Summary: Add Table capabilities - nested tables, zebra tables, new directives.
Version: 3.2
Prerequisites: none
Status: Working
Categories: Markup Tables
Downloads: AdvancedTableDirectives-php72.phpΔ (thanks to --Petko for fixing this)

Questions answered by this recipe

  • How to put a caption on a table using table directives?
  • How to create headers on a table using table directives?
  • Why are there more features in ordinary tables than table directives?
  • How to apply zebra formatting to tables created with table directives?
  • Can I nest tables inside of other tables?

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This recipe will adds Directives and provides abilities for nested tables and for horizontal and vertical zebra tables.

A demo of the capabilities is at URL: - no longer available -

Two other recipes which enhance AdvancedTableDirectives are SourceCodeHorizontalLines and SimplifiedAdvancedTableDirectives.

Currently tables have 3 capabilities that table directives do not have. "<header>", "<caption>" and automatic zebra formatting (see FormattingTables) of rows and columns (there are probably others too). PMWiki Table Directives cannot be nested and include only 4 directives. (:table:) (:cell:) (:cellnr:) (:tableend:)

Update: PMWiki added table directives (:head:) & (:headnr:) :)

This recipe will adds these directives:

(:caption:) - caption
(:head:)    - header cell
(:headnr:)  - header cell new row
(:row:)     - row

(:cellc#:)  - current column number
(:cellr#:)  - current row number

(:celli#:)  - auto-incrementing number - incremented when used
(:celli#1:) - (:celli#2:), ... (:celli#9:)]] - seperate auto-incrementing numbers

(:cellic#:) - auto-incrementing column number - incremented when used, set to 1 on new row
(:cellir#:) - auto-incrementing row number - incremented when used in a new row, but not in same row

A demo of the capabilities is at URL:


Copy AdvancedTableDirectives.phpΔ to your cookbook directory

In your config.php enter:


or in your farmconfig.php enter:



All directives follow the same syntax: (: directive (attributes) :)

For example:

(:caption color=red :)This is the caption text
(:head bgcolor=lightblue :)This is header text

Automatic zebra formatting (mostly used for coloring) can be applied as well. In this example the table header row will have a lightblue background and the other table rows will have alternating lightgreen and lightyellow background colors.

Put into config.php:
$TableRowIndexMax = 2;
$TableRowAttrFmt  = "class='row\$TableRowIndex'" ;
$TableCellAttrFmt = "class='col\$TableCellCount'";
Put into cascading style sheet:
table th      { background-color:#99ccff; }
table tr.row1 { background-color:#ffff99 ; }
table tr.row2 { background-color:#ccffcc; }
table td      { line-height: 12px; }

For vertical zebra tables there are 2 new variables - TableCellIndexMax and $TableCellIndex

Put into config.php:
$TableCellIndexMax = 3;
$TableRowIndexMax = 2;
$TableRowAttrFmt  = "class='row\$TableRowIndex'" ;
$TableCellAttrFmt = "class='col\$TableCellCount colidx\$TableCellIndex'";
Put into cascading style sheet:
table td.colidx1 {background-color:#ffff99;}
table td.colidx2 {background-color:#ccffcc;}
table td.colidx3 {background-color:#FFC0CB;}

For more information about formatting tables see FormattingTables.

About Merging Attributes

Attributes can automatically be placed onto directives using $TableCellAttrFmt and/or $TableRowAttrFmt. This can conflict with attributes specified directly on the directive itself. (This is one of several reasons normal Table Directives dot not use $TableCellAttrFmt and/or $TableRowAttrFmt). This recipe will merge only the class element - meaning it will eliminate duplicates and setup multiple class attributes as a space separated string (like this - class='classname1 classname2 classname3' - per W3C recommendation). I have chosen not to merge other attributes because it would make the code very complicated and slower and most other attributes can be set in a cascading style sheet. Any attributes besides class that are designated in $TableCellAttrFmt and/or $TableRowAttrFmt are simply appended to the directive attributes and not merged.

Release Notes

  • Version: 3.1 - Adjust FmtPageName() function use to be just like PmWiki
  • Version: 3.0 - Major upgrade - Added class attribute merge with automatic zebra tables, added global variable $TableCellIndexMax, added internal variable $TableCellIndex, made recipe faster, added variable $RecipeRunAction to determine when to run the recipe, more
  • Version: 2.2 - better regular expression, added <:block> for each table start
  • Version: 2.1 - Execute only for specific actions
  • Version: 2.0 - Should be faster
  • Version: 1.1 - Added RecipeInfo
  • Version: 09 28 2006 2:38 PM CST
Fix bug where <td> and <tr> tags get crossed.
  • Version: 09 19 2006 7:09 AM CST
PmWiki Table Directives apply the attribute valign='top' to all table cells if they do not already specify a value fot the 'valign' attribute. This was added to AdvancedTableDirectives to be compatible with PmWiki.

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See discussion at AdvancedTableDirectives-Talk

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