Summary: Embedding a Mindjet MindManager Map
Version: 2007-05-13 (v.0.1)
Prerequisites: pmwiki 2
Status: first release
Maintainer: SH
Discussion: MindjetMap-Talk

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How can I embed Mindjet MindManager Map?
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Download mindjetmap.phpΔ, copy to cookbook/ and install by adding to config.php:



(:mindjetmap Attach:filename width=number height=number [key=value] [key=value] ... :)

  • use Attach:filename or http://urlpath/filepath/filename
  • height= and width= parameters are mandatory
  • other parameters can be supplied to control the player's behaviour
  • Example (:mindjetmap Attach:mymap.mmap width=100% height=600 :)

Description of HTML Object Element* Object element: On Microsoft Internet Explorer, this will show an ActiveX Object:

  • id attribute: the id of the viewer so that it can be accessed via scripting
  • height attribute: the height of the viewer control
  • width attribute: the width of the viewer control
  • codeBase attribute: the location of the installer for the Mindjet Map Viewer.
  • classid attribute: the classid of the Mindjet Map Viewer (this is required)
  • Image param: the URL to the .mmap or .xml file that will be shown in the viewer
  • EmptySpaceMenu param: 1 to show a context menu when right-clicking on empty space in the viewer
  • Toolbar param: 1 to show the toolbar at the top of the viewer
  • FitLevels param: the number of levels to show in the map, 0 to show all levels
  • PurchaseCommand param: 1 to show the Purchase MindManager link in the Help Menu
  • PromoSpace param: 1 to show a small promotional button in the upper right corner of the viewer
  • External fileurls of form http://.... can be used.
  • Setting $EnableExternalResource = 0; will disable the use of http://... fileurls.


You may wish to add mmap extensions to be allowed for file uploads. Add to config.php:

$UploadExts['mmap'] = 'application/vnd.mindjet.mindmanager';

Release Notes

  • 2007-05-13: initial release. The code is adapted from HansB WMPlayer recipe.

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See discussion at MindjetMap-Talk

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