Cookbook /
Administration  Recipes for Wiki Administration and Administrators
Blog  List of recipes in Blog category
CMS  List of all recipes in the CMS category
CSS  List of CSS-related recipes
Editing  Editing enhancements
Extensions  Recipes compatible with ExtensionHub
Forms  Form creating, configuring and processing
Images  Picture generation, smileys, thumbnails, galleries, uploading, manipulating, and displaying of images
Includes  List of recipes in Includes category, including other pages, files, maps etc.
International  Internationalizations, documentation in other languages
Layout  Layout enhancements
Links  Links and page handling
Markup  Markup additions
MarkupOnly  Recipes that rely solely upon standard PmWiki features; server access (in most cases) not needed
MarkupWriting  Functions and Recipes used in Markup Writing
Media  Multi media related recipes
Menus  Menu and navigation tools
PageList  List of recipes in PageList category, including other pages, files, maps etc.
PageNaming  List of page naming, URL modifying and hierarchical group recipes
PageVariables  Page variables and page text variables
PIM  List of all recipes in the PIM category, Personal Information Management
PmWikiDeveloper  PmWiki developer documentation
Publishing  Recipes that support publishing wiki pages in some other form, such as printed or PDF
RSS  List of all recipes in the RSS category, RSS, webfeeds and tools
Searching  Search related recipes
Security  Security authentication and authorization methods and systems
SystemTools  System tools
Tables  List of recipes in Tables category
Uploads  Uploading and linking to attachments
WikiConversion  Recipes for converting other wikis from and to PmWiki
WikiTrails  Ways to use and create Wiki trails along with extensions to enhance them
Skins /
Skins  Different look and feel for PmWiki sites