Summary: Enhances native PM Wiki Feed support.
Version: 0.1a
Status: beta
Maintainer: Ausimage
Categories: Blog RSS


Enhances native PM Wiki Feed support by adding tags to define item descriptions. It adds markup to designate a description for each item, as well as a template for additional tags.


1. Download the Enhanced Web Feeds fileΔ and place it in your cookbook directory.

2. Add the following to your config.php file:

## Enable RSS and Atom web feeds.
if ($action == 'rss') {
    // Load Enhanced Feed script
    // Reset Feed tags for Blog feed
    $FeedFmt['rss']['feed']['title'] = $WikiTitle;
    $FeedFmt['rss']['feed']['copyright'] = 'copyright';
    $FeedFmt['rss']['feed']['description'] = 'a description';
    // Reset Item tags for Blog feed
    $FeedFmt['rss']['item']['title'] = '$Title';
    $FeedFmt['rss']['item']['description'] = 'FeedTextSection';
    $FeedFmt['rss']['item']['category'] = 'FeedCategory';
    // Set default values for ?action=rss
    SDVA($_REQUEST, array('group' => 'Blog','order' => '-time',
        'count' => 6,'list' => 'normal',
        'name' => '-SideBar,-HomePage,-Group*,-Comment*,-Post*'));

3. Create your entries on a Wiki Page.

(:Title A Blog Entry:)
07-15-2007 - 16:47

''[[{$Name}|Link]] | [[{$Name}Comments|Comments]]''
This is a blog entry...


Description Tag

The RSS item description tag can be filled by either an entire page or a single section.

Full Page: $FeedFmt['rss']['item']['description'] = 'FeedTextPage';

First anchored section: $FeedFmt['rss']['item']['description'] = 'FeedTextSection';

The anchored section is defined by [[#blog]] ... [[#blogend]], which can also be modified by adding a regular expression value to $BE_PageSection in your RSS feed configuration which will define new section markup to surround the include.

Category Tag

Setting $FeedFmt['rss']['item']['category'] = 'FeedCategory'; in your RSS feed configuration enables native PM Wiki categories to be passed through to the RSS Item Category tag.

Release Notes

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