Summary: Uses captchas to protect certain actions from spambots
Version: 0.0001
Prerequisites: none
Status: pre-alpha, discussion
Maintainer: Nils Knappmeier
Discussion: Captchas-Talk
Categories: Security Spam

Questions answered by this recipe

  • How can I prevent spambots from editing my wiki?
  • How can I prevent spambots from using my mailform to send me spam?


Uses captchas to protect certain actions from spambots This recipe is an adaption of the captcha-class by Andreas John [1] to PmWiki. Download pmwiki-captcha.tar.gzΔ (or pmwiki-captcha.zipΔ) and unpack it into your PmWiki-Directory.

To activate the recipe

  1. add the line include_once('cookbook/captcha.php') to config.php
  2. add a line CaptchaAction('any_action') to config.php to redirect PmWiki-actions to the captcha class.


include_once('cookbook/captcha.php'); CaptchaAction('mailform');

to display a captcha before sending the mail.

  • You can use CaptchaAction('edit') to display a captcha before every edit-action. At the moment there is no way to display the captcha only when posting the edited page.


  • The status of this recipe is pre-alpha. It is far from being well-tested and it is certainly not very sophisticated. It is merely a base of discussion. Further input is welcome. My time is still limited at the moment: If anyone wants to take over maintaining this recipe...
  • It can be used to protect the mailform. This seems to work.

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See discussion at Captchas-Talk

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