Summary: Converts page to MS Word format.
Version: 0.5
Status: Beta
Maintainer: BenWilson
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Discussion: HandleMSWord-Talk

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Ever wanted to view your wiki page in the world's most popular word processor, Microsoft (tm) Word? This recipe retrieves just the page text from a PmWiki page, and sends it to a viewer's browser as an MS Word attachment. This has been known to work in MS Word 2003 (please update for other working versions).


This recipe sends the page text as a MS Word document.


  1. Download the Attach:HandleMSWord.phpΔ code.
  2. Place in $FarmD/cookbook/ or wherever.
  3. Add include("$FarmD/cookbook/HandleMSWord.php"); to your site's configuration
  4. You may want to update your Site.PageActions. The action is 'msword', or "?action=msword".

When Word views the page, CSS classes remain intact (e.g. p.question). This allows you to modify the style for the page in Word.

I strip out all hyperlinks. I will later add in code to make this optional behavior.

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0.5 - April 25, 2007 Initial Release. BenWilson April 25, 2007, at 02:19 PM

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See discussion at HandleMSWord-Talk

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