Summary: Use Windows-Logon for Authentication on pmwiki
Version: 1
Prerequisites: apache, mod_ntlm, samba/winbind
Status: Stable
Maintainer: Falk Hamann

Questions answered by this recipe

Note: For other single sign-on issues for sharing database logins you may want to see AuthUserDbase.

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  1. How can Windows-Logon be used for Authentication on pmwiki ?
  2. How can Single Sign-On be realized ?
  3. Why do DOMAIN-user have to authenticate second time on pmwiki ?
  4. Would Authentication against Primary-Domain-Controller be possible ?


This Cookbook describes a solution to realize Single Sign-On with Windows-Clients against Primary-Domain-Controller (Samba). This Cookbook describes a solution to implement Single Sign-On with Windows-Clients against Primary-Domain-Controller (Samba).

A long, but good description of NTLM could be found here.

What's needed ?

  1. Server
    1. Webserver which understands NTLM and validate hashes via PDC
      • Windows, IIS or apache2+mod_auth_sspi
      • *nix, apache+mod_ntlm and samba/winbindd
    2. some small adjustments on pmwiki
  2. Client
    1. OS which authenticate users against Primary-Domain-Controller
    2. Browser which sends NTLM (I prefer Firefox.)

Server - Windows

  • IIS should be play with NTLM out of the box (but is NOT free)!?
  • apache(v2.2.3)+mod-auth-sspi
    • extra\mod_auth_sspi.conf:
      <IfModule !mod_auth_sspi.c>
       LoadModule sspi_auth_module modules/
      # Configuration for mod_auth_sspi
      <IfModule mod_auth_sspi.c>
       <Location /protected/>
        AuthName "A Protected Place"
        AuthType SSPI
        SSPIAuth On
        SSPIAuthoritative On
        SSPIOfferBasic On
        #SSPIBasicPreferred On
        #SSPIDomain MYDOMAIN
        SSPIOmitDomain On
        #SSPIUsernameCase On
        require valid-user

Server - *nix

  • download, configure, compile apache+mod_ntlm
    • httpd.conf:
      LoadModule auth_ntlm_winbind_module lib/apache/
      User nobody
      Group winbindd # is needed to access /var/run/samba/winbindd_privileged
      <Directory "/var/www/htdocs/pmwiki">
       AuthName "NTLM Authentication thingy"
       NTLMAuth on
       NTLMAuthHelper "/usr/bin/ntlm_auth --helper-protocol=squid-2.5-ntlmssp"
       NTLMBasicAuthoritative on
       AuthType NTLM
       require valid-user
    • think about ssl
  • prepare winbindd for apache+mod_ntml
    • install, configure samba
    • let the server join the domain
      • net rpc join
    • grant apache to access /var/run/samba/winbindd_privileged
      1. groupadd winbindd
      2. chgrp winbindd /var/run/samba/winbindd_privileged
      3. /etc/rc.d/apache restart


  • local/farmconfig.php or local/config.php
    include_once ("$FarmD/scripts/httpauth.php");//NTLM-Auth, Basic-Auth
    include_once ("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php");
    if(@$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']) {
      #remove domainname
      $temp = preg_replace("/^[^\\\]+\\\/", "", @$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']);
      $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'] = $temp;
      $Author = $temp; #set Author to REMOTE_USER
      AuthUserId($pagename, stripmagic(@$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']));#authuser
      #fix-author for editform
      SDVA($InputTags['e_author'], array(
        ':html' => "$Author<input type='hidden' \$InputFormArgs />",
        'name' => 'author', 'value' => $Author));

Client Preferences

  • Firefox Preferences
    1. about:config
    2. network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris=yourserver.domain
  • Opera Preferences
    1. opera:config
    2. Network->Enable NTLM
  • IE Preferences
    1. not used, unknown


What happens, if browser not support NTLM ?
Fallback Authentication-method is "Basic-Auth", which pop-up the ugly browserwindow, which asks for login and password.
username: DOMAIN\user

Which browsers/plattforms support NTLM ?

  • WinXP/Firefox >1.0: works
  • WinXP/Opera 9.02: only Basic-Auth (see forum)
  • WinXP/IE 6: should work (not tested)
  • linux/Firefox 2.0: only Basic-Auth
  • linux/Firefox 2.0+NTLM-Proxy: should work (not tested)
  • linux/Opera 9.02: FAILED !!" (NTLM featre for Opera seems to be windows-only)

Could Groups defined in AuthUser be used ?

  • Yes ! Nothing have to be changed. You can define also global passwords in config.php. See PasswordsAdmin and Passwords.

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Version 1(20061130)

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