Summary: Pingback - Pingback support for PmWiki
Download: See subversion - WebSvn - ChangeLog
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.x, PEAR (Net/URL.php, HTTP/Request.php, XML/RPC.php, XML/RPC/Server.php)


Version: $Rev: 40 $
Maintainer: sts
Categories: CMS Blog

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How to add Pingback support to PmWiki

  • to work together with other Blog systems?
  • to find out about other sites talking about your articles?
  • to inform other sites that you are talking about their postings?


Support for the Pingback specification to send and receive Pingback requests. Pingback is a protocol to exchange the information among sites that one author speaks about the text of another one. This is done with an easy XMLRPC protocol that is described here.

This recipe will try to send pingbacks to all external sites that are linked in a page. If you receive a pingback, it will be stored in page "Pingback.$Group-$Name". You can use PmWiki's notify system to get to know about pingbacks by mail.


  1. Copy pingback.php (the recipe) into your cookbook directory.
  2. Copy Pingback.php (the PHP::Pear Pingback class, slightly modified to support " and ' as delimiter in HTML options) into your cookbook directory.
  3. Add include_once( "cookbook/pingback.php" ); to your local/config.php file.


The are the following configuration options:

 SDV( $Pingback_ReceivePingbacks, true );
 SDV( $Pingback_SendPingbacks, true );

 SDV( $Pingback_ReceivePages, "/.*/" ); // regexp for the pagenames to receive pingbacks for
 SDV( $Pingback_SendPages, "/.*/" ); // regexp for the pagenames to send pingbacks for


  • Wondering whether to send pings on every change or maintain a list and only ping once... it seems that the former is intended by the standard. What are other Pingback implementations do? sts
  • How important is Trackback support? It seems that a lot of sites use Trackback instead of Pingback. Haven't looked into the Trackback specs yet, but it seems that auto-discovery is more complicated. Here is a Trackback implementation for PHP. sts

Release Notes

  • 2006-11-13 $RecipeInfo line
  • 2006-10-09 quote (:...:) directives to avoid exploits
  • 2006-10-09 first release

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  • I like the idea of this recipe, but I'm not thrilled with the external dependencies. I have to acquire several other PEAR dependencies -- I won't be able to use this module for the new blogging app I'm creating (requires PEAR Net/URL.php, HTTP/Request.php, XML/RPC.php, XML/RPC/Server.php). You should make these dependencies clear when creating a module. Thank you though, it sounded promising.XES December 03, 2007, at 02:35 PM

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