Summary: Embed Visio (*.vsd) drawings into wiki pages
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How can Visio (*.vsd) drawings be embedded into wiki pages?


The vsd.phpΔ script uses the Microsoft Visio Viewer to display links ending in ".vsd" as embedded Visio drawings (the same way images are embedded into pages).


Place the vsd.phpΔ script in your cookbook/ directory, add the line


to your config.php file, and any link ending in ".vsd" will automatically be converted to HTML code to display the embedded Visio drawing.

You can specify %width=% and %height=% WikiStyles to display the drawing at a specific size. For Example use: %width=640 height=400%



Bug Report -- Duplicate Variable Name

This recipe has a "cut and paste" error from the Flash recipe that it was borrowd from. This recipe will conflict with the Flash recipe and the Svg recipe which also has this error.

To address this error, SwfTagFmt must be replaced in the recipe in two places. I suggest using VsdTagFmt or something else the should be relatively unique. This error will cause all the recipes that use this SwfTagFmt variable name to get the mime specific replacement from whichever recipe was loaded last.

Reported by -Kurt Devlin February 16, 2006, at 03:59 PM

Reported by -Susan Flander

  • Receiving Security access error once the variable name has been changed. See attached image. filename: security.jpg

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