Summary: Enable custom bullets to distinguish document types
Version: 1.0
Prerequisites: none
Maintainer: Anno
Discussion: CustomBullets-Talk
Categories: Images, Uploads


This recipe enables custom bullets in a list as shown on this page: NOTE: as of 2013.09.06 this link is dead

First we enable the handling of the following css properties by adding this to config.php file:

$WikiStyleCSS[] = 'background';
$WikiStyleCSS[] = 'list-style-type';
$WikiStyleCSS[] = 'padding-left';

Then we disable the default list bullets by adding this to the config.php file:

$WikiStyle['cl']['apply'] = 'list';
$WikiStyle['cl']['list-style-type'] = 'none';
$WikiStyle['cl']['padding-left'] = '0px';
$WikiStyle['cl']['margin-left'] = '0px';

This defines the markup %cl% ("custom list") which we have to include in our customized list later.

Then define the custom bullets, in this case a word and a pdf one(define as many you want):

$WikiStyle['pdf']['apply'] = 'item';
$WikiStyle['pdf']['background'] = 'url('.$PubDirUrl.'/bullets/pdf.png) 
left center no-repeat';
$WikiStyle['pdf']['padding-left'] = '20px';
$WikiStyle['pdf']['margin-bottom'] = '5px';

$WikiStyle['word']['apply'] = 'item';
$WikiStyle['word']['background'] = 'url('.$PubDirUrl.'/bullets/word.png) 
left center no-repeat';
$WikiStyle['word']['padding-left'] = '20px';
$WikiStyle['word']['margin-bottom'] = '5px';

Place the proper bullet images (pdf.png, word.png) into the /pub/bullets/ directory.

Bullets are available here: NOTE: as of 2013.09.06 this link is dead Finally, we can now write in our documents:

* %cl% %pdf% This is the pdf document #1
* %word% This is the word document #1
* %pdf% This is the pdf document #2
* %word% This is  the word document #2

Resulting in this list:

NOTE: as of 2013.09.06 this image is dead


Release Notes

Initial release: 2006-03-25

If the recipe has multiple releases, then release notes can be placed here. Note that it's often easier for people to work with "release dates" instead of "version numbers".

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See discussion at CustomBullets-Talk

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