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How are talk pages enabled on


Talk pages, as enabled on

On, both in the core documentation and in the sections Cookbook and Skins, we have created Talk pages. On a talk page, we move content from the main page that is unverified, and any discussions that help improve and clarify the main page.

To enable talk pages, we use a few core features, notably PageVariables, GroupHeaders and GroupFooters and ConditionalMarkup. In addition, we use EditTemplates to pre-fill the content of newly created pages with the required PageVariables in the infobox.

In config.php, we need to define a pattern to create a "base name" page from an existing page, either main or talk page. Add this to config.php:

$BaseNamePatterns['/(-Talk|-Users)$/i'] = '';

With this code, if a page name ends with "-Talk" or with "-Users", for example "BasicEditing-Talk", its base page will be the first part of the name with the suffix "-Talk" or "-Users" removed. This is used in the definition of the {*$BaseName} page variable. If a page doesn't have a suffix, it is considered a base page.

The following markup (simplified here for clarity) is placed in the page YourGroup.GroupFooter:

(:if name *-Talk:)
Talk page for improving [[{*$BaseName}|+]].
This page may have [[{*$BaseName}-Talk|a talk page]].

This page may have a talk page.

The block, placed in a GroupFooter, will appear at the bottom of all pages of YourGroup. If a page is named *-Talk, it will link to the main page (without the "-Talk" part). Otherwise, it will link to a page that has a "-Talk" suffix.

Alternatively, you can place such a conditional in a PageActions page, or in a SideBar page:

(:if name *-Talk:)
* [[{*$BaseName}|Page]]
* [[{*$BaseName}-Talk|Talk]]

In a wiki-page, you can use the same links with the {*$BaseName} or {*$Name} variables, or you can type the full page names:

* [[{*$BaseName}-Talk]]
* [[{*$FullName}-Talk]]
* [[{*$Group}/{*$Name}-Talk]]
* [[TalkPages-Talk]]


Change log / Release notes

This Talk page format was generalized on in 2009 when the documentation was reviewed and updated.

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