Summary: Include Google Waves into PmWiki 2.x pages
Version: 2010-08-02
Status: obsolete
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.0
Categories: Includes, Google
Download: gwave.phpΔ

Google Wave was shut down in April 2012 (see Google's website )


How can I include a Google Wave in a wiki page?


gwave.phpΔ lets you embed a Google Wave in a wiki page. Download script, copy to cookbook folder, and install by adding to config.php:


The script adds the markup (:gwave!w+x... [width=..] [height=..] [header=true/false] [toolbar=true/false] [footer=true/false]:)

The included wave is an embedded object, size can be determined with width and height parameters (default is width=100% and height=400px). Display options header, toolbar, and footer can all be disabled by setting to false (default=true). A modern browser supporting the iframe tag is required.

Release notes

  • 2010-08-02: First release. Released to public domain. Inspired by IncludeUrl recipe.

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