Summary: Recipes that rely solely upon standard PmWiki features; server access (in most cases) not needed

  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.
BlogWithPageListHow to build a blog system with pagelists (26 October 2005 )Blog, PageList, MarkupOnly
Copy Paste CalendarAdds a calendar to your wiki pages without installing any additional scripts (2016-12-24 )Calendar, PageList, PageVariables, PIM, MarkupOnly +1
ExpandingMenusHow to create a sidebar menu which expands to show sublevel (group) items using conditional markup only ( Stable)Layout, Menus, Administration, MarkupOnly, PHP72
InputDefaultDemonstrates various ways to set the default values for form controls ( in-core)Forms, MarkupOnly, PHP72
Login LogoutHow to log out after logging in (1.0 Q&A)Security, Administration, MarkupOnly, PHP72 +4
MarkupOnlyBarChartsAdds editable bar charts to your wiki using only core PmWiki features (2014-02-27 )MarkupOnly Images
MarkupTricksMarkup tricks ( )MarkupOnly
NewGroupWarningDisplay a warning when a user is creating a page in a non-existing wiki group. (2008-01-29 )Editing, Links, Administration, MarkupOnly, PHP55, PHP72 +1
PageAction-IconPackUsing SVG icons to replace text links in the Page Action menu (20170504 1.0)Skins, Layout, MarkupOnly +1
Pagelist Auth List ShortDisplay, in brief format, the permissions settings for pages that have permissions set. (1.0 Mature)PageList, MarkupOnly +1
PagelistByCategoryList pages by Category (Production Production)PageList MarkupOnly +1
PagelistCalendarUse PageTextVariables and ftime markup expression to create a calendar where each event has its own page. ( Works)Searching, PIM, PageVariables, MarkupOnly, PageList, Calendar
Pagelist Recent ChangesA recent changes page created using Page lists (1.0 Mature)PageList, MarkupOnly +1
Pagelist Site MapCreate a sitemap using the page list directive (0.1 Production)Menus, PageList, MarkupOnly +1
Pagelist Template SamplesCustom templates for pagelists formats ( )Searching PageList MarkupOnly
PL Event ListManage event lists using native PmWiki features (2013-12-28 )Calendar, PageList, PageVariables, PIM, MarkupOnly
SimpleSiteMapEasy site map using only core PmWiki features (1.0 Stable)Administration, Hierarchy, Menus, PageList, MarkupOnly +1
TemplateMarkupTricksVarious ways of using templates to facilitate the creation of new pages (using standard PmWiki markup) (2014-02-20 )MarkupOnly, Administration, Editing, PHP72
WatchListsTrack the most recent changes to a list of pages (n/a Stable)Cookbook, Links, Menus, PageList, MarkupOnly, PHP55, PHP72 +2
  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.

All recipes in this category are PHP55 compatible by design.