsSearching WikiWords and Links pages outside the current group ( )Searching, PageNaming
PageRankVote on a page's popularity (0.4 beta)Functional Extensions Blog CMS
PageRegenerateMake PmWiki regenerate a page, as if someone had done an edit+save sequence. (1.0 Stable)Administration, PHP72 +1
PageStorePlain (store wiki pages in plain editable text)Store wiki pages in plain editable text ( Active/Stable)Administration, CustomPageStore PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
PageTableOfContentsAdds a clickable table of contents to a page (2017-11-08 Stable)Markup, TOC, PHP55, PHP72 +7 -1
PageTimerA draggable countdown timer. URL redirect on timer expiration. (20160726 )Security
PageTopStoreA PageStore alternative which doesn't mangle page contents when viewed outside PmWiki (2009-11-27 beta)Administration, CustomPageStore, PHP72 +2
PageVariablesPage variables and page text variables ( )
ParmsetProvide access to the current requests in the URL as a page variable (20150803 Beta)Links PageVariables Menus PHP55 +1
ParseArgsDescription of ParseArgs function for parsing argument lists ( Stable)MarkupWriting PmWiki Developer PHP72
PastebinEmbedEmbed Pastebin pastes in a wikipage. (2021-12-11 Maintained)Includes Programming Integration PHP55 PHP72
PasteImgUploadUpload an image by copying and pasting in the editing area directly. (20160729 Only works with Chrome)Uploads Editing Images
PathHistoryAdds a trail of recent links visited to PmWiki (20061116 First version)Links/Page handling
PayPalButtonsCreating neat markup for otherwise sloppy PayPal button forms (pmwiki-2.1beta25 stable)Layout | Payment +1
PayPalButtons2A flexible PayPal "Buy Now" button markup ( Works for contributor's account)Payment
PayPalCartProvides markup for PayPal shopping cart buttons. (2016-03-13 in active use)Form Tools Payment PHP55 PayPal MicroPayments +1
PccfToPcfOverrideAllows existing recipes to run on PHP 7 without causing deprecated create_function() messages. (2018-07-07 Beta)PHP55 PHP72 System Tools
PDFThumbGenerate thumbnail images for PDFs (1.0.1 (2020-05-12) )Images, Uploads
PendingChangesBrowser and desktop notifications for page changes (20201220 Experimental)Security, Ajax, PHP55, PHP72
PerformanceComparisonsPage to share site setups and performance ( )SystemTools, Administration
Per-Group and Per-Page Customizations in config.phpPlace your per-group and per-page customizations in config.php rather than in separate PHP scripts. (Still a draft Quo)Administration
PerGroupSubDirectoriesSubdivide wiki.d into subdirectories according to page group (n/a )Administration, CustomPageStore, PHP72 +3
PersistentLoginLogin form with "Remember me/Stay signed in" option (20091122 Beta)Administration Security +2
PersonalInformationManagementThoughts/ideas related to using using PmWiki as a Personal Information Manager, or PIM. ( very preliminary)PIM
PhonebookIntegrate LDAP information in the Profiles pages and use it as a corporate phonebook (0.3 Production)FunctionalExtensions, Integration, Windows, CustomPageStore
PHPPHP windows installation and configuration for PmWiki (2009-11-24 Living document)SystemTools Install
phpalertuse popup for debugging (2.3 Working)Administration Debugging
PhpBB2IntegrationIntegration options for PmWiki and phpBB2 forums (plus others) (1.0 Stable)Administration
PHPExecuteLets you execute PHP-Code in any page. (0.9 2008-12-07 BETA)Administration Markup
PHP files managementPHP file manager ( )SystemTools, Administration
PHPFreeChatIntegrate phpFreeChat (PFC) ajax chat into PmWiki (2007-07-09 Young and ugly)Chat Integration Ajax +1
PHPImagesGenerate on-the-fly graphics within a PmWiki page using a PHP script. ( )
Phplm (Phplayersmenu based dropdown/tree menu)Phplm (Phplayersmenu based dropdown/tree menu) (2.4.1-20230213 Active, Stable)Menus PageList PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
PhpQuickGallery( )
PHPScriptAsWikiMarkupSourcelet PHP scripts generate parts of you wiki page content (1.4b stable)Markup +1
Picasa( )
PictureGalleryPicture viewer with thumbnails and comments option (4 (13 July 2006) )Images
Personal Information ManagementList of all recipes in the PIM category, Personal Information Management ( )
PingbackPingback - Pingback support for PmWiki ($Rev: 40 $ )CMS Blog
PITSThe PmWiki Issue Tracking System (20240518 Beta)Forms Editing PageList PHP55 PHP72 PHP81
PITS-CommunityGeneric PmWiki Issue Tracking System ("pits") (pits-0.24.phpΔ )Modules
PkTemplateEasily create multiple pages from a user-supplied template (20170111 stable)Editing Templates
PL Event ListManage event lists using native PmWiki features (2013-12-28 )Calendar, PageList, PageVariables, PIM, MarkupOnly
PmCalendarCalendar designed for PmWiki where each day is a separate wiki page. (1.0rc12 Stable)PIM Calendar +7
PmCalendar-Fan( )
PmDocConvertPmDocConvert makes it easy to upload and display formats that can be handled by on a PmWiki page. (20171013 Alpha)Uploads Images
PmFeedRSS feed display for PmWiki. (20181203 Stable)RSS, PHP55, PHP72 +1
PmFormForm processing engine for PmWiki (20221123 (recipe), pmwiki-2.3.34 (core) Development)Forms PHP55 PHP72 PHP82 +5
pmGalleryDisplay your Picasa and Google Photo albums and pictures within PmWiki. (0.3.3 (25-Feb-2016) )Images, Gallery, Picasa, Flickr, PHP55 +1
PmGraphVizProduced graphs using graphviz inside of PmWiki. (0.03 Stable)Images MindMapping
PmPinboardAPIProvides an easy-to-use PmWiki-compatible interface to the Pinboard API. (2021-12-12 Maintained)Uncategorized
PmPygmentDisplay code highlighting using Python pygment (2018-03-22 Stable)Layout
PmReader (Application build on PmWiki for reading portable format of PmWiki files)PmReader (Application build on PmWiki for reading portable format of PmWiki files) (1.1.2-20121114 Stable / Active)Application Reader
PmReader (Application build on PmWiki for reading portable format of PmWiki files)PmReader specs for version 1.1 (1.1.0 )Specification
PmSyntaxSyntax highlighting for the PmWiki documentation and edit form (pmwiki-2.3.34 Experimental)Editing Layout PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 PHP82 +3
Pmwiki-dt (A simple tableless skin for PmWiki)Simple div(no table) version of default PmWiki skin. (2.3.0-20140329 stable)Skins PHP55
PmWiki2HTML-usingWGETPage redirecting to Cookbook.ExportHTML ( )
PmWiki2PDF-v2Generate a PDF (2015-02-22 Stable)PDF, Publishing, Administration +1
PmWiki2PDFBackup( )
PmWiki as a CMSHow to use PmWiki as a CMS ( )Administration, CMS
PmWikiDrawJava drawing recipe based on TWikiDraw (2.362 - 2 May 2007 )
PmWiki ExportExports PmWiki pages to a Git-based repository (1.0.0 New)Administration
PmWikiImagesPmWiki related pictures/logos (20061031 )
PmWikiInfoDisplay of selected PmWiki Information in a wiki page (2024-05-03 Stable)Markup PmWiki Developer Markup Writing Extension
PmwikilibPython API for PmWiki (0.1.1 Beta)Python
PngAlphaIESteps for displaying PNG images with 8bit alpha transparency (0.1 18 Mar 2006 Limited testing)Images
PodcastLinksEnable iTunes podcast itpc: links to work ( )Uncategorized
PopulationCounterProduces a linear estimate of a number, for example the population of an area, when given two data points and their corresponding times. (1.0 )Markup
Popup-EditForm2alternative EditForm, used in FixFlow, Gemini, Triad skins ( )
Popup-EditQuickRef2alternative EditQuickRef, used in FixFlow, Gemini, Triad skins ( )
PopupIFramecreate a modal popup iframe with dynamic content (2018-03-22 stable)Links
PopupWindowcreate popup windows (2017-04-23 stable)PHP55
PositioningCursorInEditFormHow to position the cursor at the end in the edit form (2006-08-30 )Editing
PostItNotes( )
PowerToolsmarkup expressions for multi page processing incl. plist, pagelist, rename, pagecount, wordcount, trail, serialname, serial, newticket, sumdata, allptvs, random (2022-11-01 stable)Markup Administration Markup Expressions PageVariables WikiTrails Menus PHP55 PHP72 +7
PPDonateCreate links to accept donations via PayPal (20221029 Beta)Links, Administration, Payment, PHP55, PHP72 +1
Precode - general utility block markup for displaying codesGeneral utility block markup for displaying codes with syntax highlighting (2.2.1-20230213 Active/Stable)Markup layout PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
PresenceAwarenessUser-based authentication, a list of online logged users, tools to register and manage users and send posts via Jabber (1.1 )Administration, Security, Ajax
PreventHotlinkingPrevent hotlinking of uploaded files ( )Uploads Security
PreviewChangesPreview highlighted changes of the wiki markup (2.2.118 Stable, added to core)Editing, Layout, WikipediaSuite, PHP55, PHP72 +8
PreviewFirstHow to get the page preview to appear before the edit box (2.0 beta 44 and later )Administration, Editing, Layout, PHP72 +1
PrintGroupExport WikiGroup pages to one large HTML file, and/or to PDF (20210822 Experimental)Administration, Publishing, PDF, Security, PageList, PHP55, PHP72, PHP80
PrintingWithStyleHow to create a style for printing ( )Publishing, CSS
PrivateGroupsHow to create private groups on public wikis (1 Stable)Security
ProcessFormMaintain values in fields and make PVs of the form name/values when a form is submitted (1.0 Beta)Forms +1
ProcessingUse Processing applet in PmWiki Pages (20150815 Stable)FunctionalExtensions Media Multimedia PHP55
ProgressBarCreate visual percentage indicators with (:progress xxx:) markup. (20191121 beta)Markup PHP72
PropertiesHow to have your own set of properties/variables in wiki pages ( )Administration
PTViewerhow to display 360┬░ panoramic images (2014-08-25 Stable)Images PHP55
PTVLinkTextUse a page text variable for link text, when available (2019-07-10 works so far)Links, Markup, PHP55, PHP72
PTVPopupsCreate CSS popups over words on a page based on PTVs (2017-07-26 Stable)CSS
PTVReplaceAdd link markup or input forms to replace values in PageTextVariables (2007-04-26 beta)Editing, PageVariables
PublishFAQSupplied with a raw list of Qs and As, it outputs a formatted FAQ complete with TOC (1.0rc - initial release RC) Layout +1
PublishingRecipes that support publishing wiki pages in some other form, such as printed or PDF ( )
PublishPDFTypesets wiki page collections into PDF (finalist: New Zealand open source awards 2008) (2.2.47 (released 2016-01-06) -- see release notes, EPUB and DocBook output, custom book styles, book glossaries and minor fixes and improvements Stable, reliable and substantially complete, php 5.5 compliant)Publishing, PDF, EPUB, Bibliography, Equations, Glossary, Custom PageStore PHP55 +1
PublishWikiTrailProvide the ability to publish the pages of a wiki trail as a single web page, formatted for printing (2.0.6 )Publishing, Administration, WikiTrails
Python-based Pmwiki EditorProvides author-preferred text editor support for PmWiki page edits (1.3.1 (February 9, 2007) Beta)Editing +1
Pywe-Discuss( )
PyweDeletea( )
Qnotes - general purpose short-notes application build on PmWikiQnotes (general purpose short-notes application build on PmWiki) (2.2.5-20190104 Stable / Active)Application Notes PHP55
QRCodeCreate QR code. (2021-10-25 )Images
QuickPageTableOfContentsAdds a dropdown clickable table of contents to a page - client side processing (1.12, September 4, 2006 Stable)Markup, TOC, Layout
QuickReplaceQuickly define replacement texts in wiki pages, and use them as markup or during page save. (2006-10-27 Testing)Markup MarkupWriting
QuickStartForAuthUserJust a quick guide for people to set up AuthUser to lock down their site. (1.0 beta)Uncategorized +3
QuickStartForAuthUser-comments1( )
QuickTimeEmbed QuickTime content on wiki sites. (2009-12-20 Stable)Media Images Audio Video +1 -1
Quizquiz implementation(Leitner-system) (2005-04-05 Cookbook has to be updated, last tested with PmWiki version: 2.0.beta28 )Uncategorized (any idea ?)
QuoteBlockAllow a small measure of nested 'wikistyles'. (0.1 -- Tue, 11 Apr 2006 19:05:16 PST Working (=)Layout? (Not sure)
Radio3PlayerEmbeds the CBC Radio 3 Media Player (1? Done?)Media Audio
RandomImageFromAListOfPicturesPosting a random image from a number of pictures ( )Images, Links
RandomPageInclude a random wiki page from a supplied list of pages. (1.0 Obsolete)Includes
RandomQuoteInsert random quotes or markup into a page (2007-02-15 Stable)Includes, PHP72 +3
RandomQuote-OldVersion( )
RandomQuoteWikiHow to display a random quote from a list stored in a PmWiki page ( )Administration
RandomTitleHow to make PmWiki have random titles in the browser title bar ( )Administration
RatingA Quick and easy way for visitors to rate an item or issue. ( Development)
Rating2Even Simpler Page Rating Counter (20100216 Beta)Voting, Page variables, PHP55, PHP72 +1
RatingSystemDisplay a widget from (2015-09-12 Alpha)Forms Voting Review Rating PHP55
RebuildRCRebuild (All)RecentChanges pages either after a format change, an import or to remove spam. (20191125 Experimental)Security Administration Layout Spam PHP72
ReCaptchaSlow down spammers with Google reCAPTCHA. (0.0.3 Active)Security Spam Captcha PHP55 PHP7
RecentChangesDeletionAllow authors to delete RecentChanges pages, there-by making it possible for authors to delete wiki groups. (2023-09-03 )Editing, Administration, PHP55, PHP72, PHP82 +2
RecentChangesExcerptHow to display a list of last n RecentChanges (1 )Layout, GUI +1
RecentUploadsRedirects to Cookbook.RecentUploadsLog ( )
Recent Uploads LogList all uploaded files in RecentUploads pages (2009-09-03 )Uploads, Administration, PHP55, PHP72 +4
RecipeCheckCheck for new versions of recipes on (20190903, pmwiki-2.3.34? Stable)Administration, System tools, Security, PHP74 +4
RecipeInfoHow to create a recipeinfo box like it is used in the cookbook (2007-02-26 stable)
RecipeInfoFormForm to change recipeinfo fields ( )
RecipeInfoMarkupExpressionretrieve and print any property stored in $RecipeInfo, especially the current version of a specific recipe (2010-12-19 )MarkupExpressions
RecipeMapMap of older recipe filenames to recipe pages ( Information)
RedirectIntermapAllows redirects to intermap and external locations & implements silent 301 redirects (20190915 beta)Links PHP72 PHP74
RedirectMapcreate short urls for redirects using mapping similar to intermap (2008-07-11 stable)Administration Links PHP55 PHP72
RegularExpressionsSome basic info about PHP regular expressions. ( )Markup, MarkupWriting, PmWiki Developer
ReindexForce re-creation of entire .pageindex (2015-06-18 experimental)Uncategorized +3
ReindexCategoriesUpdate link targets and page index for PmWiki 2.3.0 (20220122 beta)Administration +1
RelatedPages-Deutsch( )
RelativeLinksHow to create links using relative urls instead of absolute urls ( )Links
RelativeUrlsHow to refer to files using relative URLs (1 )Uncategorized
RelativeURLsAllows you to specify relative URLS inside a wiki link. ( 1.0.1 )Uncategorized
RememberEditPositionReturn the editing textarea to the previous position when previewing a page (2009-01-20 beta)Editing +3
ReminderBirthday, anniversary and other task reminders (20231109 Stable)Calendar, PIM, GTD, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP82 +1
RemoveQuestionMarkHow to remove question mark beside links for non-existent pages ( )Links +1
RemovingHTMLStylesHow to remove pmwiki styles from HTML head (2006-10-28 Stable)Skins CSS +1
RenamePageRename a wiki page from a browser (2014-02-27 (aka "2.0.21" inside of the code) stable)System tools, PHP55
RequestExtends conditional markup to test parameters in the URL, to allow pages to pass parameters via their URL links (2010-05-12 Beta)Markup PHP55 +1
RequireAuthorRequire author names when saving pages ( Documentation)Administration, Security, PHP72 +4
RequireCategoryRequire categories to be entered (2005-09-16 )Editing, Administration, PHP72
RequireSummaryRequire a summary to be entered (2006-07-19 )Administration, PHP72
ResponsiveGridA collection of CSS classes to help fast grid layouts (2016-08-08 new)RWD, Mobile, Skins
ResponsiveSlidesSimple js carroussel for pmwiki based on responsiveslides.js. (2016-07-05 )Images, Gallery, PHP55
RestorePmWikiRestore or move a PmWiki installation from an archive ( )Administration
RestrictActionsrequire admin privilege for most actions (if not defined otherwise). (1.5 stable)Security
RevealHow can I use reveal.js to make presentations using my PmWiki content ( )Media
ReverseHeadingsReverse !'s so that more !'s are larger headings (20170618 Stable)Markup, PHP55, PHP72 +1
RichEditWYSIWYG editor (0.1 Abandoned)Editing, Includes
RichEditBugs( )
Replace on save and Replace on editHow to use $ROSPatterns and $ROEPatterns? (N/A )Markup, PHP55
RotateMarkupInsert rotating images or markup (obsolete Obsolete -- use Cookbook.RandomQuote)
RotatePictureEasy rotation of attached pictures (20200116 Experimental)Uploads Images PHP72
RouterRouter allows a website's url structure to be different from PmWiki's group/page structure. (2007-12-19r12beta beta)CMS Links PageNaming
Rowspan in simple tablesMarkup to add a rowspan attribute on a simple table cell (2018-04-15 Stable)Tables Editing Layout PHP55 +3
RSS Web FeedsList of all recipes in the RSS category, RSS, webfeeds and tools ( )
RssFeedDisplayHow to add an RSS feed to a page (2016-01-14 )RSS
RSSFeedLinkHow to create auto-detect RSS feed links (2004-12-15 )RSS
RSSOutputRSS Output from a wikipagelist (0.9 2008-12-07 BETA)RSS
RunCGIRun a CGI script from a recipe illustration (2012-09-08 As is)PmWiki developer
RunningPmwikiOnMageiaLinuxRunning Pmwiki on Mageia Linux ( )Administration
Rye VotingVoting with several option and graph bars (0.7 (2007-07-14) stable) Voting Forms
S5rS5 Reloaded Slideshow system for PmWiki (1 beta)Functional
SageCellThis allows you to embed an interactive SageCell into your webpage. Sage is an open source alternative to MathLab, Mathematica, and Maple. (2017-12-31-2 Stable)Math
SagePayPaymentProvides SagePay (previously known as Protx) payment integration into PmWiki (1.0.2341 released 7 July 09. Beta / RC (works for me))Forms | Shopping Cart | Payment
SaveThePageSave an entire web page (the HTML) to a wiki page by using a bookmarklet to send the current page to your wiki for processing and editing. (2012-09-27 abandoned)Uncategorized
SchrootConverterConverter that uses Schroot to execute commands for the Content recipe (1.0 2008-04-10 First Release)MarkupWriting
ScraperAdd a markup for retrieving a portion of the content from an external webpage (screen-scraping). ( Project)Includes, RSS
ScribdEmbed PDF files in a wiki page using Scribd (2010-10-27 )PDF Media Flash Images +1
SDMLEmbed UML Sequence Diagrams in your wiki pages (1.0 beta)Markup
SeadragonSeadragon image zoomers (0.1 Beta)Images
SearchboxRecognitionDetermine which of a page's multiple searchboxes was used (1.0 works for me)Searching, PHP55 +1
SearchCloudCreates a list of search terms used on a PmWiki site. (20180319 beta)Searching
SearchExtensionsWays to make searches more useful ( )Searching
SearchingSearch related recipes ( )
SearchPatternsQ & A's on search patterns ( )Searching +1
SearchQueryVariableNew {$SearchQuery} variable and what you can do with it. (1.0 beta)Markup Searching
SearchResultsHow to change the way search results are displayed ( )Searching, PageList, Administration
SearchTermsHow to get the results of a search to highlight the search terms in a page ( )Searching
SearchTimeoutPreventionWhat to do if a site has become so large that searches time out ( )Searching
SecLayerProvide a ready-made security layer (while developing recipes) for controlling page access (2015-06-06 Beta)PmWiki developer Security PHP55 +1
SectionEditSplit a wiki page into separately editable sections with an edit link for each section (20230302 Stable)Editing, WikipediaSuite, PHP72, PHP80 +10 -1
SectionIncludeAdds a sectioninclude markup that works like include but you can click to edit the included page. (1.0 stable)Includes, Editing
SectionListA nice way to do formatted displays of anchored sections of data on a page. (2007-05-02 Under Development)Markup
SecureAttachmentsSecurity issues for attachments (n/a )Administration, Security, Uploads +2
Security (Authentication/Authorization)Security authentication and authorization methods and systems ( )
SeeAllRSSChangesAdd date to RSS feed ( )
SelectQueryRun a SQL SELECT query based on parameters submitted (4.0, December 13th, 2017 demo at Interdependent Web)CMS, SystemTools, PHP72 +2
SelectQueryTalk( )
SendMailEasily add PHPMailer to send SMTP email from your PHP code (2020.12.8 Active)Uncategorized
SEOA set of best practices to Search Engine Optimization ( )Administration, Links, Layout, CMS
SerialPageNamesMarkup expressions to create serial page names (2008-05-25 stable)Markup Forms Fox PHP55 PHP72
ServePageByJSONServe a page by JSON (presumably for AJAX) (2013-05-02 Working)Ajax
ServerInfoMarkup - Display $_SERVER Super-Global results from current Server (2022-06-10 Stable)PmWikiDeveloper, MarkupWriting, Markup, SystemTools, PHP
SessionGuardHamper session theft (session hijacking) and session fixation attacks. (2.2 Working)Security
SessionPageStoreTemporary/Ephemeral page storage for testing purposes (20160127 Experimental)Administration, SystemTools, CustomPageStore, PHP55, PHP72
SessionSecurityAdviceCollections of advice for securing your Wiki's sessions. ( )Security
ShareButtonsSocial media sharing buttons without tracking or JavaScript (20220820 Experimental)Links, Blog, SocialNetworking, PHP81 +3
SharedPagesShare selected pages among several wikis on a common server, as in WikiFarms (2005-12-05 Stable)WikiFarms, CustomPageStore +2
ShoppingCartProposalA proposal for how to develop a shopping-cart add-on for PmWiki. (0.0.0 pre-alpha) Payment
ShortCutsMarkupGives easy access to creating some types of custom markup. (1.0 Working)Markup, MarkupWriting, PageVariables, Navigation, Links +1
ShortURLsshorten URLs using, including a markup expression and a function for further coding (2009-07-22 )Links, SocialNetworking, Twitter
ShoutboxDisplay sidebar shoutbox (1.0 tested)Forms Fox
SideBarBottom( )
SideBarNameChangeHow to change the name of the SideBar ( )Menus, Layout, Administration
SideBarSpecialCustomize SideBar(s) per Group or per Page, and/or auto append special SideBar ex.(Site.SideBarAdmin) ( stable)Menus, Layout, Administration
SideNotesCreate "Side Notes" for jotting down notes ( )Editing, Administration
SimpleAjaxAllow a simple ajax interaction within forms, usually via WikiSh (2011-03-03 Backup of Development version)Forms Data Database
SimpleCartintegration of simple javascript shopping cart with PayPal or Google checkout (2012-04-11 stable)ShoppingCart Forms Payment PHP55
SimpleChemSimple markup for chemical formulas in PmWiki 2.x pages (20081108 Experimental)Markup
SimpleDiscussLinkAdd an action (or sidebar) link that leads to and from a -Talk page. (2007-07-25 Initial Release)Administration CMS Menus
SimpleForumSimple and styled forum (2019-06-02 Stable)CMS, PHP7 +1
SimpleForumGroupFooterUsed by Cookbook:SimpleForum ( )
SimpleGalleryA simple image gallery ( )Images
SimpleJsMathNotes on modifying the jsMath for a skin (not a complete recipe) ( )Markup Math
SimplemachinesIntegrationHow to use the authentification of the Simplemachines forum to control the access to a PmWiki installation (2006-1-21 )Integration, Security
SimplemachinesUserSystemIntegration( )
SimpleMAINlinkAdd a link to your Main Home Page (0.1 beta)Links/Page handling
SimplePageCounterA simple page counter of visits to each page (2009-02-05 )Administration PHP81
SimplePieDisplayAdd an RSS feed to a page using SimplePie (2008-07-28 Beta)RSS, Includes
SimplePlaylistSimple audio player with a playlist (2024-05-30 Experimental)Media Extensions PHP83 LightAndDarkThemes
SimpleRatinga simple rating system (2007-04-18 Stable)test
SimpleRecipeTemplateA Simple Recipe Template to provide a framework for PmWiki recipes (2022-06-11 Always beta)Markup PHP74 PmWiki Developer Markup Writing
SimpleSiteMapEasy site map using only core PmWiki features (1.0 Stable)Administration, Hierarchy, Menus, PageList, MarkupOnly +1
SimpleviewerSimpleviewer recipe (1.0 Beta)Media, Markup
SimplifiedAdvancedTableDirectivesSimplify Advanced Directive Syntax (2.5 working but still testing)Markup Tables
SimultaneousEditsEnable simultaneous edits for platforms without popen or diff3 (20170814 Experimental)Administration, Windows, PHP72
SingleSign-OnUse Windows-Logon for Authentication on pmwiki (1 Stable)Administration, Security
SisterlyLets wikis on a farm access each other as easily as accessing other pages within a wiki (2008-10-14 beta)WikiFarms, Administration, CustomPageStore
SiteDumpcreates a .tar.gz file of the complete site for download (2017-06-01 stable)Administration SystemTools, PHP55, PHP72
SiteInformationHow to quickly see the settings for a site without having to look at the contents of the local configuration file (2021-10-28 )Administration +2
SitemapperAdds a dynamically generated sitemap to PmWiki. (20160803 beta)Menus, WikiTrails, Administration, Hierarchy, PHP55
SiteMapsWithOptionsStandard Site Map for websites (September 27, 2006 Stable)Menus PageList
SkinListList skins installed on a site (20171115 Stable)Skins PHP72 PHP74
SkinsRedirects to Skins (default sidebar links to here) ( )
Skittlish-SiteHeader( )
SlideShowCreate slide presentations with skin support (1.2 Stable)Functional +1
SlideshowRefreshslideshowRefresh creates a "slideshow" by using the 'Refresh' meta tag, coupled with pagelist in order to automatically load one-page-after-another on a wiki, at an interval specified by the visitor. (2009-09-03 )Browsing Gallery
SlimTableOfContentsSimple or Numbered Table of Contents, Compatible with SectionEdit Recipe (2009-02-26 not working with php5.5)TOC +4 -1
SmallInstallMinimise the size of the PmWiki installed files (2.2.0 beta )Install
SmartColorboxGallerySmart Colorbox Gallery is an easy to use gallery that creates small and large images, and makes a colorbox slideshow. (1.0 RC)Images
SmartQuotesTurns straight quotes into smart quotes (2017-12-30 Maintained)Markup
SMFUserIntergrationIntegrates Simple Machines Users into PmWiki (0.3 (June 18, 2007) Testing)Authentication, Administration
SMTPMailSend automated e-mails via your SMTP server (20231002 Experimental)SystemTools PHP72
Snotes (Styles for general purpose notes/boxes)Snotes (Styles for general purpose notes/boxes) (2.3.3-20230215 Stable / Active)CSS Notes PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
SocialBookmarkIconsCreate dynamically a list of clickable icons for social bookmarking sites. (2007-03-08 Stable)Includes Images
SocialBookmarkingAdds Badges for Sending a Page to Social Bookmarking Services (0.3.1 )Uncategorized
SortableTablesCreate tables which can be sorted instantly by javascript (2017-06-17 stable)Markup Tables PHP55 PHP72 +5
SortByScoreSorts (:pagelist:) search results by number of matching words found in page + displays fragments of page near the word. (20171110 beta)Searching PHP72 +1
SourceBlockSource code syntax highlighter for PmWiki 2.x using GeSHi (2019-07-16 Stable)Layout PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +9
SourceCodeHorizontalLinesAllow horizontal lines made of dashes ("-------") in PMWiki page source code (2.0 Working)Markup Tables
SourceForgeServersInstall PmWiki in's project web space. (1 Outdated)Administration, Security, CustomPageStore
SourceHistoryWeb php programming abilities from computers without any editor installed (0.1 2008-12-07 beta)SystemTools MarkupWriting
SpamFiltersAutomatic blocking of some spambots (20170619 beta)Administration, Security, Spam, PHP55, PHP72 +2
SparklinesEasily embed sparklines inside wiki pages (2007-08-09 works)Images
SpeedOptimizationsHow to tune PmWiki and its environment for speed (N/A )Administration, PHP55, PHP72
SpellCheckerHow to enable spell-cheking on a wiki ( )Editing, GUI
SphinxHow can I search my PmWiki content via the Sphinx engine? (0.1 )Searching
SQLite PageStore classStore wiki pages in an SQLite database file (20190903 Experimental)Administration, Data, SystemTools, CustomPageStore, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74
StandaloneAllows PmWiki to run in a "standalone" mode, without needing a webserver such as Apache (2019-09-10 )SystemTools +1 -1
StarRater5 star rating system (2017-06-17 stable)Voting Images Forms PHP55 PHP72 +3
StaticPagesAllows pmwiki pages to be published as static pages (2.0.1 )
StopwatchUse the $StopWatch function to measure PmWiki performance. (2007-04-17 Stable)Administration, PHP72
StoredAuthNameHow to set a stored author name to an authenticated user (2011-08-05 Stable)Administration, Security, PHP55
StringReplacelink or form markup for replacing text strings in pages (2007-03-12 beta)Editing
StylesPractical examples of CSS Style use (with some explanation) ( currently just a placeholder...)Styles Layout CSS
SubEthaEditPmWikiMode( )
SubgroupMarkupAdd one level of subpage using [[,subpage]] markup (2019-04-26 Stable (was SubpageMarkup))Markup, Links, Hierarchy, Page Naming, PHP72 +1
SubpageMarkupRedirects to SubgroupMarkup ( )
SuffrAllows Wiki users to administer the underlying computer system democratically (February 2011 design (working proof of concept))System tools
SuperscriptLineSpacingHow to fix line spacing of superscripts and subscripts ( )Layout, Administration, PHP72
SurveyYourAccessPermissionsGenerates a list of wikipages with special access permissions. (1.0 stable)Administration
SvgEmbedding Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) into PmWiki pages (20161021 )Media, Images, PHP55 +1
SwitchToAndFromDraftProvide a sidebar or PageActions link to switch to/from -Draft pages (Initial Quo)CMS Editing
SwitchToSSLModeHow to force PmWiki to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) (2007-06-12 Beta)Administration Security
SyntaxloveSyntax highlighting with good look and cool JavaScript-effects (20170226 (0.3.1) )Layout, PHP72 +2
SysDiffUse an external "diff" program to speed saving of long pages. (2007-03-21 Stable)Administration, PHP72 +1
SystemLimitsWays to increase various memory and filesize limits for a PmWiki installation (N/A )SystemTools, Administration, Uploads +1
SystemToolsSystem tools ( )
TableEditInteractive table editor (0.2 (17 December 2006) first version)Editing, GUI, Tables
TableOfContentsPortionInserts a portion of external table of contents into the page (2006-12-05 Alpha)Markup, Menus
TablesList of recipes in Tables category ( )
TablesPlusA simpler yet more flexible markup for tables. (1.0 First & only release April, 2007)Markup Tables
Tabtable-jtSupport embedded line feeds, trim spaces and add prior patch (make first row a header) (1.04 tested 2007/08/15)Tables
Tabtable-raftabtable with RAF patch of 2007/01/23 applied (1 tested)Tables
TabulateHandles tab-delimited tables so you can cut and paste to and from spreadsheet applications (2008-09-08 beta)Editing Tables
TaggerEasy tagging into multiple category groups. (2017-06-21 stable)Links, Markup, CMS, PHP55, PHP72 +1
TagPagesAllow categorizing/tagging of pages with an easy interface. (2014-01-29 working)Blog +1
TagsHow to have tags (like Flickr) ( )Searching, Administration, CMS, Blog, Links, PHP72 +2
TalkPagesTalk pages, as enabled on ( Stable)Layout Links Menus, WikipediaSuite, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74
TbsDynamicContentinsert dynamic contents in your pmWiki page using TinyButStrong template engine. (2.02 in active use)Content Management System Add-Ons
TellAFriendGives Form to Send Page to Friend (2.1.3 (3.0.0 under development) Beta)
Template( )Uncategorized
TemplateMarkupTricksVarious ways of using templates to facilitate the creation of new pages (using standard PmWiki markup) (2014-02-20 )MarkupOnly, Administration, Editing, PHP72
TemplatesExtend the (:include:) markup to allow passing parameters to included pages. (20191107 beta)WikipediaSuite Includes Layout PHP55 PHP72 +1
Text2TblProvide a way to convert arbitrarily structured text to table markup and provide conversion of simple tables to advanced. (2013-09-23 alpha)Editing Tables +2
TextallionTextallion markup for PmWiki (24 dec 2011 Active)Markup
TextCaptchaSmall and simple text captcha that uses ascii art and no session, cookies and images (2009-01-29 beta)Captcha, Security, Spam . +1
TextExtractsearch, grep, and extract text from other pages or groups with search terms and regular expressions, using search form or markup expression. (2024-05-14a stable)Markup Searching Includes SystemTools Markup Expressions PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +5
ThickBoxintegrate the AJAX image effect known as thickbox into a PmWiki page ( )Ajax, Images, Uploads, Gallery
ThumbList┬▓A thumbnail picture gallery for PmWiki (20240430 )Images, Uploads, Gallery, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP80, PHP82, PHP83, PmSyntax +14
ThumbnailLinkToImageProduce a thumbnail link to a full-sized uploaded image that, in turn, links back to the page. (20060315 Pending code review by Pm)Images
TimeZonesDisplay all dates and times in user selectable timezone and format (2007-10-28d alpha)Page variables, Editing, Administration -1
TinyWebGalleryIntegration in PmWiki of the refined gallery TinyWebGallery (26 Feb. 2006 - updated this page (config) 18 Apr. 2006 Stable)Images
TitleBlock-standard( )
TitleCasedSite customizeable title case of titles. (1.1, September 17, 2017 stable) +2
TitleMarkupsetting a page title with the first title markup, subsequent titles (from included pages etc.) are ignored (2008-01-27 )Administration Markup
TitleSpacedHow to have spaces in a page title (n/a )Administration, PageNaming +1
ToDoA nice looking ToDo list ( [unknown])PIM ToDo
ToDo-03( )
ToggleAdds links or buttons for toggling (hiding/showing) elements on a page (2022-06-17 stable)Layout Links PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 +13
ToggleEditeasier addition of toggle-markup. (2014-07-01 beta)Editing Markup
ToggleHideAdd links to toggle display of html block elements (2008-5-29 Stable)Layout
ToggleLinkredirect to Cookbook:ShowHide for SiteAnalyzer click through link ( )Uncategorized
ToggleNextUnobtrusive WikiStyle-based toggle-next element (pmwiki-2.3.34 Beta)Layout +1
Toggleradd text/code folding, from image or text (show or hide page content) (2022-06-29 active)Layout Links
ToolboxTools for recipe developers (2009-04-20 Alpha)PmWiki developer PHP55 +2
TopNav( )
TotalCounterA statistic counter - counts page views, users, languages, browsers, operating systems, referers, locations and web bots (2022-01-22 - v1.12 )CMS, Administration, SystemTools, PHP74 +7 -4
TraceTrailTrail history of the last (default=5) visited wiki pages (20060516 Stable)Links, WikiTrails
TrackChangesWays to more easily detect and verify all recent edits (N/A )Administration, Editing, Security, PHP55, PHP72 +4
TrackingMenuA sidebar menu tracking the current page ( )Layout, Administration
TrailMenuBuild an expanding menu from a trail ( Stable)Menus, WikiTrails
TrailPageDescriptionCreate and maintain additional infos for Trailpages within the Trailindexpage (1 experimental)WikiTrails
TransferringPasswordsSecurely-DraftProvide basic protection against password sniffing and sessions theft where SSL is an infeasible or inappropriate solution ( )Uncategorized
TranslatelinkInsert Google translation links (0.01 Beta)Functional extensions
Trash"safely delete" pages so that they can be restored and listed with pagelists ( )Administration, WikiFarms
TreeMenuProvides additional markup for creating a tree-like menu (2005-03-09 )Layout, Administration
TrueLatexEnables interpretation and rendering of real LaTeX markups in PmWiki. Support for XeLaTex included in v1.8. (20211011 Working perfectly. Very simple to use, customizable and comes with lots of options.)Editing Markup Changes Markup Math PHP72 PHP80
TwitterDisplay twitter-messages and twitpics from any member in your page. (20110420 )Images, RSS, Twitter, SocialNetworking +1
TwitterBootstrapReady-to-install pmwiki package with Twitter Bootstrap skin ( )CSS Skins +2
TwitterPosteasily post updates to your Twitter account via PHP functions (2009-08-03 not currently working, as of Summer 2010 - twitter has switched to OAuth - recipe to hopefully be updated soon)SocialNetworking, Twitter, RSS
TwoWayMirroringWithRsyncHow to keep identical copies of a wiki on two systems, one hosted and the other local ( )SystemTools
Txt2tagsTxt2tags markup for PmWiki (05 feb 2016 Active)Markup +1
Txtdb (Csv based database)Txtdb (A simple csv based database) (2.2.1-alpha-2-20230215 Active/Alpha)Database Data PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
UBBThreadsIntegrationHow to use the user authentification of the UBBThreads forums to control access to a PmWiki installation (2006.01.30 )Integration, CMS, Security
UBBThreadsUserSystemIntegration( )
UnaccentUTF8Diacritics-insensitive page index and searches (20230203 Beta)PageLists, Searching, International, PHP82 +1
Underline Text (HTML5 <u> tag)Use HTML5 <u> tag to underline text. (2016-09-02 Beta)Markup, PHP55, PHP72
UniversalEditButtonProvide support for the Universal Edit Button in PmWiki (2008-06-23 Beta)Editing
UnToggleAn unobtrusive show/hide toggle switch. (20090311 Beta)Layout Links +3
UpdateAttachmentsAdd "update Attachment" link to Attach: links ( )Uploads
UpdateFormEasily create forms to display, add, and update records in a MySQL table. (1.3 updated 8/20/2017. Live demo at, SystemTools, Forms, PHP72 +1
UpFormAllow use of a Site.UploadForm page to format the upload form (2010-06-20 alpha)Uploads +1
UpgradeBashScriptA script that tries to automate the process of upgrading the wiki. (1.1 Maintained)Administration, SystemTools
UploadFormAlternative file upload form using (:input file:) (2009-08-26 stable)Uploads PHP55 +1
UploadGroupsAllow uploads to be associated with individual pages or the entire site (n/a stable)Uploads +2
UploadPicCompressionCompress uploaded image files (7 March 2005 )Images, Administration
UploadPlusOrganise file uploads in Group and/or Group/Page subdirectories (2009-08-29 beta)Uploads
Attachments/UploadsUploading and linking to attachments ( )
UploadsMarkupProviding an "Uploads:" markup similar to "Attach:", but with a storage-oriented way of referencing (1.1-beta2 (2007-12-19) Freshly released, awaiting comments)Uploads
UploadTypesAdd extensions to or remove them from the list of allowed upload types (n/a Documentation)Uploads +2
UseAlternativeConfigurationsGet the base URL from the server ( )Administration
UserAdminAuthUser account self-registration and management (2016-08-23 beta)Administration, Security, PHP55
UserAdmin-authuserhelper for recipe UserAdmin (2015-05-16 )
UserAdmin-dbasehelper for recipe UserAdmin (2015-09-20 )
UserAdmin-profileshelper for recipe UserAdmin (2015-05-16 )
UserAdminTemplatesCustom templates for use with Cookbook.UserAdmin. ( )
UserAuth2A user-based permission granting and authentication module (2.2.3 (2010-03-03) released, stable, maintained (tested with Pmwiki 2.1.11, 2.2.0-beta45))Administration, Security +3 -1
UserAuthDevelUser-based authorization Development Page ( )Administration, Security
UserConfigurationsHow can users customise an edit form for their personal use, and customise other settings like access keys? ( )Editing
UserLastActionRecord the last action for each user so that stale accounts can be detected (2007-03-25 stable)Administration Security
UTF-8A collection of UTF-8 related tips and fixes ( )CMS, International, Layout
UTF8ConvA recipe to help with the convertion of different encodings to UTF-8 (2008-12-29 alpha, abandoned)UTF-8, i18n?, International, Layout
VersionChecker( )
VersionedAssetsAdds versions (modification timestamps) to attachment URLs, so that browser caches invalidate properly when attachments are updated. (2021-12-12 Maintained)Uploads PHP72
VerySimpleToDoA very simple ToDo list ( )PIM
Video5HTML5 Video Support for PmWiki (2022-10-30 Stable)Video, Media, Markup, HTML5, PHP74, PHP80, PHP82 +1
VideoAttachHandles Attach: videos, provides a video directive and optional support for popular Video Upload sites. (2017-07-25 Beta)Video Markup HTML5 PHP55 Media
VietMapConvert and view lists as simple mind maps. (2007-05-25 (v1.0) Experimental)Mind Mapping
ViewDiffCompare arbitrary revisions and view a particular version. (2011-05-13 Beta)Layout, Editing, Includes, SystemTools +1
ViewModesshow selected content according to user choice (using a cookie) (2006-10-28 Stable)Layout Skins CMS
ViewPDFEmbed PDF files in a wiki page (2010-01-22 Experimental)PDF Media Images
ViewPdf( )
VisioEmbed Visio (*.vsd) drawings into wiki pages ( )Media
VisitorsLoggingHow to have a clean log of visitor activity for each field of a farm ( )Administration, WikiFarms
VisitorsLogging1337Log all activity on your wiki to a text file in a configurable way. (1.3.37 stable (works for me))Administration
VoteCounterCount & summarize votes (2010-01-31 Experimental)Voting PageVariables PHP72 +2
VotingAdd a form to record "votes" on a page ( )Voting Markup Forms
VRView360Display a 360 photo using Google VR View (0.1 Working)Media
WatchListsTrack the most recent changes to a list of pages (n/a Stable)Cookbook, Links, Menus, PageList, MarkupOnly, PHP55, PHP72 +2
WatchThatPageTips for how to use with the Recent Changes page. ( Documentation)Administration
WbBackupBackup dynamic wiki data (wiki.d, cookbook, ...) (2008-01-22 Stable)Administration
WbFAQCreate a "traditional" FAQ (2009-11-02 Beta)Layout, CMS
WebAdminPHP file manager, works without ftp client (1.1, 9 November 2006 ) +1
WebServerSecurityHow to use ".htaccess" to make PmWiki more secure ( )Security, Administration
WebsiteIconAdd browser website icon (favicon) from config.php (1.1 Working)Layout
WhosWhereShow Who's Where on your wiki (2009-03-08 Experimental)Data Security Administration
Wikibox( )
WikiBoxAllow posting to and reading from PmWiki via email (2008-08-17 Alpha)System Tools Markup Administration +4
WikiCalendarAdd support for a simple calendar. Each date becomes a wiki page. (1.1.3 (2014-12-24, compatible with php 5.5) Stable)Calendar, Blog, PIM, International PHP55 +2
WikiConversionRecipes for converting other wikis from and to PmWiki ( )
WikiCVSStorageUse CVS to backup/archive your wiki. (1.0 )WikiFarms, PIM, SystemTools
WikiFarmAlternativeAn efficient way to manage a wiki farm or web server. (2.1 )WikiFarms Ben Wilson Maintained
WikiFarmStepByStepStep by step instructions on how to set up PmWiki as a WikiFarm on a UNIX platform using a symlink approach ( )Administration, WikiFarms
Wiki FooterWebsite page footer (1.0 Mature)Page template Core Candidate Layout +1
WikiFormsUse a form template to create, edit and list wiki pages (1.1.1 (2014-02-13, compatible with php 5.5) Stable)Forms, PHP55 +2
WikiFormSampleDefines the layout of a simple issues form to use with the WikiForms recipe ( )Forms
WikiFormsBugsBug reports for the WikiForms recipe ( )Forms
WikiFormsFAQFAQ regarding the WikiForms recipe ( )Forms
WikiFormsFeatureRequestsFeature requests for the WikiForms recipe ( )Forms
WikiForms RecipesVarious recipes for the WikiForms recipe ( )Forms
WikiGalleryWikiGallery - automatic easy to use fully integrated gallery extension for PmWiki ($Rev: 67 $ )Images, CustomPageStore
WikiHostCode for your Config.php file to simplify updates/templating/migration regardless of http or https (2020-10-14 )Markup, System tools, Administration
WikiMailProvide support for email for other recipes (2009-11-14 Beta)PmWiki developer +1
WikiMarkupConversionHow to convert other wiki markups for PmWiki ( )WikiConversion
WikimediaSearchGet a functional search form like on wikipedia pages (2007-09-21 new)Searching WikipediaSuite
WikiObjectsEnable Object Oriented Extensions for PmWiki (February 13, 2009 Experimental)Cookbook
Wiki On A StickHow to place a standalone wiki on a USB stick (2007-05-02 new)SystemTools Install +1
WikiOnPDAInformation on creating a read-only version of a wiki for handheld devices. (2007-04-10 Active)Handheld, PDA
WikipathA page text lookup grammar which attempts to understand wiki page structure (1.1 alpha)
WikipublisherJournalA journal separating content from presentation, aimed at delivering great web and printed results (1.0.0 (2008-11-26) Stable)PDF Blog
WikiRefactoringSteps and methods to refactor and re-organize a wiki ( )wiki, Refactoring, Administration, Editing
WikiRootAdd Markup to insert the root path to your Wiki allowing, for example, something like a relative address for images or files in your Wiki. (2020-10-14 )Markup, System tools, Administration
Wikish( )
WikiShWiki-based script language roughly emulating linux shell tools (2015-06-06 (abandoneware) Beta)Markup Searching Includes SystemTools Administration Files Security Markup Expressions Forms +3
WikiShCLProvide Command Line capabilities to WikiSh (2008-07-13 see WikiSh)see WikiSh
WikiSh Installation & Configuration( )
WikiShCryptProvide encryption/decryption for WikiSh commands and in other contexts (2015-06-06 Alpha)MarkupExpressions Security PHP55
WikiShDbAn extension to WikiSh to allow database (PDO) usage (2011-02-13 Experimental)Database
WikiSh Examples and ApplicationsExamples and Applications of the use of WikiSh ( )
WikiSh TutorialA tutorial starting at a very basic level and exposing the user to all simple and most intermediate capabilities of WikiSh ( )
WikiSmileysAdd graphical smileys to the markup ( )Images, Markup, Editing
WikiStylesPlusLots of useful Wikistyles (rollovers, code blocks, notes, warnings, outlines) (2007-05-23 )Markup PHP72 +8 -1
WikiSVNHandle TortoiseSVN (Subversion) via pmWiki (1.0 Complete (Utility works for users for Windows only. pmWiki can be installed on any supported OS))Links
WikiToBookHow to create and compile a printable book from your wiki documentation? ( )PDF
WikiTrailsWays to use and create Wiki trails along with extensions to enhance them ( )
WikiwygIntegrate Wikiwyg into PmWiki for WYSIWYG editing (20070211 pre-alpha)Editing, Wikiwyg, Wysiwyg
WMPlayerEmbedding a Windows Media Player (2006-04-13 (v.0.2) stable)Media Images Audio Video
Word2PmWikiWord macro to convert a Word document to PmWiki syntax (0.9, 20 December 2006 Beta)Administration Windows OfficeIntegration
WordPasteAbility to Paste Microsoft Word contents into PmWiki and retain bullet list, heading and other possible formatting. (This recipe does not exist yet Planning)
WordpressAllows showing the last 5 posts from a wordpress installation. (1.0 Beta)Uncategorized
WordPressAudioPlayerEmbed the WordPress Audio Player (Standalone version), by Martin Laine, to play MP3s. (2012-09-05 (uses WordPress Audio Player version 2) Beta)Media, Audio
WordpressImportImport entries form a Wordpress Blog into PmWiki. ( Experimental)Content Management
WordWrapPreformattedTextPrevent long lines of text stretching beyond the window edge ( )Administration
Worse (is better)Simple WYSIWYG editing for PmWiki (20231213 experimental)WYSIWYG, Editing, Markup, Uploads, HTML5, Ajax, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP82 +1
WPCategoriesMimic Wikipedia's categories behaviour -- group category-referencing links in a neat box by the bottom of a page + automatically create category-listing pages. (2007-10-07 - v1.6 Stable (tested in pmwiki-2.2.0-beta63 - 2.0beta55))Markup, Links, WikipediaSuite -1
WYSIWYG-donations( )
WYSIWYGFundDrivePledge card for PmWiki WYSIWYG development ( )
XajaxSearchProvide a better way to show search results. (2005 development)Searching, Ajax
XESBlogProvide blog application functionality for one point installation. (2023-12-08 stable)Blog, CustomPageStore
XESBlog-UseHow to blog using XesBlog recipe (0.1 beta)Blog
XHTMLStrictA collection of XHTML Strict tips, fixes, snippets ( awaiting contributions)Uncategorized
Xml4pmwikixml4pmwiki allows you to transform xml data using a xsl stylesheet in a pmwiki page (20070615 testing)Includes
XmlExportSimple xml export recipe for pmwiki (20110329Δ mantained)Xml, Export
XMLPageStoreStore pages as XML files (2021-10-28 Beta)Administration, CustomPageStore
XMLRPCHow to communicate with PmWiki via the XML-RPC protocol (0.2 )Editing, Interface
XToDo( )
YAG"Yet Another Gallery tool" for PmWiki - An easy-to-use tool that creates and caches thumbnails of images, and displays them in gallery. Suited for creating a thumbnail gallery distributed over multiple pages for large number of images. Images can be within the PmWiki (page attachments) or can be in WWW. Range of images can be declared in single line using wildcard-like features. (2.0 Working perfectly well (as of some July 2012 (?).) )Images Gallery
YumlMeEasily edit and display UML diagrams in PmWiki pages (0.3 Beta)Images
Zap( )
ZAP Form ProcessorThe ZAP forms processor handles data and file management, page insertions (forums, blogs), email & newsletters, e-commerce, and more. ( Stable (relies on latest Beta version of PmWiki))Forms | Markup | CMS | File Management | Editing | Page Variables | Email | Shopping Cart
ZAP-Markups( )
ZAPBusinessDirectoryAdventures in building a business directory ( )
ZAPChatStep by step procedure for creating a chat using ZAP. ( )
ZAPData( )
ZAPdata( )
ZCodeExtract and highlight source code files from 7z, TAR, ZIP, or RAR archives (20170812a Experimental)Programming, Layout, Markup, Includes, PmWikiDeveloper +1
ZeroMasterGroupShorter URLs by introducing an omittable master group (1.1 )Page Naming Schemes
ZipExportExport the content of PmWiki-formatted page files in a zip archive (20200319a Beta)Export, SystemTools, Administration, PHP74
2016 skinResponsive skin very close to the default skin (20160823 Superseded by PmWiki-responsive)Skins, RWD, Mobile, HTML5, PHP55, PHP72 +1
ABitModernPmWiki port of the template of the same name ( ) +4
AcademianA tan skin with a gradient red header and brown highlights (0.6 (2013-11-08) ) +2
Adapt SkinA mobile-friendly skin that adapts to suit the display size. (2017-09-26 Beta)Skins, RWD, CMS, Mobile, PHP55, PHP72 +6
AlalikeLoosely based on the A List Apart site ( )
Amberresponsive mobile-friendly skin for all devices (2024-04-24 stable)Skins, RWD, Mobile, HTML5, PHP55, PHP72, PHP81 +10
BarthelmeA minimalist skin where white space and margins can show culture and aestheticism, ported from the Barthelme Wordpress theme ( ) +1
Blue FreedomA White skin with a blue header ( )
BlixBlix is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (2.1.5 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, BlogIt, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74 +21
Blog SkinA blog-oriented skin that emphasizes content, with an easy-to-read default font size and no graphical frills ( )
BlueBerryxhtml 1.1 and css 2.0 conform blue skin (1.3 Stable)Skins, PHP72
BlueFurBlue Fur skin has kind of a 60's feel, rounded and reminiscent of bad shag carpet ( )
BlueheadElegant looking white skin with a dark blue header and grey background ( )
BluesThis skin has the blues ( )
BoiraBoira skin (20111202 Alpha)Skins, PHP72 +5
BonnyBonny is a fully CSS-driven skin, 2 or 3-column layout, with variations in layout and appearance, and optional CMS mode. (0.07 beta)Skins PHP72
BS-001 PmWiki skinThis is a dark theme intended to be a 'gaming' theme. It was converted from a php-nuke theme ( )
Bs-002Bs-002 Skin - This is a theme is ported from a php-nuke theme for use with pmwiki. (v1 Added on 7 November 2015)Skins, PHP72
ChoiceChoice is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (1.1.3 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, BlogIt, PHP55, PHP82 +6
CinnamonClean skin with red, brown and gray highlights ( )
ClassicResponsive skin designed for classic-sf and folk song websites. (2020-01-20 stable)Skins, RWD, Mobile, HTML5, PHP55, PHP72
CleanSimpleThis is a Clean & Simple skin, previously named Choice. I have improved it. (1.0 New)Skins
ColorimetryColorimetry is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (1.2.3 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, BlogIt, PHP55 +5
Default Skin Without TableThis skin replaces the HTML table of the default skin with divs. (2014-06-09 Proposed)Skins CSS +1
DropDownTabbed skin with drop down menu bar ( )
DropShadowDropShadow provides a simple two column interface, and includes top navigation tabs. (2.2.4 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, PHP55 +17
EnlightenEnlighten is a two-column theme, several color options, fluid/fixed width, a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer. (1.1.3 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, BlogIt, PHP55, PHP82 +13
EquilibriumEquilibrium is a blog-oriented skin, with a focus on simplicity. Along with the typical sidebar and top navigation tabs, this skin presents blog summaries in column oriented, rather than the traditional vertical layout. (1.2.3 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, Blog, BlogIt, PHP55 +9
Evolvera skin that demonstrates how to seamlessly integrate both UserAuth and CMSLike, based upon the OSWD Evolver design ( )
FixFlowHighly configurable skin with many color-schemes, plus optional RightBar, plus fixed or flowing SideBar, on left or right (2023-02-24 Stable)Skins PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +9
FixFlow-RightBarskin subpage ( )
FixFlowTips( )
FlckrTabless skin, inspired by the layout and colors of the site ( Stable)Skins, PHP72
FlexiExtremly flexible skin; created to make final design via CSS; All contents through separate wiki documents ((14-Oct-2015) Active)Skins +4
GeminiHighly configurable skin with many color-schemes, plus optional RightBar (2023-02-24 Stable)Skins PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +3
Gemini-RightBarskin subpage ( )
Gemini & FixFlow TipsA collection of admin tips for the Gemini and FixFlow skins ( )
GlossyHueGlossyHue provides a simple two column interface, and includes top navigation tabs, and a three-section footer. (2.2.3 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, PHP55. BlogIt +10
GraynessAa blue and gray skin that is easy on the eyes in most lighting conditions ( )
GreaseMinimalistic skin inspired by the Dive Into Greasemonkey online book. (20070125 Stable)Skins +1
GreenTableless skin in green. (2007-07-13 stable)Skins +2
IPMWikiMobile skin for IPhone viewing and editing of PMWiki (2010-06-29 stable)Skins Mobile +3
JHTabs skin based on a PmWiki customisation by James Home ( )
JHMPMore tabs skin based on a PmWiki customisation by James Home with Mac-like images ( )
KaylenKaylen is a dark and modified version of the default PmWiki skin. ( )
LeanA clean, minimalist skin that was created with usability in mind ( )
LeavesA skin using light tones of orange, gray and white ( )
LensSuper customisable skin with most skin furniture, such as the footer and action list, stored in wikipages ( ) +1
LightA more configurable CMS-friendly derivative of Lean Skin with many changes ( )
LinesSkin for a website where PmWiki is used as a CMS-System for easy website maintenance, not be easily seen that it's based on a Wiki ( )
Lt9602Finnish design, idealistic, "Clean", compact and simple skin inspired by Lean and ( )
MaguilaTableless skin for PmWiki based on design by Haran from OSWD. (2007-11-06 mantained)Skins +3
MarathonA lean and clean ski with a TopNav bar ( )
MarbleA dark marble background with a semi-transparent appearance for the wiki content ( )
MarineeMarinee is based on Green Marinee by Ian Main. (2.2.1 (25-Feb-2016) Active)Skins, PHP55 +17
MinimousMinimous is a two-column theme, with a top navigation tab bar, and traditional footer; width of content and sidebar are adjustable; 8 different color variations. (1.0.5 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, BlogIt, PHP55 +2
MobilePlain vanilla PmWiki responsive template that is compatible with mobile devices. (18-Nov-2011 Active)Skins Mobile RWD PHP72 +2
MonobookMakes PmWiki look like MediaWiki/Wikipedia (2009-02-23 Stable)Skins, WikipediaSuite, PHP72 +1
Mousean HTML5 skin using wiki pages to define page elements (2012-09-15 abandoned)Skins, PHP72
MouseSkin( )
Neattableless skin with blue and gray colors, inspired by sinorca and roundflow skins. (2006-09-13 mantained)Skins, PHP72
NetstreamsA skin entirely based on editable skin sections with a desktop-application like menu and php generated css files wich allows one to use a simple colorscheme. (009bX Experimental)Skins
NeutralA 2007 proposition to be the default distribution skin for 2.2 ( )
NewsPaperWordPress skin adapated for PmWiki. (2006-10-02 mantained)Skins, PHP72
NightA dark skin with green highlights ( )
Not2Simplefork of already excellent NotSoSimple skin which adds a new CSS based multi level popup menu ( )
Notebook-NTSimple div (no table) version of default PmWiki skin. (2.4.1-20230217 stable)Skins PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
NotSoSimpleThe 'simple' skin with the added width to 900px, and Site.SideBar on the left side ( )
PapyrusA simple skin, inspired by Parchment. Responsive / mobile-friendly. (2022-03-04 maintained)Skins Mobile RWD HTML5 PHP72
ParchmentA tan skin with brown hilights and mimics aged papyrus for its background ( )
PhotoGalleryPhotoGallery is focused around the presentation of pictures, images, and photographs. It provides a basic tab navigation, and markup to ease the creation of albums. Designed to be used in conjunction with pmGallery and Galleria. (0.4.1 (25-Feb-2016) Active)Skins, PHP55 +2
PhpNetThe look, shamelessly modified version of Lean skin ( )
PlainA skin that emphasizes content, with an easy-to-read default font size and no graphical frills ( )
PlainBlog SkinA blog-oriented skin that emphasizes content, with an easy-to-read default font size and no graphical frills ( )
PmWiki-Divspure css based skin in the style of the pmwiki default skin (2006-09-03 stable)Skins, PHP72
Pmwiki-dt (A simple tableless skin for PmWiki)Simple div(no table) version of default PmWiki skin. (2.4.1-20230217 stable)Skins PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
PmWiki-responsive skinResponsive skin shipped with PmWiki (pmwiki-2.3.34 Production)Skins, RWD, Mobile, HTML5, PHP55, PHP72 +6
PmWiki2BarsThis skin is a simple extension of PmWiki's default skin to add another side bar on the right side. (0.2 stable)Skins, PHP72
PmWikiV1The skin used in PmWiki version 1 and the PmWiki version 2 beta series ( )
PreviewSkinsScreenshots that link to (some) skins. ( )Uncategorized
RecurveA tab driven skin for PmWiki (20150717 Stable)Skins PHP55
RedBerryxhtml 1.1 and css 2.0 conform blue skin (1.0 Stable)Skins, PHP72
RoseTrellis SkinA CMS-style skin. Action links are hidden. (2006-11-01 Working, but not fully-featured)Skins, PHP72
RoundedA blue and white skin which is great for blogs ( )
RoyaleA light skin with a gradient purple header and gold highlights (0.5 (2013-11-14) )
SchlaeferTwoOriginally developed for ( )
Simplaa clean, minimalist skin ported from Wordpress ( )
SimpleSidebar accessible available through popup menu to save valuable space, minimal menu ( ) +2
SimpleTabFor a website with menu tabs for groups without making it look like a conventional wiki ( ) +2
SimplyImpactSimplyImpact provides a two column layout based on the blueprint-css-framework, which has to top navigation list and a tab for socialmedia buttons. (2010-02-21 beta)Skins, PHP72
SinorcaTableless skin, based on sinorca skin by Haran. (2006-11-24 Beta)Skins, PHP72 +2
SkidooSkidoo provides a simple, low distraction interface with rapid (no page refreshes) access to a whole bunch of stuff. I use it for the various wiki's I use for note taking on a daily basis. (1.0.6 (12-Jun-2010) Active)Skins +7
SkinAlternativeSkin your pages within your wiki itself, rather than using downloadable skins ( )
SkinChangechange skin via query or cookie setting (pmwiki-2.3.34 Stable)Skins Layout PHP72
SkinChangesExample of skin changes for Triad skin ( )Skins
SkinConfigDefine interactively (via a wiki page) the main parameters of a skin (0.7 - 13 October 2007 )Skins, Layout, GUI
Skin GuidelinesA set of tips for skin design and packaging skins for distribution (2007-07-21 Stable)Skins, CSS, Layout, CustomPageStore, PHP72
SkinsDifferent look and feel for PmWiki sites ( )Skins Design CSS Summary
SkinsGalleryView scaled screenshots of the available skins for PmWiki ( )
SkinsHeaderCommon header for all skins, with trail, set, and unset ( )
SkinTest( )
Skin Test PageTest any skin on this page ( )
SkinTestsUse this page to set the PmWiki skin to one from a skin recipe ( )Skins
SkittlishSkittlish allows site visitors to choose between fixed and fluid width, and between seven candy-inspired colours for the sidebar. (1.2.2 (31-Mar-2016) Active.)Skins, Blog, BlogIt, PHP55 +14
SomaA colorful, simple and functional skin, using tables and css ( )
SomethingCorporatecrossbrowser CSS layout from oswd ( )
SsofbJoomlaRhukA CSS based skin with a choice of six colors, based on a Joomla template. (1.2.1304 maintained )Skins, PHP72
SteamportThree-Column or Two-Column, Responsive Skin, with Group specific, and (SQL) Table features. (2019.09.22 Maintained)Skins, PHP72, Mobile
Steamport-GroupBarRight sidebar page used by Steamport ( )
Steamport-SplashBar( )
StrippedA skin intended for hunting bugs in HTML generation ( )
Technobabbletester on graphic web design template (1.0 Stable)Skins, PHP72 +1
Template(yyyy-mm-dd )Skins
TestPageDirectivesTool for easy testing of your skin under various directives (20160702 stable)Skins, CSS, Layout
TextPatternA skin for sites that use rather small text areas such as poetry, short stories, etc, inspired by TextPattern ( )
Textpattern4a textpattern style theme (1.0 )Skins, PHP72
TriadHighly configurable skin with 3-column layout with full-width header and footer (2023-02-24 Stable)Skins PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +13
Triad-RightBarskin subpage ( )
TriadTipsTips for using the Triad ( )Skins
TrishA white skin with a gradient blue header, blue highlights and a fancy background ( )
TwitterBootstrapAdapted PmWiki skin to use Twitter Bootstrap ( )CSS Skins PHP72 PHP74 +3
UselessTuesdayA bit narrow, dominated by dark blue ( )
Vanilla5Vanilla5 is a simple HTML5 compliant skin for PmWiki v2+ (20180226 )Skins Mobile RWD PHP72 +6
VectorClone of the Vector skin for MediaWiki (used on Wikipedia since 2010) (0.9.4 (2023-06-08) maintained)Skins, WikipediaSuite, HTML5, Mobile, RWD, PHP72
WikiLoveA modification of the default skin with a nice clean look ( )
Yaml132Highly configurable skin with 3-column layout (optional css hiding of any column) based on YAML framework (2009-05-17 Stable)Skins
YAMLForthHighly configurable skin with fixed-width 2-column layout based on the YAML 3.3 framework (2.1.1 (2010-12-05) Stable)Skins +2
  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.