Summary: Provide search, reference replacement, and verse-of-the-day capabilities using
Version: 2021-08-21
Status: functional
Maintainer: Peter Bowers
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Questions answered by this recipe

  • How can I have Bible references (i.e., Genesis 1:1, John 3:16) on my page automatically link to the verse text?
  • How can I easily display a Verse of the Day on my site?
  • How can I provide the capability to search the Bible from within my site (NOTE: the form as provided takes you to BibleGateway)


Provide Bible search, reference replacement, verse of the day capabilities.


  1. Download BibleGateway.phpΔ and put it in your cookbook/ folder
  2. Edit your local/farmconfig.php or local/config.php to insert a line like this:

Internationalization provides versions of the Bible in almost every conceivable language. Simply specify the version appropriately or search for a word in the language you are interested in.



(:biblesearch [title="X"] [buttontext="Y"] [logo=0]:)

This will present a form allowing you to search in BibleGateway.


  • The default title (X) is "Lookup a word or passage in the Bible". You can change it by specifying a different X.
  • The default text for the search button (Y) is "Search". You can change it by specifying a different Y.
  • By default the logo for shows - you can turn it off by saying logo=0


This markup (below) will provide the default search form with a title of "Lookup a word or passage in the Bible" and the search button will be labeled "Search" and it will show the logo:


This markup (below) will provide a search form with all options modified:

(:biblesearch title="Search the Bible" buttontext="Search" logo=0:)

Reference Replacement

(:bibleref [version="X"] [showTooltips=false] [clickTooltip=true]:)

This will automatically replace all Bible references with a link (optionally [but by default] including a tooltip of the verse text itself).

  • The default version (X) is "NIV"
  • By default tooltips are shown. You can turn this off by including showTooltips=false (note the plural)
  • By default hovering over a reference causes the tooltip to be shown. You can change this to require a click by including the option clickTooltip=true (note the singular)

Editors note: My apologies for the inconsistent singular/plural in the options above - I'm just following what has for standardization

Verse of the Day

(:bibleVOTD [version="X"]:)

This will get a verse of the day from BibleGateway and display it in place of the markup.

  • The default version (X) is "NIV"


See for details on how is called

Change log / Release notes

2021-08-21 - Initial release with 3 functional markups: biblesearch, bibleref, and biblevotd

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  • Peter Bowers


See discussion at BibleGateway-Talk?

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