Summary: Notify search engines when a page is modified
Version: 2009-08-11
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.x
Status: beta
Maintainer: Eemeli Aro
Discussion: Bloge-Ping-Talk
Categories: Blog, Editing


Pings/notifies search engines such as Google Blog Search when a page is edited. This recipe is based on Stefan Schimanski's GoogleBlogPing but can support any number of pinging services.

Bloge-Ping is a part of Cookbook.Bloge, but may also be used as a standalone recipe.


  • download bloge-ping.phpΔ to your cookbook directory
  • add the following line to a configuration file:


By default, Bloge-Ping only supports the Google Blog Search Pinging Service API. In order to ping other services, you'll need to add an entry to $BlogePing['tgt'] in the following format:

$BlogePing['tgt']['googleblogsearch'] = array(
  'url' => '',
  'param' => array('name','url','changesURL'),
  'msgpat' => '/Thanks for the ping/'

The parameters listed above may also be defined separately for each Bloge-Ping target:

$BlogePing['tgt']['googleblogsearch']['changesURL'] = '';

or for all targets:

$BlogePing['url'] = '';

'msgpat' is a regular expression pattern that will be matched against the reply from the pinging service. Use / as a delimiter to identify a successful reply and ! for a negative one (eg. '!error!i')

For other configuration options, please see the source file.


The reply from the pinging service is currently lost, as the $MessagesFmt contents are not shown after a redirect, which occurs when a page is successfully posted. I don't have a good answer for this.

You can use this to ping anything on a successful page edit, not just search engines. Why or how this might be useful I'll leave to your own imagination.

Release notes

See also

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  • GoogleBlogPingGoogle Blog Search Ping - Support for Google's weblog search ping service



See discussion at Bloge-Ping-Talk

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