Summary: Track the most recent changes to a list of pages
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Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2
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How to quickly display a list of user-chosen most recently modified pages?


Track the most recent changes to a list of pages

This can be very easily done with page lists on a WikiTrail.

1. Create a page Profiles/YourName-watchlist with a bulleted list of the pages that you wish to track, and some format for the pagelist. Example:

* [[PmWiki.Download]]
* [[Cookbook.Cookbook]]
* [[PITS.00544]]
* etc.

[[{=$FullName}?action=diff | {=$LastModified}]] - \
'''[[{=$FullName}]]''' - [[~{=$LastModifiedBy}]] ({=$LastModifiedSummary})\\

2. On your profile page add the pagelist line:

!! Watch list
(:pagelist trail=Profiles.YourName-watchlist fmt=Profiles.YourName-watchlist#simplelist order=-time:)

Example (the list and format are on the page Cookbook.WatchLists-watchlist):

!! Watch list
(:pagelist trail=Cookbook.WatchLists-watchlist fmt=Cookbook.WatchLists-watchlist#simplelist order=-time:)

Watch list

Clicking on the date opens the page history.

Single page option

On a page where you have a bullet list of wiki pages follow this markup example

!!! [[Cookbook/Watch list(s)]]
(:pagelist trail={$FullName} fmt={$FullName}#watchlist:)

(:template defaults order=-time:)
(:template first:)
||width=* style="font-size:smaller;"
(:template each:)
||%pre%[[{=$FullName}?action=diff | {=$LastModified}]]%% ||''[[{=$FullName}|{=$Groupspaced}.{=$Namespaced}]]'' ||[[~{=$LastModifiedBy}]] ||{=$LastModifiedSummary} ||{=$:Summary} ||
(:template last:)

Watch list

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(:template defaults order=-time:) (:template first:)

(:template each:)


(:template last:)

the comment hides the page list format from being displayed, yet it is used by the pagelist
you can customise the markup between the anchors ([[#...]]) as required


Text in the {$LastModifiedSummary} has control characters removed, and formatting suppressed by default.

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