Summary: add guibuttons to any textarea edit box
Version: 2017-06-21
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.56
Status: stable
Categories: Editing, Layout, Forms, PHP54, PHP72

Questions answered by this recipe

How can I add guibuttons like there are for the edit window to a multiline text input box?


This recipe adds a guibuttons markup, which adds GUI edit buttons to any textarea input box

Install by downloading guibuttons.zipΔ, unzipping to pub/guibuttons, and moving guibuttons.php into the cookbook folder. Add to config.php:


The pub/guibuttons/folder contains a selection of guibutton images, from DWin's MyGuiEdit.zipΔ, and a selection of smiley images, used for adding smileys. The location of the gui images could be changed, as could be the guibuttons used, by editing the guibuttons.php file.

To add guibuttons to a textarea input control put markup (:guibuttons:) above the input control, and add id=text to the control, for instance

(:input textarea id=text name=comment cols=60 rows=6:)

The id=text is used by the javascript to put the markup into the text box. The javascript used is PmWiki's default script for guiedit buttons.

The smileys placed with smiley buttons are displayed with an included selection of smiley markup definitions from WikiSmileys. If you want the full range of shortcut smileys you want to install WikiSmileys.


If one wants to have the gui buttons offered by this recipe in the general edit form, then one could do simply

1. disable PmWiki guibuttons in config.php with

$EnableGUIButtons = 0; //or comment out the line

2. change in Site.EditForm or whatever edit form is used for general editing the markup

(:e_guibuttons:) to (:guibuttons:)

Release Notes

  • 2017-06-21: Changed Markup for PHP 7.2 compatibility (HansB).
  • 2007-04-23: Changed variable name to GuiButtonsDirFmt to avoid conflict with edit GuiButtons.
  • 2007-04-10: Fixed smiley markup, changed from general to gif image specific markups.
  • 2007-04-09: Added smiley markup to display {smiley}s (from WikiSmileys). Fixed directory path.
  • 2007-04-08: initial release

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Not a big deal, but button images are sourced from $FarmPubDirUrl which isn't a standard PmWiki variable-at least it isn't in my version 2.2.0-beta37. SteP April 19, 2007, at 07:43 AM

I've just combined this recipe with the GuiEdit recipe. Download ao.guiedit.phpΔ and MyGuiEdit2.zipΔ, and see GuiEdit#guiedit_guibtns_combo for more details. overtones99 June 29, 2008, at 06:54 PM

Migration to PHP 5.5

Markup('guibuttons', 'directives','/\\(:guibuttons:\\)/e',
"Keep(FmtPageName(GUIButtonsMarkup(\$pagename), \$pagename))");

if(function_exists('Markup_e')) { # new format, no /e
Markup_e('guibuttons', 'directives','/\\(:guibuttons:\\)/',
"Keep(FmtPageName(GUIButtonsMarkup(\$pagename), \$m[1)))");
else {
Markup('guibuttons', 'directives','/\\(:guibuttons:\\)/e',
"Keep(FmtPageName(GUIButtonsMarkup(\$pagename), \$pagename))");

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