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Quick and dirty skin to get the look. It's a shamelessly modified version of Lean skin. I must have spent about an hour with this, so I clearly didn't test it in any browser other than Firefox. I'm putting it here not as a finished skin, but in case anybody wants to use it as a starting point.


Download phpnet.zipΔ, extract it into /path/to/pmwiki/pub/skins/ and add the following code to your local configuration file

 ## Specifies the name of the template file to be used to generate pages. 
 $Skin = 'phpnet';
 $ActionSkin['print'] = 'phpnet/print';



-I've been using a customized version of this skin for a long time on this site and it has served me well. Great work. -- Syntax

-Just installed the skin with the lastest version (7/27/05) - and I seem to have lost my sidebar? When I switch back to the default skin, the sidebar is there, but when I set phpnet (with the print line) - I see nothing in my sidebar. -Em

Very nice skin. Love it. I run it on a Windows XP machine with IE6 and it looks great.

Greetings, Jroeterd

It looks IMHO very nice in Mozilla ... Dejan Lekic

Looks very nice, but too wide. Has a bit of a horizontal scrollbar at my current browser width whereas every other skin (and almost every other web page, including with its two sidebars) is fine.

The horizontal scroll problem is due to a hardcoded 'width' element in the stylesheet. I noticed that right off the bat, and made an immediate change to the stylesheet. If you look in pub/skins/phpnet.css, down to '#wikibody', you'll see 'width: 775px;' - this is a hardcoded page size, and is really bad in this sort of application. Just comment the line out using /* */, and things resize appropriately. dbs

This is a wonderfully clean skin that's incredibly simple to set-up and instantly makes sites look great. Thank you. snowflake sans crainte

I found a easier way.. take that phpnet.css file, change 'width: 775px;' to 'width: 100%;'.. works better that way :O

To fix the above poster's problem with phpnet's sidebar, search for PageLeftFmt in the *.tmpl and add $SiteGroup.SideBar after $Group.SideBar in the wiki: code. ewe2

Thank you for that information about fixing phpnet's sidebar, works like a charm. Without this information I wouldn't have been able to use this nice skin at all.

Please note that the above directions are somewhat unclear. Here is a better instruction set (IMHO)

  • Look in the */pub/skins/phpnet directory for a file by the name of phpnet.tmpl
  • open the file in your text editor
  • find the lines:


<!--wiki:$Group.SideBar Main.SideBar -->

  • change to:


<!--wiki:$Group.SideBar $SiteGroup.SideBar -->

  • You'll also need to change:
<a href='$ScriptUrl/$[Main/SideBar]?action=edit' title='$[Edit the Side(B)ar]' accesskey='b'>$[Edit SideBar]</a> 
  • To:
<a href='$ScriptUrl/$[Site/SideBar]?action=edit' title='$[Edit the Side(B)ar]' accesskey='b'>$[Edit SideBar]</a>

That solution works fine, thanks ;-)

Unfortunately the preview button doesn't work with PmWiki 2.1.5 (and there's no "summary" textfield in the edit page, but this is a minor issue). I found, that this can easily be fixed by simply removing the following lines from pub/skins/phpnet/phpnet.php:

  ## Add hotkeys to the page we're editing, along with a link to the page
  ## that makes it easy to bail out of editing and go back to the page.
  $PageEditFmt = "<div id='wikiedit'>
    <a id='top' name='top'></a>
    <h1 class='wikiaction'>Editing <a
    <form name='editform' method='post' action='\$PageUrl?action=edit'>
    <input type='hidden' name='action' value='edit' />
    <input type='hidden' name='pagename' value='\$FullName' />
    <input type='hidden' name='basetime' value='\$EditBaseTime' />
    <textarea id='text' name='text' rows='25' cols='60'
      onkeydown='if (event.keyCode==27) event.returnValue=false;'
      >\$EditText</textarea><br />
    Author: <input type='text' name='author' value='\$Author' />
    <input type='checkbox' name='diffclass' value='minor' \$DiffClassMinor />
      This is a minor edit<br />
    <input type='submit' name='post' value=' Save ' accesskey='s' />
    <input type='submit' name='preview' value=' Preview ' accesskey='p' />
    <input type='reset' value=' Reset ' /></form></div>";

Then the edit form like defined in [[Site.EditForm]] will be used. dk, 2006-03-31

Thanks for the fixes! They seem to work great! -- cbl


This skin requires SEVERAL hacks to get it to work. Out of the gate with 2.1.5 the search box is broken, the sidebar doesn't appear, the page modified link is misplaced, and GUI Edit is broken. If you don't know what you're doing, don't use this skin. If you do, make your own I am doing now.

Search also seems to be broken.

Changing Main/SearchWiki to Site/Search in everywhere in phpnet.tmpl seemed to solve the problem

Similarly, changing Main/AllRecentChanges to Site/AllRecentChanges fixed the all recent changes functionality

The PageLogoUrl is also not included in this skin. Fix it in phpnet.php.

I did my version of the skin . It looks ok to me, so I'll share it. :-)

 Grab it! phpnet-2006-10-04.zipΔ 

CarlosAB October 04, 2006, at 02:35 PM

Skins The skin linked at the top, and the one by CarlosAB are PHP72 compatible.

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