Summary: How to create a page that appears as a header (or footer) for all pages in all groups
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Prerequisites: pmwiki-2.0
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How do I create a Site.AllGroupHeader page which can contain styles and content for all pages in all groups?


If the group contains a wiki page called GroupHeader, that page will be included first in every group. PmWiki achieves this by use of the variable $GroupHeaderFmt. This variable can be redefined in local/config.php to have a page Site.AllGroupHeader at the top of all wiki pages in all groups through the following:

$GroupHeaderFmt =
  '(:include {$SiteGroup}.AllGroupHeader:)(:nl:)'
  .'(:include {$Group}.GroupHeader:)(:nl:)';

The variable $SiteGroup usually refers to Site/, so unless you change it, the page that defines the site wide header will be Site.AllGroupHeader. See Cookbook.MainGroupChange for more details about changing the default group.

Alternatively you can have a site-wide header as a default that can be overridden by a $Group.GroupHeader page. You can set:

$GroupHeaderFmt =
  '(:include {$Group}.GroupHeader {$SiteGroup}.SiteHeader:)(:nl:)';

which uses the group's GroupHeader if it exists, otherwise it uses Site.SiteHeader.

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