Summary: Small and simple text captcha that uses ascii art and no session, cookies and images
Version: 2009-01-29
Status: beta
Maintainer: CarlosAB
Categories: Captcha, Security, Spam .

Questions answered by this recipe

How can a implement a captcha using just ascii art and no images?


Really simple captcha recipe that doesn't use any image, session, cookies but uses ascii art for a clue of what to type and authorize an edit action.



I use it in Site.EditForm page, like this:

$[Author]: (:input e_author:) (:input e_minorcheckbox:) $[This is a minor edit]\\
$[Captcha]: (:input text name=captcharesp value='':)\\
(:input e_savebutton:) (:input e_saveeditbutton:) (:input e_savedraftbutton:)
(:input e_previewbutton:) (:input e_cancelbutton:)(:input hidden name=captchapass value={$TextCaptchaPass}:)
(:input end:)

Release Notes

first release

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