Summary: How to syndicate wiki pages from other PmWiki 2.0 sites on your site
Version: 20051218
Prerequisites: Requires at least PmWiki version: PmWiki 2.0; last tested on PmWiki version: PmWiki 2.0.12
Maintainer: Jeff Barke -> mailto:jbarke [snail] milwaukeedept [period] org
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How can I syndicate wiki pages from other PmWiki 2.0 sites on my site and have them formatted using my site's CSS?


First, be sure you're aware of the possible copyright risks of letting the content of other wiki pages appear in your pages.

Once you've gotten past that hurdle, the following code in your config.php adds the (:includewikipage http://...:) markup that lets you embed the contents of other wiki pages into your wiki page.

     Markup('includewikipage', 'directives',


(:includewikipage :)

A working example can be viewed at:


  1. For this script to work, you must append ?action=source to the requested URL.
  2. The included page's markup will be evaluated by your installation of PmWiki. This means that if the included page has cookbook markup not supported by your installation, it will not render properly.


  • Jeff Barke -> mailto:jbarke [snail] milwaukeedept [period] org, 20051218


See discussion at IncludeWikiPage-Talk

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