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This page is being used to track pledges to help cover developer time for the creation of a WYSIWYG/visual editor capability for PmWiki (based on a very early pre-alpha attempt). Add your name below if you are willing to pledge towards this activity. Whilst adding your name is not a legal obligation, please only commit if you are willing to follow through. If we don't manage to get to the total, that doesn't mean the work won't happen -- it just means we need to wait until someone feels inspired enough to do the work for free ;)

Based on the quote below, the goal is to raise 2100 euros (around 3000 USD).

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Pledged: $1045
Remaining: $1955
NameCommitment amount (USD)Comments
Al Ripskis$100 
Simon$100no paypal
Radu Luchian$100 
Jeff Greer$100 
Philipp Kazakow$45 
Vittorio Muth$100 
Core Factory Ltd$100 
Michael Paulukonis$50 
XES$200-500Quote me at $200 for now, but more may be possible, or possible in installments. WYSIWYG would mostly be for clients. I'd love to be able to "Flip" to pure-pmwiki editing for myself because I'm so used to it, but this could be make-or-break for the future of my business, so I'd like to see this happen.

Quote from Petko on the mailing list regarding adding a WYSIWYG capability

It is not easy to estimate this kind of work. Such a module can be done fairly quickly (2-3 days) but without a good integration with PmWiki and with potential security holes, as a couple of users expressed their concerns.

PmWiki has lots of features and different configurations. Such a module has to work in many different environments, like different settings for passwords, diffrent uploads directories, different servers, and different browsers. Additional modules need to be written - file picker (with thumbnails?), asynchronous uploader (upload a file while you edit a page), internal link picker (autocomplete?). The most difficult decision is how to store and differenciate the feature-limited RichText input from wiki-code which can have unlimited features and local customizations.

Last but not least, it is not possible to write such a complex program at once - there will certainly be bugs to be fixed as they are uncovered, features added or changed, and the module has to be supported in the future.

"What do you estimate it would take to do it, and how long would it take? What cost? Here is a Quote:

2 weeks of work for a working beta prototype, including:

  • integration with PmWiki pages, passwords and upload directories
  • modules file picker/uploader, link picker
  • full documentation
  • 1 year bugfixing/support on the Cookbook Talk page or in the PITS
  • free software under the GNU GPL, MIT-style license or WTFPL/PD (the best things in life are free)

The cost of this work is estimated to be 2100 euros. My company doesn't collect VAT. A receipt or a number of receipts will be available.

Note that the features of the rich-text editor will be limited - not all existing HTML tags or attributes can be available, and not all PmWiki markups can have a rich-text "button". The rich-text editor will be in addition to the normal wiki-text editor.