Summary: List of commonly and successfully bundled recipes
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The exhaustive list of Cookbook recipes is a great thing to have: as an alphabetic list as per DictIndex, in automatically-tracked Categories or even manually maintained. However, it takes a long time for people, especially non-programmers, to go through that entire list and choose the features they actually need.

This page may become a hub for different "bundles" or selections of PmWiki features which specific admins have installed on their systems or are recommending for specific purpose-driven implementations. Such information can also be gathered from most of the reviews.

To start with, they'll stay here. If we get more of them (or interest expressed in the PITS issue), we may send them to their own pages. E.g. Bundle4CMS, Bundle4DocEdit, Bundle4Blog, Bundle4Portal



  • CMSBundle A set of recipes and instructions to use the wiki as a CMS. Many readers who don't even realize it's a wiki, and just a few editors.

Bundle Candidates