Summary: How can I only permit writing to existing groups?
Version: 201803019
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Maintainer: CarlosAB
License: GPL
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How can I only permit writing to existing groups?


Block the creation of new groups


Download and include on config.php this recipe with this:



Once the recipe is loaded in config.php, you can use the following options to change the recipe behavior.

You can include these options before or after the recipe is included in config.php.
$EnableGroupCreation = 1;
$EnableGroupCreationRedir = 0;
$GroupCreationRedirPage = "\$SiteGroup.NoNewGroups";


The following strings can be translated in an XLPage:

We have this string for internationalization:

$[Creation of new Groups are blocked by the admin]


Once loaded the recipe will take care for you of any attempt to create a new group and then block it.


Perhaps create a function to test if the group exists and create the recipe around it.

To do / some day / maybe

I believe it is fairly complete, perhaps I'll try to achieve the golas set on the Notes section of this page.

Change log / Release notes

201803019 - 1st release, be gentle - blockgroupcreation-20180319.phpΔ

See also

  1. Administration
  2. SystemTools


CarlosAB March 19, 2018, at 05:27 PM]]


See discussion at BlockGroupCreation-Talk?

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