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Summary: List of recipes in Blog category

  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.
AddDeleteLine3An easy way to add information to a page and delete it again. (3 2017.06.07 Probably works)Blog, Editing, Forms, Templates
AddThisWidgetEmbed the 'AddThis' widget to enable easy sharing of webpages on facebook, delicious, twitter, and other social networking sites. (2009-08-11b )Includes, Blog, SocialNetworking, SocialBookmarking, PHP55 +3 -1
B3 blogEasy to install and use wiki blogging system (20230131 Experimental)Blog, Editing, RSS, WikiTrails, PHP55, PHP72, PHP81 +4
Blog SkinA blog-oriented skin that emphasizes content, with an easy-to-read default font size and no graphical frills ( )
BlogCalendarsmall calendar for blogs showing highlighted links to date-named blog pages (2017-06-16 stable)Blog CMS Links PIM Calendar PHP55 PHP72 +3
BlogeA bundle of blogging (2009-08-28 beta)Blog +3
Bloge-FeedsBlog-like Atom & RSS feeds (2009-08-11 beta)Blog, RSS +3
Bloge-LinkbackAutomatically send and receive Pingbacks and Trackbacks (2009-08-12 beta)Blog, Links
Bloge-PingNotify search engines when a page is modified (2009-08-11 beta)Blog, Editing
Bloge-ShortUrlGet short URLs on your own site (2009-08-28 beta)Administration, Blog, CMS, Links
Bloge-TagsUse page keywords and categories as tags (2009-10-13 beta)Blog, Links, Categories, PHP72 +2
Bloge-UrlApproveApprove links one at a time (2009-08-10 beta)Blog, Links
BlogItProvides a complete blogging system, using in-built PmWiki features -- additional features are supported through existing cookbooks. (1.9.5 (1-Apr-2016) Active)Blog, PHP55 +31
BlogItRSSBlogItRSS - Easily create RSS feeds for your blog. (1.00 Stable)Blog, RSS
BlogParserA simple parser for RSS feeds from content blocks based on kind-of-blog (6-15-2007 Works)Blog RSS
BlogSimpleExperimental blog bundle using pagelists (2006-12-12 Stable)CMS Blog
BlogSimple2Simple blog bundle, revision of BlogSimple (2007-05-02 Stable)CMS Blog
BlogWithPageListHow to build a blog system with pagelists (26 October 2005 )Blog, PageList, MarkupOnly
Bundle4BlogHow to use PmWiki as a blogging engine. ( )Bundles, Blog
Comment4Commentadds the possibility to comment on comments to commentboxstyled (2010-06-02 )Forms CMS Blog, Comments
CommentBoxAdds a simple form to post comments (2.0.19 (released 2007-10-31) Stable)Forms CMS Blog, Comments
CommentBoxPlusSimple styled form to post comments, plus comment counter (2023-09-26 Stable)Forms CMS Blog, Comments PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +7
CommentDbComment recipe - with pagination and RSS feed ( 1.0beta - 26 January 2006 )CMS, Blog, Administration, Comments
Comments-UseCases( )
Dcala calendar recipe (2008-12-30 alpha)Calendar, Blog, PIM, International
EnhancedWebFeedsEnhances native PM Wiki Feed support. (0.1a beta)Blog RSS +1
EquilibriumEquilibrium is a blog-oriented skin, with a focus on simplicity. Along with the typical sidebar and top navigation tabs, this skin presents blog summaries in column oriented, rather than the traditional vertical layout. (1.2.3 (31-Mar-2016) Active)Skins, Blog, BlogIt, PHP55 +9
FeralSimpleCalendarA small simple calendar suitable for a rightbar, or header/footer or anywhere you wish. (2007-03-15 New derivative code base but solid;)blog,pim,calendar
FoxForm processor to add, replace, copy, delete content plus upload files and send email notifications using templates and Input markup (2024-04-06 stable)Forms CMS Blog Editing PIM Fox PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +14
FoxBlogHow to build a blog with Fox (2006-04-03a not working with current Fox)CMS Blog Fox
GoogleBlogPingGoogle Blog Search Ping - Support for Google's weblog search ping service ($Rev: 50 $ )CMS Blog Google
HaloScanAnother commenting recipe, leveraging the power of the HaloScan service. (0.1 first release ... but operational!)Comments Blog
JournalA lightweight calendar with navigation and daily journal entries (1.0 Working but not widely tested)Blog
ListCategoriesuse categories as tags (2021-09-19 stable)Links CMS Blog PIM PHP72 +2
NetstreamsCMSA CMS (Content Management System) extension for pmwiki features different page-types (article, blog, comment issues), separation of content and layout, basic workflow capabilities, content-type based authentication and wysiwyg editing. (009bX Experimental)CMS Administration Blog Comments
NewsListInsert a list of recently changed/updated wikipages in a short form. (29.11.05: Initial release )Blog, CMS +1
PageRankVote on a page's popularity (0.4 beta)Functional Extensions Blog CMS
PingbackPingback - Pingback support for PmWiki ($Rev: 40 $ )CMS Blog
PlainBlog SkinA blog-oriented skin that emphasizes content, with an easy-to-read default font size and no graphical frills ( )
ShareButtonsSocial media sharing buttons without tracking or JavaScript (20220820 Experimental)Links, Blog, SocialNetworking, PHP81 +3
SkittlishSkittlish allows site visitors to choose between fixed and fluid width, and between seven candy-inspired colours for the sidebar. (1.2.2 (31-Mar-2016) Active.)Skins, Blog, BlogIt, PHP55 +14
TagPagesAllow categorizing/tagging of pages with an easy interface. (2014-01-29 working)Blog +1
TagsHow to have tags (like Flickr) ( )Searching, Administration, CMS, Blog, Links, PHP72 +2
WikiCalendarAdd support for a simple calendar. Each date becomes a wiki page. (1.1.3 (2014-12-24, compatible with php 5.5) Stable)Calendar, Blog, PIM, International PHP55 +2
WikipublisherJournalA journal separating content from presentation, aimed at delivering great web and printed results (1.0.0 (2008-11-26) Stable)PDF Blog
XESBlogProvide blog application functionality for one point installation. (2023-12-08 stable)Blog, CustomPageStore
XESBlog-UseHow to blog using XesBlog recipe (0.1 beta)Blog
  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.
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