Summary: Tips for PmWiki configuration on a MacOS X server
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How to configure PmWiki on a MacOS X system.

Some users reported problems with PmWiki installations on MacOS X servers. This page tries to collect this information and provide fixes or workarounds.

MacOS X uses a particular filesystem HFS Plus which uses particular rules of filename normalization.

PageLists don't display some pages with accents

This may appear with pages from the documentation downloads, or with pages containing accented letters in their names, for example in French language.

Currently, this problem does not seem to appear on wikis which enabled UTF-8.

PmWiki creates weird filenames in wiki.d

Currently, this problem does not seem to appear on wikis which enabled UTF-8.

Uploads with accented letters may not work

Links to files in the pmwiki/uploads directory may not work if the filenames contain international characters. Attach: links may not work with international characters.

This can be partly fixed by enabling UTF-8. The (:attachlist:) markup should correctly list files in the upload directories, with or without international characters, and the links to these files should work fine.

Links in the following format may not work:

  Attach:FïleNàméWîthInternatiônâlChàrs.txt (file link)
  Attach:FïleNàméWîthInternatiônâlChàrs.jpg (embedded image)

The following links should work with UTF-8:

[[Attach:FïleNàméWîthInternatiônâlChàrs.txt]] (file link)
[[Attach:FïleNàméWîthInternatiônâlChàrs.jpg]] (link to image)
(embedding images with intl. characters may not work)

Note, the default PmWiki installation will remove all international characters in the file names. So, clicking on the above link will open the upload form for a file named FleNmWthInternatinlChrs.txt. It is possible to allow international characters by adding this line in config.php:

  $UploadNameChars = '-\\w. \\x80-\\xff';

Nevertheless, bare Attach: links without brackets may not work with international characters.


Please add your observations and fixes to this page.

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  • Petko (Someone lent me for a couple of days an old iBook G4 with MacOS X version 10.3, I was only able to test an older release of the MAMP server.)


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