Summary:Adds markup for a Google Custom Search Engine
Prerequisites:PmWiki 2
Discussion: GoogleCSE-Talk?

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This section is optional; use it to indicate the types of questions (if any) this recipe is intended to answer. How can I insert a Google Custom Search Engine into my wiki?


Adds markup for a Google Custom Search Engine to PmWiki.

You can do it with googlecse.phpΔ.

Place this file in your cookbook directory. Then use this in your local configuration file:


This adds the (:googlecse:) markup to your wiki editing palette. You need to be aware of the following parameters:

  api : your google API. (required)
  cse : you have to have created this cse before--this is its code. (required)
  synd : ads or not.   defaults to open.
  w : width (default = 320)
  h : height (default = 75)
  title : title displayed at the top above the box
  border : borders around the box
  output : js = javascript?

For more information, see the Google CSE documentation.


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2007-02-24: Initial release.

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See Discussion at GoogleCSE-Talk?

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