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Summary: A tab driven skin for PmWiki
Version: 20150717
Status: Stable
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.1
Maintainer: Dfaure
Categories: Skins PHP55


This is the skin I initially made for my homepage, and for my archery club site (a small hint: recurve is the kind of bow I'm using).

Many thanks to the different skin/cookbook authors for the ideas I borrowed...


To use the Recurve skin for your own Wiki, just download recurve.zipΔ (for PHP 7.2 or newer please get recurve-php72.zipΔ instead), extract it into /path/to/pmwiki/pub/skins/ and add the following code to your local configuration file:

# Specifies the name of the template file to be used to generate pages. 
$Skin = 'recurve';
# Use of skin own print layout.
$ActionSkin['print'] = $Skin;


The skin features are:

  • Full CSS driven (no tables),
  • Zoom support (fixed size fonts used only for Wiki actions),
  • Wiki actions as notebook tabs,
  • Smooth handling of (:noheader:), (:nofooter:) and (:notitle:) directives,
  • Extra directives (:noleft:), (:notabs:) and (:notrailer:) available to hide unwanted sections,
  • Specific light print layout.

Like the Grease or the Monobook skin does, several "fixed" parts of the skin (title, wikititle and footer) may be customized from the configuration file via the $SkinPartFmt array variable, and with regular markup definitions. The skin defaults are:

$SkinPartFmt['wikititle'] = "$WikiTitle > {\$Group} / {\$Title}";
$SkinPartFmt['suptitle'] =
  "[[{\$DefaultGroup}|$WikiTitle]] > [[{\$Groupspaced}]] /";
$SkinPartFmt['title'] = '{$Titlespaced}';
$SkinPartFmt['footer'] = ...;

As a side effect, the (:title ...:) directive will handle regular markup (emphasis, links, ...).




Made it php 5.5 compliant
Added RecipeInfo data, footer customization feature. Fixed erroneous Site.PageActions handling and sidebar layout.
Added handling of Site.PageActions (introduced with PmWiki v2.0 default skin) and header customization feature.
Minor bug fixes including sidebar overflow.
Fixed forgotten AllRecentChanges link.
Added handling of Site group and related directives.
Updated to latest skin loading code (PmWiki v2.0.beta22 and higher).
Initial release


Why has the print page no white background

User notes? : If you use, used or reviewed "Recurve", you can add your name. These statistics appear in the Skins listings and will help newcomers browsing through the wiki.

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