Summary: Some JavaScript bookmarklets
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How do I do that neat thing with a quick link in my browser?

Look in the list of quickie browser javascripts ("bookmarklets") and see if there's one for what you want.


  • Edit page in new window
  • View history in new window
  • Open Printable View in new window
  • Edit page attributes (passwords) in new window
  • View RSS for page in new window

Note: To open above links in the same window -- change "window.open" in any above to "window.location.replace". May not work in all browsers.

Alternatively use the format javascript:location.href+="?action=attr" -- refer below for more examples.

Installation Notes

how to install bookmarklets from this page

  1. Depending on your browser and where you want the bookmarklet to show up, you may have to open your bookmark window
  2. Select the code snippet
  3. Drag text to the bookmark bar or to your bookmark list
  4. Give it a good name
  5. Test it on a normal wiki page view

Selecting the bookmark while viewing a PmWiki page will run the script to do the actions described above.

  • This recipe was last tested on PmWiki version: -- Wiki independent -- these links work with the browser. Anything more complex should have a separate recipe.
  • This recipe requires at least a browser pointing to PmWiki files

Bookmarklet Wish-List

a section to list new ones you'd like to see

Do not confuse this recipe with the Bookmarklet recipe. This recipe displays the code necessary to create a bookmarklet with your browser but does not create a link on your PMWiki page. GNUZoo 08 21 2006 12:30 CST

See Also

Bookmarklet displays a bookmarklet link on a PMWiki page.




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