Summary: hide the search bar at the top of a skin with (:nosearch:)
Version: 2009-10-15
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How can I hide the search-bar at the top of the screen on some pages?


Skins like the default PmWiki-skin provide a handy search-bar at the top right of the screen. Currently, if one wanted to hide the search-bar on certain pages, it wouldn't be possible to do this without hiding the entire titlebar with (:noheader:) - which hides the logo and a considerable amount of "buffer" space.

In order to only hide the search-bar, a couple modifications must be made.

1. Adding a PageSearchFmt Page Section

In pmwiki.tmpl (or whichever Skin you're using), you'll need to enclose your search-bar code in it's own Page Section, which we'll call PageSearchFmt:

  <div id='wikihead'>
  <form action='{$ScriptUrl}'>
    <span class='headnav'><a href='{$ScriptUrl}/$[{$Group}/RecentChanges]'
      accesskey='$[ak_recentchanges]'>$[Recent Changes]</a> -</span>
    <input type='hidden' name='n' value='{$FullName}' />
    <input type='hidden' name='action' value='search' />
    <a href='{$ScriptUrl}/$[{$SiteGroup}/Search]'>$[Search]</a>:
    <input type='text' name='q' value='' class='inputbox searchbox' />
    <input type='submit' class='inputbutton searchbutton'
      value='$[Go]' /></form></div>

2. Adding the (:nosearch:) PageDirective

Final step is to declare the (:nosearch:) page-directive via the following code in config.php:

   Markup('nosearch', 'directives',

And, better, compatible with PHP version 5.5, for PmWiki 2.2.58+ :

   Markup_e('nosearch', 'directives',

Adding (:nosearch:) to a page will now hide the search bar, but will leave the rest of the header intact.


Release notes

  • 2009-10-15 - initial release

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