Summary: This allows you to embed an interactive SageCell into your webpage. Sage is an open source alternative to MathLab, Mathematica, and Maple.
Version: 2017-12-31-2
Prerequisites: None
Status: Stable
Maintainer: Ben Woodruff
Categories: Math
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Download: sagecell.phpΔ

Questions answered by this recipe

Can I embed a SageMath cell into my wiki so that users can perform mathematical computations on the fly?


Download sagecell.phpΔ and place it in your cookbook/ directory. Then add to config.php such a line:


Feel free to add any CSS you want to change the style.


Just type (:sage:) to start a computation block, and then type (:sageend:) to end one. Here's an example:


The (:sage:) directive takes several arguments:

ArgumentValueDefault value
evalButtonTextLabel of the eval button (can be any string; must be enclosed in quotes if it has spaces or other special characters)Evaluate
autoevalWhether the cell is automatically evaluated on page load, without having to click the eval button; can be true or falsefalse
editorWhat editor to use; can be any of codemirror, codemirror-readonly, textarea, or textarea-readonlycodemirror
languagesComma-separated list of languages that the cell can evaluate; see docs for full list (can also be allLanguages)sage
replaceOutputWhether subsequent evaluations replace current ones; can be true or falsetrue
hideComma-separated list of UI elements to hide; see docs for full listnone
linkedID of a linked cell group (see “Linked cells”, below)none
Example: (:sage evalButtonText="PROCEED!!" languages=r,python replaceOutput=false :)

(See for more information on these options.)

Linked cells

You can mark a group of Sage cells on the same page as linked cells by adding the linked=N argument to each of them (where N is any number, like 1, 2, 17, etc.). You can have any number of linked cell groups; each cell in a linked group must have the same linked= argument (so you might have several cells with linked=1, and several others with linked=2—this would make two linked groups).

See the documentation for more info on linked Sage cells.


The default options may be set in config.php (before including sagecell.php), e.g.:

$SageCellDefaultArgs = array(
	"evalButtonText"	=>	"Evaluate",
	"autoeval"		=>	"false",
	"editor"		=>	"codemirror",
	"languages"		=>	"sage",
	"replaceOutput"		=>	"true",
	"hide"			=>	"fullScreen"


The Sage Cell recipe works with the Gist Embed and Pastebin Embed recipes. You can pass the text of a gist or paste as the contents of a Sage cell, using the raw and no-pre arguments:

(:pastebin-embed n3q5gtX7 raw no-pre:)

(And similarly with (:gist-embed:).)

Change log / Release notes

  • 2017-12-31-2: Added support for arguments and linked cells. (SaidAchmiz)
  • 2017-12-31: Packaged as a script (sagecell.php); added <pre> wrap (SaidAchmiz)

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See discussion at SageCell-Talk

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