Summary: Handle TortoiseSVN (Subversion) via pmWiki
Version: 1.0
Prerequisites: The AddUrlSchemes recipe must be used to add a new url protocol called sv: TortoiseSVN must be installed for this to work on the user's computer( user being one who is browsing a pmWiki site).
Status: Complete (Utility works for users for Windows only. pmWiki can be installed on any supported OS)
Maintainer: Sabu Francis
Categories: Links

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This recipe answers the question: How to control Subversion from within a pmWiki site

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This is a very simple Recipe. Just add the sv: protocol for the pmWiki site. Then install a small protocol handler on a Windows computer from here: Documentation on how to use WikiSVN is given on that site.

The utility also opens a file manager on a working folder on the user's computer.

July 26, 2007: Turns out there is another utility (written for MediaWiki) which is also called WikiSVN.... Maybe this recipe would be renamed. As I am not familiar with the policies set by PM, I would need some advice on this. (Sabu Francis)


This is an open source project (GPL 2.0) and it is written in a scripting language called AutoIT. The source code is available on the wikisvn site. Executables compiled with AutoIT sometimes gives false positives in some virus programs.

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