Summary: Ability to Authenticate against a MySQL BBPress user database.
Version: 0.1
Prerequisites: MySQL, BBPress
Status: First Release
Maintainer: Simon Cross
Categories: Security


Authenticates users against a BBPress user database. May also work with WordPress (but I haven't tested it).


Requires MySQL access from PHP. Doesn't actually require BBPress or Wordpress to be installed, just for their databases to be accessible.

Thanks to Ben Wilson and Michael Novak the authors of, respectively, dbauth-0.2.php and AuthUserOpenId which I used as examples of how to write an authentication module.


  • MySQL php module


  • Copy authbbpress.php into your cookbook/ directory.
  • Modify your local/config.php to include something like:
         $BbPressAuthDb = array(
           'host' => 'localhost', # fine if your database is on the same server
           'db' => 'dbname',
           'user' => 'dbuser',
           'password' => 'dbpass',
           'table' => 'bb_users', # might need to change if you have multiple forums
           'userfield' => 'user_login', # probably don't need to change
           'pwfield' => 'user_pass' # probably don't need to change
         include_once("cookbook/authbbpress.php"); // Included before the line below
         include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php"); // You may have this one already

Release Notes

See Also

  • AuthUser - Parent module required to run this add-on



See discussion at AuthUserBbPress-Talk

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