Summary:Add markup to display and embed several lines of mathematical formulas in wiki pages
Prerequisites:pmwiki 2.0 and later, latex and (dvipng or dvips+convert) installed on the server
Categories: Markup Math
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Questions answered by this recipe

  • Can PmWiki be used to display long mathematical sequences, logical demonstrations (in Fitch mode)?

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MathTex replace MimeTex for those who have latex installed on ther server. MathTex recipe permits several lines logical or mathematical demonstrations.


The homesite of MathTex is:

GPL licenced written in C.

As MimeTex, MathTex run in cgi

for a simple usage, you can replace occurrences of mimtex by mathtex, after installation of the MathTex script in the cgi-bin directory.

Edit the c code to set dvipng or dvips+convert locations.

Compile the cgi by

  cc mathtex.c -o mathtex.cgi

Customization to add newpackages

You can add \usepackage{yourpackage} directly in the code after line 1023 and recompile the cgi

Simply replace MimeTex for simple usage

Put the mathtex.cgi in the cgi-bin directory of your server

For those who have LaTex installed on their server!

  mv mimetex.cgi mimetex.old
  ln -s mathtex.cgi mimetex.cgi

(a symbolic link is set to mathtex.cgi, calling mimetex is calling mathtex)

Customisation to manage serveral line LaTeX scripts

I prepare a MathTex script from Pm MimeTex script.

The idea of this script is simply to replace the Markup {$ latex $} by {$[= latex =]$} to manage several lines.


place the mathtex.php script into the cookbook directory

in the local/config.php, add the line


set the values to the variables in the beginnine of the script (to run the cgi and to find the cache)


the following code: the code use the fitch and xcolor package

   \fa Pp \to \neg\Diamond\neg{Pp} & A \\
    \fa (p \to q) \to (\neg\Diamond q \to
\neg\Diamond p) & B \\
    \fa \color{magenta} p \to \neg{P\neg{Fp}} & f \\
    \fj \color{green} \neg{p} \color{red} \to P\neg{F{p}} & f' \\
    \fa\fh \neg{p} \land \neg{Fp} &  \\
    \fa\fa \color{green} \neg{p} & 5,\land\\ 
    \fa\fa \color{red} P\neg{Fp} & MP 6,4\\
    \fa\fa \color{red} P\neg{Fp} \color{black} \to \color{blue} \neg\Diamond\neg{P\neg{Fp}} & A, p/P\neg{Fp} \\
    \fa\fa \color{blue} \neg\Diamond\neg{P\neg{Fp}} & MP 7,8 \\
    \fa\fa ( \color{magenta} p \to \neg{P\neg{Fp}} \color{black} ) \to
    (   \color{blue}  \neg\Diamond\neg{P\neg{Fp}}   \color{black}  \to
    \color{cyan} \neg\Diamond{p}) & B,
    q/\neg{P\neg{Fp}}) \\
    \fa\fa \color{blue}  \neg\Diamond\neg{P\neg{Fp}} \color{black} \to
    \color{cyan} \neg\Diamond{p} & MP
    3,10 \\
    \fa\fa \color{cyan} \neg\Diamond{p} & MP 9,11 \\
    \fa \neg(\neg{p} \land \neg{Fp} \land\Diamond{p}) & 5,12 \\


Release Notes

This first version is for testing. Maybe it is possible to do more simple Markup for several lines, I don't know.

If the recipe has multiple releases, then release notes can be placed here. Note that it's often easier for people to work with "release dates" instead of "version numbers".

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