Summary: This recipe describes a way how to include data stored in collaborative documents in Etherpad-Lite via IncludeXML into PmWiki.
Version: 2011-12-28
Prerequisites: Etherpad-Lite, PmWiki > 2.2.17 with XMLInclude, GuiEdit
Status: experimental
Maintainer:Vittorio Muth
Categories: Editing, Publishing

Questions answered by this recipe

How do I include (not: import) content created in Etherpad-Lite dynamically into PmWiki?


This recipe explains how to connect Etherpad-Lite and PmWiki. Etherpad-Lite is used as an additional external editor to the standard editor of PmWiki.


  1. Download and install etherpad-lite from or
  2. In your local instance of etherpad-lite backup the file etherpad-lite/node/utils/ExportHtml.js
  3. Download a modified version of which produces restricted, "well formed" and so readable HTML for IncludeXML).
  4. Move the downloaded file to etherpad-lite/node/utils/
  5. Download, for recipe IncludeXML
  6. Upload etherpad2wiki.xsl into your wiki (e.g. group "Main")
  7. In config.php add a button for recipe GuiEdit which creates the MarkUp for simple inclusion of an Etherpad-Lite document
     $GUIButtons ['ethxmlincl']      = array($ArrayCount++, 
    "(:includexml xml='", "' xsl='http://MyWiki/Main.etherpad2wiki.xsl':)", 
    '$[[http://MyEtherpad:9001/r/ro.XYZ]', | '$GUIButtonDirUrlFmt/ethxml.gif"$[Include Etherpad Document]]"'); 
  8. Download this icon Include Etherpad-Lite document to PmWiki/pub/MyGuiEdit/ethxml.gif
  9. In the wiki pages Site.EditForm or Site.PageActions create a link to etherpad-lite:
    %newwin%[[http://MyEtherpad:9001/p/{*$FullName}| Etherpad:{*$FullName}]]

Usage in PmWiki

  1. Create a new wiki page (e.g. "MyWikiGroup.MyNewPage").
  2. In PmWiki's standard editor click on the (new) link "Etherpad:MyWikiGroup.MyNewPage".
  3. Etherpad starts in a new window and opens a wikipad named "MyWikiGroup.MyNewPage"
  4. In etherpad, create your content.
  5. In etherpad's upper right menu icon "eye" get the URL for the read only version of "MyWikiGroup.MyNewPage". Its name is for example http://MyEtherpad:9001/r/ro.XdrZciLp
  6. In PmWiki's standard editor, click on the new icon Include Etherpad-Lite document. This creates prepared MarkUp:
    (:includexml xml='http://MyEtherpad:9001/r/ro.XYZ' xsl='http://MyWiki/pmwiki/Main/uploads/etherpad2wiki.xsl':)
  7. Exchange "XYZ" with "XdrZciLp" - the read only version of "MyWikiGroup.MyNewPage".


  • For Linux Ubuntu:OK
  • For Windows: ?

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