Summary: How to add an interactive Google map into PmWiki
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Is it possible to add an interactive google map into PmWiki complete with annotated and "pinned" areas as well as links on the PmWiki page that interact with the map?


This question is answered by both the GMap and MapWiki cookbook recipes. GMap enables embedding Google Maps into a PmWiki page through a link or the definition of geodata. MapWiki enables the embedding of Google Maps, or potentially any other digital map, into a PmWiki page, using the map's provided embed code. Additionally, a MySQL database enables these individual map points to be aggregated from across the wiki, into a single map view. Useful for collective generation of multi-point maps.


There are several sites to get started. Since I am writing this more to spark the project, I don't have much more than an idea. One thing I have researched is that to take advantage of the google maps API, you must download an api key. This helps google track who has it and make sure they don't break the license agreement I think.

Some explanations

Some quick tutorials

Mediawiki has a working google maps extension. see the link below.


  • Google Map API -- Adds Google Map API to PmWiki pages.
  • GMap -- Easy Google Maps integration


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