Calendar and date based processing, storage, logging, and presentation

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BlogCalendar  small calendar for blogs showing highlighted links to date-named blog pages (stable)
CopyPasteCalendar  Adds a calendar to your wiki pages without installing any additional scripts
Datepicker  Adds a datepicker button (use it with a date input field) (beta )
Dcal  a calendar recipe (alpha)
FeralSimpleCalendar  A small simple calendar suitable for a rightbar, or header/footer or anywhere you wish. (New derivative code base but solid;)
GcalPKHG  A partly transformation of the gcal calendar of the dokuwiki for the PmWiki (in status nascendi ;-) )
GuiEditDateButton  javascript calendar to insert a date (Stable)
HandleICal  Add-on for wikicalendars to export/import events to/from ical-files (Beta)
ICalExport  Export wikicalender entries as ical file (stable)
Logbook  A simple AJAXified calendar for side bars turning your wiki into a bliki = blog + wiki (working (and in progress))
MarkThingsDone  Mark Things Done! - A Comprehensive Productivity System (Active)
PagelistCalendar  Use PageTextVariables and ftime markup expression to create a calendar where each event has its own page. (Works)
PLEventList  Manage event lists using native PmWiki features
PmCalendar  Calendar designed for PmWiki where each day is a separate wiki page. (Stable)
Reminder  Birthday, anniversary and other task reminders (Stable)
WikiCalendar  Add support for a simple calendar. Each date becomes a wiki page. (Stable)
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