Anything to do with changes or maintenance to be done on the server

Archive /
ImportText  How to import plain text files into PmWiki
Backup /
CookbookBasics  Explains what the cookbook and its recipes are.
Cookbook /
ActionLog  Maintain a page log of wiki actions (Stable)
AddNewline  Make wiki text end with a newline character, so the last line won't be marked as changed if text is added at the bottom
AddUrlSchemes  How to get PmWiki to recognize additional URL schemes such as irc:, nntp:, etc.
AdminHints  Hints & suggestions for wiki administrators (Documentation)
Administration  Recipes for Wiki Administration and Administrators
AlternateNamingScheme  Use other naming schemes for PmWiki pages
AmpDetect  Detect AMP crawler bots so you can serve AMP pages, also to enable or disable recipes (Mantained)
Attache-ImageSizer  Resize and manipulate uploaded images (beta)
Auth-SMF  Integrate SMF Simple Machines Forum with PmWiki and use SMF user management for Pmwiki authentication (new)
AuthCAS  Central Authentication Service(CAS) based authentication
AuthDNS  Password-less authentication based on the visitor's IP address or (dynamic) hostname (Beta)
Authorcontribution-OldVersion  Author Contribution, old version
AuthPhpBB2  Use phpBB2 user authentication for PmWiki page edit protection and author name (Stable)
AuthPhpbb2Sso  Single Sign On for PmWiki and phpBB2 (Stable)
AuthPhpBB3  Use phpBB3 user authentication for PmWiki
AuthPhpBBUsersAndGroups  Use phpBB3 user authentication and groups for PmWiki
AuthProfile  Like AuthUser, but designed to store login information in profile pages (Beta)
AuthPunBB  Use PunBB/FluxBB user authentication for PmWiki (Draft)
AuthUserFederated  OpenID and OAuth authentication extension for AuthUser (In active use)
AuthUserSaml  SAML authentication extension for AuthUser (In active use)
AuthUserSignup  Allow users to sign up themselves (with email verification) for authuser accounts (Deprecated (UserAdmin is better))
AuthUserViaMicrosoftLDAP  Configure AuthUser with Microsoft AD LDAP
AutoCreateCategory  Automatically creates category pages for all tags in the page text (BETA)
AutoCreatePages  Automatically create pages based on the name of the current page. (Alpha)
AutoGroupPages  How to create a number of pages for a new group automatically (stable)
AutomaticChangeSummary  Automatic change summaries
AutoRestore  Automatically restore pages after a set time interval (Stable)
AutoThumber  Automatically resize uploaded images using ImageMagick (beta)
BackupHTMLZip  Export your wiki to static HTML then optionally compress/zip it (Experimental)
BackupPages  Automatically back up the wiki.d directory to a .zip file
BackupWithRsync  How to backup a PmWiki installation with the program `rsync`. (abandoned)
BlockCrawler  Redirect web crawlers to different pages (missing script)
BlockGroupCreation  How can I only permit writing to existing groups? (Mantained)
Blocklist  Obsolete recipe, please see PmWiki.Blocklist (obsolete)
Bloge-ShortUrl  Get short URLs on your own site (beta)
BulkReplace  Change the content of many pages at a time (just a rough draft)
Bundle  A (proposed) community-supported bundle of commonly used cookbook recipes (proposal)
Caddy  How to set up Caddy for a working PmWiki installation, including a working CleanURLs configuration
CaseCorrection  Makes PmWiki intelligently case-insensitive (beta)
CleanUp  Purge deleted pages and attachments from the server directories (Beta)
CleanUrls  Enable URLs that are shorter (without .php) and/or look like paths to wiki pages.
CleanUrls-archive  How to make clean urls (Old version)
CMSLike  Make PmWiki behave as a CMS by showing only the actions the current user is allowed to perform
CommentDb  Comment recipe - with pagination and RSS feed
CommentPageLink  How to create a comment page
Comments  Comment addon - comments in separate files
CompareVersions  Determine if two versions of the same file are the same or how they differ
CompressedPageStore  Save wiki pages/files in compressed (gzip) format
CompressedUploads  Modify scripts/upload.php to work with bzip2 archives
ConfigPhp  config.php tips and tricks
ConvertHTML  Convert an HTML page to PmWiki markup (beta)
ConvertHTML-Talk  Talk Page for ConvertHTML recipe
ConvertTABLE  How to convert HTML pages with tables full of data into advanced tables
CookbookBasics  Explains what the cookbook and its recipes are.
CreditsBlock  Create a "last edited by" block that includes everybody who had a hand in developing a page
CSVAction  Adds a ?action=csv capability to pmwiki to output tables as a CSV (stable)
CSVInclude  Include a CSV file as a table in your wiki page
DeletePage  Use a "delete" action and a separate password for deleting pages
DeltaBytesRecentChanges  Display the number of bytes (characters) added or deleted to a page in RecentChanges.
DirectoryAndFilePermissions  Explains which directories and files need to be readable, writable, and servable by the webserver. (Developing)
DotsInLinks  How to enable dots in wiki links (Experimental)
DynamicWikiTrails  Define dynamic URL trails
Edit-RestrictedProfile  Authors can only edit their own pages in the Profiles group.
EditTemplates  Specify a wiki page or pages to use as a template when a new page is created. (Stable)
EProtect  Email obfuscation via ROT13
ExpandingMenus  How to create a sidebar menu which expands to show sublevel (group) items using conditional markup only (Stable)
ExpireDiff  How to remove a page's history (Stable)
ExportHTML  Export PmWiki pages as "static" HTML pages
ExportHTMLWiki  Create a wiki using static HTML pages as front end for visitors (stable)
ExtensionHub  Configuration panel for extensions (Experimental)
ExternAuth  Use authentication mechanisms external to PmWiki
ExtraWordsInTitleTag  This is a really simple recipe for adding extra words to the title tag in the head. (Functional, tested on 2.2.0-beta67)
FarmSideBar  Share a sidebar among several fields in a farm
FastCache  Caches complete wiki pages for very fast retrieval (beta)
FastSearch  how to improve the speed of searches and categories on large sites with slow machines
FixShortSessions  How to fix short sessions so you aren't prompted frequently for a password
Flickr  How to integrate Flickr into a PmWiki page
Forum  Provide a simple forum
FoxPTVConvert  Display and convert hidden PTVs on multiple pages (new)
FoxTextReplace  replace text strings on multiple pages (experimental)
GetRidOfMain  How to get rid of "Main" group, i.e. all pages in "Main" are accessible and accessed directly in the wiki root
GlobalOperations  How to apply an operation to every page of a wiki
GoogleAnalytics  Add Google Analytics tracking code to wiki pages (Stable)
GoogleSiteMap  Create an XML sitemap in the root of the website which is suitable for submission to Google (and other) search engines. (Active)
GraphVizSitemap  Provide a GraphViz format for sitemap (alpha)
GrepRC  Search the RecentChanges entries similarly to a pagelist (Beta)
GroupHomePageChange  How to rename the group's starting page, i.e., be different than the default "HomePage".
HandleUnknownMarkups  How to suppress unknown markup, instead of having it display
HowToMakeATabbedSkin  How to make a tabbed skin
HtpasswdForm  Form based management of users and passwords using .htpasswd/.htgroup files (Stable)
IFrameLogin  Demo kit for passing messages between pmwiki and an embedded iframe (see includeSite), with a simple working login demonstration. (Beta, Active)
InfoBox  How to create Bubblehelp infoboxes, as seen in (Stable, Active)
InlineDiff  Shows the difference between 2 versions by highlighting the changes in markup on word level. (stable)
InstallOnIIS  How to install PmWiki on IIS v6 or v7 (living document)
InstallOnIIS10  Install PmWiki on Windows 10 and IIS 10 (Living document)
InstallOnIIS7dot5plus  Install PmWiki on IIS 7.5, 8, 8.5, 10, or newer (Living document)

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