Summary: S5 Reloaded Slideshow system for PmWiki
Version: 1
Prerequisites: S5 reloaded, but a link to a zip is furnished
Status: beta
Maintainer: François Elie <francois@elie.org>
Categories: Functional
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Discussion: S5r-Talk?

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How to make a automatic slideshow, who refresh itself... (to modify the content during the presentation!)

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An implementation of S5 reloaded slideshow system for PmWiki.

This system implement the S5 reloaded system, from the example of the slideshow recipe


get this zip: http://elie.org/s5r.zip and unzip it in the root of your pmwiki

in local/config

in /local/config.php, add these lines:

 if ($action == 's5r')


All this parameters passed by url ( &foo=...)

  • slidesSkin (pmwiki,blue,flower,pixel,pretty,goupil)
  • defaultView (slideshow, outline) default is slideshow)
  • controlVis (hidden,visible) default is hidden
  • audioSupport (true,false) default is true
  • audioVolume (true,false) default is true)
  • audioError (true,fals) default is true
  • autoRun (true,false) default is true
  • tranSitions (true,false) default is true
  • fadeDuration (integer) default is 400)
  • incrDuration (un nombre, default is 250)
  • autoMatic (true, false) default is true
  • playLoop (true, false) default is true
  • playDelay (integer) default is 5
  • reFresh (true,false) default is true
  • delayRefresh (integer) default is 2 minutes


For automatic présentation (in stores, showcases).


TODO: improvement of S5r itselft: different duration for each slides

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See discussion at S5r-Talk?

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