Summary:Textallion markup for PmWiki
Version:24 dec 2011
Prerequisites:Txt2tags cookbook
Maintainer: Farvardin
Categories: Markup
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Questions answered by this recipe

  1. How can I extend the txt2tags cookbook markup, using non-obtrusive symbols (no text)?
  2. How can I reuse the markup used into the textallion project?


This recipe adds additional formatting to the txt2tags cookbook, which replaces the pmWiki standard.


  1. Download the following file: textallion.phpΔ and save in your /cookbook directory.
  2. Add the following line into your local/config.php script:
    require_once ("cookbook/textallion.php");
Note: The svn version may be the most up to date: https://pmwiki-efo.googlecode.com/hg/cookbook/textallion.php

Release Notes

This new markup will be added:

  • {//..}: line break. If you prefer you can also use the pmwiki markup: \\ or use two consecutive blank lines.
  • { ~~ } text of image to be centered {/~~ } . You can also use the pmwiki syntax if you prefer:
  • Left floating of image, with wrapped text (%lfloat% in pmwiki):

Attach:image.png{[[~farvardin]] February 03, 2012, at 10:12 AM} Wrapped text including image

  • Right floating of image, with wrapped text ( %rfloat% in pmwiki):

{[[~farvardin]] February 03, 2012, at 10:12 AM}Attach:image.png Wrapped text including image

See Also

Sample page showing this: http://anamnese.online.fr/pmwiki-efo/

you can edit the sandbox linking from this page with the password "pmwiki"



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