Summary: A lightweight calendar with navigation and daily journal entries
Version: 1.0
Prerequisites: None
Status: Working but not widely tested
Maintainer: Robert Langston
License: GPL
Categories: Blog
Discussion: Journal-Talk?

Questions answered by this recipe

Create a small calendar for the current month, with navigation buttons to move to previous/next month. Click on a date to edit the journal entry for that day, or create a new entry if none exists.

Separately, mark up to display the journal entries for the month.


The navigation links << and >> change the month (by reloading the page with new variables). The Today link changes the month to the current month.

Clicking on a date will edit the journal page entry for that date, or create one if none exists. Pages are named yyyy-mm-dd. Clicking on the date in the journal entries list will also edit that entry.


Download journal.phpΔ and copy to the cookbook folder.

Add the following line to local/config.php


Add the following to Site.LocalTemplates

[[({=$Group}/){=$Name}?action=edit | {=$Name}]]
(:include {=$FullName} self=0:)


To add the calendar to a page include the following markup where you want the calendar to appear.


To add the list of journal entries for the current month add the following markup:

(:pagelist group=Journal list=normal fmt=#simplenameinclude name={$SimpleCalendarYear}?{$SimpleCalendarMonth}* :)

Change the group name in group=Journal to the name of the current group, or omit completely to show entries across the whole site with a name in the format yyyy-mm-dd .

Release notes

  • 15 January 2022 Initial release

See also

The code has been derived from FeralSimpleCalendar which provides the calendar formatting, but no navigation or entry display mark up.


See discussion at Journal-Talk?

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