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Barthelme Skin

Barthelme is a minimalist skin where white space and margins can show culture and aestheticism, ported from the Barthelme Wordpress theme.



  • Extract the files in the skins directory.
  • Edit local/config.php:
$Skin = 'barthelme';
$EnableMenuBar = TRUE;
  • Edit Site.EditForm:
!!$[Editing {$FullName}] %block class=wikiaction%

(:div class=formcontainer:)
(:input e_form:)
(:input e_textarea:)
%class=formright%(:input e_changesummary id='summary':)%%
%class=formright%(:input e_author id='author':)%%
%class=formright%(:input e_minorcheckbox:) $[This is a minor edit]%%
%class=formright%(:input e_savebutton class='e_button':)
(:input e_saveeditbutton class='e_button':)
(:input e_savedraftbutton class='e_button':)
(:input e_previewbutton class='e_button':)
(:input e_cancelbutton class='e_button':)%%
(:input end:)

(:if e_preview:)
!!$[Preview {$FullName}]
'''$[Page is unsaved]'''
'''$[End of preview -- remember to save]'''\\
[[#top | $[Top] ]]

Browser Support

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+: supported
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5+: supported
  • Opera 9.0+: supported

I haven't tested it on lower versions, but it should work fine.


The Barthelme Wordpress theme was originally designed and developed by Scott Allan Wallick.

It is ported by Chi Shang Cheng.

Legal Stuff

This skin is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


The PerGroup.SideBar is not implemented. The barthelme.tmpl file should be updated.

	        <!--wiki:{$Group}.SideBar {$SiteGroup}.SideBar-->

TKC - The noaction directive doesn't seem to disable the action menus.

BB - Editing Site.Editform is now obsolete.

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