Cookbook /
Ape  Embed videos, maps, documents, and more in wiki pages (Stable)
Formula  Lightweight rendering of mathematical formulas in wiki pages (Beta)
GMap  Easy Google Maps integration (Abandoned (broken by Google))
GoogleAdsense  How to add Google AdSense data to your wiki (pre-alpha)
GoogleAnalytics  Add Google Analytics tracking code to wiki pages (Stable)
GoogleBlogPing  Google Blog Search Ping - Support for Google's weblog search ping service
GoogleCalendar  Embeds a Google Calendar in a PmWiki page (Stable)
GoogleChart  Include Charts generated by Google Chart API (alpha)
GoogleCSE  Adds markup for a Google Custom Search Engine (Stable)
GoogleMapAPI  Adds Google Map API to PmWiki pages. (Beta (out-of-date - no longer works))
GoogleMapAPIv3  This is a trimmed down and modified Google Maps API based on Ben Wilson's original GoogleMapAPI. (beta)
GoogleMaps  How to add an interactive Google map into PmWiki
GoogleMapsInterface  Interface to the Google Maps web application (Development)
GoogleSearch  Add a searchbox for site and websearch using google
GoogleSitemaps  How to submit a complete list of web pages to google
GoogleViewer  Embed PDF, PPT, DOC, and TIFF files in a wiki page using Google Viewer
GoogleVoice  Embed the Google Voice Widget on a webpage
GoogleWave  Include Google Waves into PmWiki 2.x pages (obsolete)