ChordPro Chord Sheets

This page was bundled with the original release of ChordPro, written by Sproaticus

ChordPro in a Nutshell

You can create your own chord sheets using the ChordPro Format. (Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the format documented anywhere right now. Thus, the documentation is a little sparse.)

ChordPro is the most useful when you can print an impressive-looking page using it. An excellent ChordPro program for Windows is Songbird Chords, which is included in the free Songbird Suite at

...As an aside, check out the extremely old-school (but yet incredibly smart and helpful) Chord Magic program on that same page. It's a DOS program, and takes a tiny bit getting used to, but it's the best program I've found yet that will name that weird chord you just strummed...

ChordPro in This Wiki

At some point, I should probably point out that I didn't invent the ChordPro specification. Nor is ChordPro inherently a wiki thing. I merely wrote a ChordPro reader and formatter, and then crammed it into PmWiki.


To make a wiki page using the ChordPro format, simply place the ChordPro text between ||: and :||. Example:

{title:My Little Ditty}
[D]This is a little [A]song I [E]dreamed
You can [D]play it [A]while I [E]scream
[Bm]....................[E]Ice cream, yum!
Example output

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