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Notes on page lists

predefined fmt paramenters:

Other custom formats can be defined in config.php or a cookbook script.

Custom formats added by cookbook scripts:

  • fmt=dictindex is added by Cookbook.DictIndex. It gives an pagelist broken into alphabetical sections.
  • fmt=forum is added by Cookbook.SimpleForum. It gives a 3-column table with page title, modified date and author.

Cookbook recipes can add more output formatting options via the $FPLFunctions array as a custom function. Several that are planned are also "fmt=category" to display pages in a form suitable for category listings, and "fmt=menu" to display the list as an expandable or dropdown menu.

link= parameter examples

(see also Backlinks, FastBacklinks)

could there be a (:pagelist link=Groupname:), somehow?
  • To display a list of all pages that have a page link to Main* (link must explicitly reference Main; does not grab pages in Main that link to eachother without referencing the group):
(:pagelist link=Main*:)


Example 1: Display all pages of the current group, except this page, by time of modification, most recent first:

(:pagelist group={$Group} order=-time list=normal -{$FullName}:)

Example 2: Displays a list of all pages with links to Pm's profiles page (i.e., pages containing Pm. What's more, the pages are listed in reverse order by modification time (most recently changed pages first):

(:pagelist link=Profiles.Pm order=-time fmt=simple:)
Note that the link= and order= options are "expensive" in that they require a fair amount of page scanning in order to obtain their results. On the other hand, link= and order= are less expensive than doing full text searches, and in future versions of PmWiki they may end up being optimized even further.

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