Summary: Get page listings as an option menu selector
Version: 2010-02-18
Status: Stable
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.x
Maintainer: Dfaure
Discussion: OptionMenu-Talk
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The fploptionmenu.phpΔ script provides the extra optionmenu pagelist format which enables page navigation through a dropdown menu:

Here is it: (:pagelist group=Cookbook fmt=optionmenu:)

Here is it:


The (:pagelist ... fmt=optionmenu:) execution renders in an option menu populated with the pagename fetched by the directive, and a "Go" button to reach the selected page.

Javascript enabled browser would have the button kept hidden and page navigation triggered directly by selection changes.

The new format option understands the following (:pagelist:) extra directives:

The name to apply to the resulting form (defaults to optionmenu),
The option menu field size (defaults to 1),
The css style class to use for the option menu field (defaults to inputbox).

Caution: Do not forget to set unique names when using several forms on the same page.

The following customization variables are available:

The fetched page option text template (defaults to '\$Titlespaced').
Allow Javascript navigation for enabled browser (defaults to 1).
Predefined (:pagelist:) extra directive values.



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Release Notes

Fixed long standing xhtml validation bug. Thanks Holger.
Internal fixes. Added handling of count=... option.
Initial release.

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