Summary: How to install PmWiki on IIS v6 or v7
Version: 2.2
Prerequisites: IIS installed
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How do I get PmWiki to work using the IIS webserver?

The defaults work out of the box with PmWiki, and this method of installation is recommended.

The older method was to

Installing PmWiki under IIS.

Locate the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (in Control Panel | Administrative Tools) and open it.

  • select Web Sites > New > Web Site ...
New web site

Follow the wizard to set up the website, accept the defaults except as noted below

  • provide a description
  • specify the host header
  • browse to the directory in which the pmwiki.php script resides
  • select permissions Read and Execute
IIS Wizard web site description IIS Wizard web site host header
IIS Wizard web site home directory IIS Wizard web site access permissions

Start the website by right mouse clicking on the new website and selecting start

IIS start web site

Ensure that pmwiki.php is set as a default document type by right mouse clicking on the Websites folder icon and selecting properties. Choose the Document tab and add pmwiki.php as a content page.

IIS Changing web sites document properties

PmWiki writing permissions

  • PmWiki requires write permissions to the wiki.d directory to allow page editing.
  • PmWiki requires write permissions to the uploads directory to allow attachments to be uploaded.
To give PmWiki permission to write to wiki.d you have to
  1. allow IIS permission to anonymously write to wiki.d directory
  2. set directory permissions on wiki.d to allow the IIS user to write to it.
Set IIS authentication to enable anonymous access
  • from IIS
    • choose properties for the wiki.d directory
    • select the directory security tab
    • edit the authentication and access control
    • check the box that enables anonymous access
  • from explorer or IIS
    • from explorer choose properties for the wiki.d directory
    • or from IIS choose permissions for the wiki.d directory
    • select the security tab
    • add the Internet Guest account
    • give the internet guest account modify privileges
See the Explorer security



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