Summary: short markup for a link to 'edit this page'
Version: 2071121
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.0-beta1
Maintainer: Petko
Categories: Markup Editing PHP72


The following markup definition provides a short (:edit:) markup, which is exactly equivalent to the longer standard [[{$FullName}?action=edit|edit]] link markup. For instance you can use it on included pages as a shortform to provide a link to edit the included page. Add this to config.php:

Markup('(:edit:)', '<$[phrase]', '/\\(:edit:\\)/i',
  "[[{\$FullName}?action=edit| $[Edit] ]]");
$QualifyPatterns['/\\(:edit:\\)/i'] =
  "[[{\$FullName}?action=edit| $[Edit] ]]";


$QualifyPatterns: When the (:include:) directive retrieves a page content, the included text is processed (qualified) to transform "relative" variable references to "absolute" ones, {$SomeVar} in the included page becomes {Group.IncludedPage$SomeVar}, which resolves as expected when the page is finally rendered. The internal $QualifyPatterns variable maintains the dedicated search/replacement regular expressions.

Release Notes

  • 201171121: Simplify patterns to not use function evaluation, also making it PHP 5.5 and 7.2 compatible. Allow labels to be translatable. (Petko)

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