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Lt9602 skin for pmwiki


Finnish design, idealistic, "Clean", compact and simple skin inspired by Lean and . Created for pmwiki @


  • Wikilogo should have transparent background (png/gif)

Design Objectives

  • Nordic/Finnish "Clean" design with as little network footprint as possible
  • Emphasize the content.
  • Keep the main content area a reasonable width for easier browsing of text/images etc. Scale media width down if necessary.
  • Encourage wiki users to create well-structured web documents with uniform layout (all floats in same side etc)
  • Produce pages that render similarly in various browsers.
  • Keep Wiki actions and Page actions separate
  • Wikiwide help and quicklinks accessible in easily customizable bottom area


Extract lt9602skin.zipΔ to [pmwiki]/pub/skins

Add line:


To your [pmwiki]/local/config.php


Category: Skins, PHP72

PmWiki is powered by pmwiki engine running with lt9602.